Silent Questions

I really suck at picking names for my posts and I can’t take the credit for this one, coz it was the name of the pose that I used. It’s from Le Poppycock and I can’t get enough of their poses recently. It’s a small store but well worth checking out, the poses have a lot of character in them.

Fridays are always manic for me and so this is just a quick LOTD with some items I picked up in the Black Friday sales as well as at other events or sales recently.

The bag and boots are both at L’accessoires Black Friday sale by Handverk and Lassitude & Ennui respectively. I’m in love this bag already and think I need to go back and get it in a couple more colours since it’s only 100Ls!

The hat and hair combo came from LaViere for this weeks FLF, make sure you grab it before the day is out!




Hat & Hair – Darya – LaViere for FLF (Mesh!) NEW

Coat – Overcoat – Ricielli

Boots – Suede Mesh Boots – lassitude & Ennui @ L’accessoires Black Friday sale NEW

Scarf – Maya Scarf – Decoy

Bag – Stud Clutch – HandVerk @ L’accessoires Black Friday sale NEW

Necklace – Marrakech Heart – Maxi Gossamer

Skin – Roza Brr & Etci 03 – Glam Affair @ C88

Pose – Le Poppycock

Location – Small Town of Green


Just a Girl

Happy hump day everyone! Today is a good day, I’m not quite sure why but it just feels like one. Maybe it’s something to do with the 11 hours of sleep I had last night, who knows.

I have a couple of new things to show you here as well as a teaser. First of all, I loved this hair from Burley when it was released recently but I know I’m not the only person who was worried that the high parting made my forehead look too big. So when my friend Francisc Guardian showed me these new hats that he’ll be releasing soon, I had an instant bingo! moment. The hat is non rigged mesh so you can adjust it easily to fit over hair and while I sometimes struggle to get that fit right (especially over mesh hair as well) this style just worked perfectly with it.

Ricielli released these mini trench coats last week and this green version is available at The Dressing Room for only 70Ls. It’s a complete and utter bargain and perfect for the cooler seasons now upon us! Also new is this gorgeous necklace from League. I always get excited when I see a release from League and this was no exception. It’s non rigged mesh so easily adjusted and comes with matching earrings. It’s available in several different metal tones and comes with black and brown strap options.

Just quickly wanted to mention my skin, because I’m wearing the new Glam Affair Ginny again that was released at Collabor88 on Monday. I said in my last post how much I loved this skin and it’s a serious contender to become my new every day skin, however I do prefer natural looks and the bright red lipstick that it comes with just didn’t do that for me. Instead I added the Belleza Shyla/Betty lipstick on top. This comes in a pack with 9 different colours and I’m using number 7 which is pretty natural looking. There is a slight discolouration where it’s lighter at the corners of the mouth, (this happens even if you’re wearing the lipstick with Shyla too, so it’s not just because it’s mismatched to this skin) but  it really is so minimal that it doesn’t bother me and I didn’t even need to make an effort to cover it with editing in Photoshop because I couldn’t even notice it while I was editing. So anyway, that’s my cheeky way of being able to wear this skin a lot more often while I cross my fingers and hope for some more versions of it to be released!

Lastly, the location I used for this shot was The Looking Glass. I will happily hold my hands up and admit that I suck at finding locations and usually I find them through pictures on Flickr or other blogs and this one stood out to me when I saw it over at Amy Beebe’s blog, Pixel Vanity in one of her recent posts. The sim is absolutely gorgeous and has lots of different nooks and crannys that you can explore, it’s one of those sims that I’ll revisit a lot and take pictures in different areas because there’s just so much there.

Anyway, that’s me for this Wednesday!




Hair – Stasia – Burley by JeongHyeokLee (Mesh!)

Hat – McCullogh – Guardian’s by Francisc Guardian COMING SOON HERE ON MARKETPLACE (Mesh!)

Jacket – Trench Jacket – Ricielli by Fhara Acacia @ TDR (Mesh!) NEW

Jeans – LouLou 1929 – Mon Tissu by Elie Spot

Necklace – Dipped Feather Jewellery – League by Nena Janus (Mesh!) NEW

Skin – Ginny America 03 – Glam Affair by Aida Ewing @ C88 NEW

Lipstick – Betty/Shyla Pale Lipstick 07 – Belleza by Tricky Boucher

Lip Piercing – The Minimalist – Hebanon Vial by Trisha Zweig (edited)

Dimple Piercings – Mesh Dimple Piercings – Sugar Heart by Sugar Heartsdale

Hands – Korundi Mesh Hands – Korundi by Shansa Resident

Pose – Marukin by Valencia Southard

Location – The Looking Glass

Some Like It Hot

Well I finally got round to blogging Chic2 today and I’m so glad I waited a couple of days because Maitreya had some awesome new releases aswell which happen to go perfectly with the outfit I’d picked up at Chic2!

If you haven’t been to Chic2 or haven’t heard of it yet (which I’m sure you have, but just in case!) it’s an event hosted by Chic Management to celebrate their 2nd birthday! Chic management is run by Keira Seerose and brings such events as Culture Shock and Vintage Fair to Second Life. They invited over 100 designers to the birthday event, all bringing an exclusive new item and it’s really a fantastic array of newness.

I love this mesh jumpsuit/rompa that I picked up at Chic2 by Ricelli. It comes in a whole host of colours and patterns, with lots of bright summer colours. Rompas have been a popular release over the last couple of weeks but this has got to be my favourite, I really adore the belt detailing on it.

Now on to Maitreya! I went and bought every one of their new releases without even demo-ing coz uh, it’s Maitreya and if you read my last blog you’d know I’m a total sucker for them. So to add to this outfit I wore the new mesh Siobhan hair, it comes with the hat which has a texture change HUD so you can mix and match it for most outfits and really it’s gorgeous for summer. I don’t usually wear a lot of hats because I’m too lazy to edit hair to fit under them, so this is also perfect for lazy people like me 😀

Also new is this mesh shopper bag which again comes in a wide variety of colours and a couple of different patterns too. Again I don’t usually buy too many bags in SL, but I couldn’t pass this one up. I will point out that in my picture above, I had a huge fail where part of the bag got pixelated thanks to the wonders of SL and my stupid computer. I didn’t notice until I was editing and I really loved the pic apart from that, so I fixed it as best I could (yea, really need to work on those Photoshop skills don’t I??) but the texture does not look pixelated like that in world, believe me it’s gorgeous! So here’s another picture without the pixelatedness.

***UPDATED*** I received a message from Onyx LeShelle of Maitreya where she said that the pixelated part of the bag was indeed a fault on the texture that only showed up on midday light settings (which is why I didn’t notice it either when I checked it after I saw the picture as I was using different windlight by then) and she has now updated them and sent them out to everyone who had already purchased. I personally have never experienced a fault with a Maitreya product before, but this was resolved very quickly and I have to give a big thumbs up for their customer service.

Looking forward to blogging their other new items and it’s almost time for C88, yaaaaaay!




Hair – Siobhan – Maitreya (Mesh!) NEW

Jumpsuit – Papi Jumpsuit – Ricelli @ Chic2 (Mesh!) NEW

Bag – Mesh Shopper – Maitreya (Mesh!) NEW

Feet – Womens Natural Barefeet – SLink (Mesh!)

Sandals – Ilena Sandals – SLink (Mesh!)

Bangles – Patra Gold Wire Bracelets – Zaara

Pose – Evolve

Location – The one and only, Tableau.