Shake My Way

Shake My Way

I know I don’t usually take two pictures for my posts, but I had to this time because originally I was just going to blog the hair and skin better and then I just loved the whole outfit and wanted to show that too!

So first the skin is the new Candy from Glam Affair that you can find at The Arcade. I had to tweak my shape a little to fit it but I didn’t mind because I love, love it so much! I’m wearing the 03 version here which is my fave but you can bet I stocked up on all the other make ups too, since they’re only 100Ls each!

The hair is the new Seiko style from Lelutka, I love how they manage to add the wisps and flyaway strands without the big alpha halo around the hair, it makes taking pictures editing them so easy because basically you don’t need to do anything!

Shake My Way

The boots I’m wearing are another new item from Deadwool which you can find at The Mens Dept that opened yesterday! The come in both rigged and non rigged versions, obviously I’m wearing the non rigged so that I could resize to fit better, with a few colour options available and only 270Ls! I think that is such a bargain price for something that you can get a lot of wear from over the coming autumn months.

The last bit of new are the poses, you’ve probably heard of Nati Williams who is a fellow blogger and has the cutest, unique style, well, Nati’s pose store Imeka has reopened now that she’s returned to SL and I couldn’t be happier about it! There are 4 new pose packs available as well as a gift pack, so make sure you check out her new, in world location and pick up some pretty new poses.



Hair – Seiko – Lelutka NEW

Skin – Candy 03 America – Glam Affair @ The Arcade NEW

Eyes – Vanity Eyes – Ikon

Tank – Last Thread Tank – Kyoot

Cardigan – Big Cardigan – Pumpkin

Shorts – High Waist Cutoffs – Fashionably Dead

Boots – Trauermarsch Boots – Deadwool @ The Mens Dept NEW

Necklace – Luz Necklace – LaGyo

Bag – Mesh Leather Satchel – Maitreya

Poses – Imeka NEW

Location (both pics) – L2 Studios Whispering Wind

Does Your Mother Know

Does Your Mother Know

Hellooo, hope everyone’s having a lovely Sunday!

Just quickly have a couple of new bits to show you today. First this camo dress from Drift that’s available at the new round of TDR Fusion that started on Friday. It comes in 3 colours, green, blue and pink. It’s pretty short so you can wear it either as a skimpy summer dress or easily as a tunic or oversized top with jeans. Perfectly paired with some combat boots, although I cut my legs off today coz well, the picture just looked better that way.

I’ve added the unisex parka from Villena that you can find at the latest round of The Mens Dept for a reduced price! I love picking up bits and pieces at discount events, even if it’s something I’m not gonna use for a while. I like getting a great bargain and then being able to rifle through my inventory when I’m putting a look together and find that perfect accessory which I bought weeks/months ago. So make sure you don’t miss out and go visit which the prices are low!



Hair – Jada – Lelutka

Dress – GI Jane Dress – Drift @ TDR Fusion NEW

Parka – Villena @ The Mens Dept NEW

Skin – Lulu 07 – Glam Affair (previous Arcade gacha item)

Eyes – Milky Eyes (Dove) – Poetic Colours @ The Mens Dept NEW

Headphones – Fashionably Dead (previous Arcade gacha item)

Pose – Kirin @ The Box NEW

Location – Kowloon

All That Attitude

All That Attitude

I just have a couple of new things I wanted to show you quickly today with this picture. First of all this casual new tank that you can get from Milk Motion at Summerfest! It’s cut very low at the sides so there’s a healthy dosage of side boob, but I was feeling modest today and decided to wear a huge bra with it too! I love the way the mesh has been made so that it really looks like it’s just hanging from your avatars body though, definitely a must have for this season!

Also the hat I’m wearing is new from Miamai at L’accessoires. It comes with 2 options, with hair or without. I’m wearing the hair that it comes with in this pic and there’s a HUD so you can choose which colour hair you want, and matching hair bases.

Finally I’m using a pose from Kirin’s latest set, these are probably my favourite so far and I can’t tell you how happy I am to see another cute new pose store on the grid!




Hat and hair – Gatsby Onyx – MiaMai @ L’accessoires NEW

Top – Cropped Tank – Milk Motion @ Summerfest NEW

Shorts – Highwaist Cutoffs – Fashionably Dead

Boots – Hawkin Boots – Ison (previous Arcade gacha item)

Cuff – Plated Cuffs – Gotzsche

Clutch – Continental Wallet – House of Fox

Pose – Summer Pack – Kirin NEW

Location – Psy City

I’ll Take My Time

I'll Take My Time

I sure did take my time with this pic today, every single thing on the internet was so distracting! Also I think I’m getting hyper for The Arcade after I started looking at the shopping guide. Will be making a list for it after this!

Anyway on to the new things I have today! First this dress from Toki Doki which is beyond cute, I’ve been running round barefoot in it all day and will do for a while! It fits so nicely under the Fashionably Dead loose shirt which was released for C88 last month, if you didn’t pick it up then you can now get it at the main store. The full release of colours for the dress is available at the Toki Doki main store but Maya has also released a couple of colours for TDR Fusion if you’re looking for a bargain.

Another new release you can find at TDR is this relaxed ponytail with headband from LOQ. This is the full price item, not the discounted one, but it was well worth it and I bought a couple of colour packs. The headband is included and is colour change but the little hair flower is a seperate thing that I added. I’m also wearing Lagyo’s Tucano bangle you can pick up there, it’s just a fun piece and with a matching necklace available how can you say no!

Finally my pose is from a new store called Kirin which is owned by the talented Carolina Sautereau. I’m a huge fan of Carol’s blog and her styling so I’m excited to see her branching out into making poses, this will definitely be a new favourite pose store for me!

Hope you are all enjoying your week and aagghhhhh now I get to write my Arcade shopping list!



Hair – Rye – LOQ @ TDR Fusion NEW

Dress – Mira Dress – Toki Doki NEW (also available at TDR Fusion)

Shirt – Button Shirt Open – Fashionably Dead

Bag – Old Shoulder Bag – Pesca (previous Arcade gacha item)

Necklace – Alice Necklace – Lagyo

Bracelet – Toucano Bangle – Lagyo @ TDR Fusion NEW

Ring – Khaleesi’s Ring of Power – Maxi Gossamer

Hair piece – Ruffle Hair Piece – Toki Doki

Pose – Lily Pose 4 – Kirin NEW

Location – Gehena

Spending G’s

Spending G's

As soon as I saw this fab new “Pimpin Hat” (yes that’s really it’s name) from Drift, I couldn’t get this song outta my head. So I thought I’d bring a lil Jay-Z all up in here. My so called bff asked me why I was so hood when I said that to her earlier 😦

Anyway, the hat. It’s definitely a great statement piece and comes with a HUD that has 15 different colours to choose from, so easy to mix and match it to any outfit. Not that I’m wearing much of an outfit!

The collar I picked up at March’s Collabor88 round by Fashionably Dead. I got the white tintable version, for obvious reasons, which meant I could match it perfectly with my hat! The bracelets are by Maxi Gossamer at Limited Bazar, I haven’t been back to check but Maxi usually sells out pretty quick at that event, I wouldn’t panic if you want some and there aren’t any left as they usually go on sale in the main store once the round is over.

That’s me for today!


Hat – Pimpin Hat – Drift NEW

Hair – Katie – Laviere

Collar with gold tips – Fashionably Dead @ C88

Bracelets – Ritzy Shimmer Pearls – Maxi Gossamer @ Limited Bazar NEW

Skin – Zara 02 – Glam Affair @ Skin Fair

Pose – oOo Studio

Valentine Town

Valentine Town I’m back after a week away from SL! I missed quite a bit with the opening of C88 and some other releases so I sat and browsed Flickr for a couple of hours last night and when I came across this fantastic picture by Laverdag I knew I wanted to take a picture there so I went right away to visit. Valentine Town is packed with little stores and the scene is great for taking pictures. It’s just so full of cuteness and candy colours that you’d have to be careful if you’re diabetic. I don’t usually go for so much sweetness and the first time I went and snapped pics with my normal avatar it just didn’t look right at all. I debated what to do and even sent a Flickr mail to Laverdag asking if maybe I could use one of her pictures as a background for a pile up, which she graciously said was ok BUT then I remembered that I had the Dolls Head from Fasionably Dead at the last Arcade event sitting in my inventory and thought I’d give it a go. I found an old Essences skin I had that matched the light tone so perfectly I knew then it was meant to be! So after picking up this new dress from Nylon Outfitters at C88 I dashed back over to Valentine Town and got a shot I was happy with. This outfit isn’t mesh, there are glitch pants, a system skirt as well as a prim attachment and to be honest I’m not sure I’d wear it again as it’s not my typical style, but it’s the kind of quirky outfit that is great if you’re going for a particular look and I didn’t mind getting it just for one picture coz it’s only 88Ls! The hair is an adorable new release from Truth, it comes with and without a bow attachment that has a colour change HUD but because I was being awkward I wore the non bow version and added one from Auxiliary (more gacha) instead. Yet another Arcade item that I hadn’t used was this giant lollipop from Miasnow. This is the kind of picture that makes me glad that I buy things “just in case” lol, it completely validates my shopping habit when I can pull random things out of my inventory that match so well! Coral x _________________________________________________ Hair – Tenille – Truth NEW Dress – Ivy Drape Dress – Nylon Outfitters @ C88 NEW Head – Doll Head Neutral Shiny – Fashionably Dead (former Arcade item, now available as gacha at the main store) Bow – Slouchy Leather Bow – Auxiliary (gacha item) Big Lolly – Miasnow (gacha item) Hands – SLink Pose – Adorkable (Ruffles Pack) Location – Valentine Town

November Collabor88

It’s the 8th again so C88 opened the doors on their new round with the theme Painted Desert! Lot’s of lovely pretties to be had this month and I was inspired by the retro feel of this hobo fur jacket from Fashionably Dead and the pants by Boom. I also added the new Alchemy Charm Coins necklace by Maxi Gossamer that you can pick up at C88, the set comes with both gold and silver versions with 4 different lengths that you can wear seperately or grouped together. The hair is mesh and was released by Truth last week to complete the look!




Hair – Sara – Truth (Mesh!) NEW

Jacket – Hobo Fur Jacket – Fashionably Dead @ C88 (Mesh!) NEW

Pants – Threadbare Manchesters – BOOM @ C88 (Mesh!) NEW

Necklace – Alchemy Charm Coin Necklace – Maxi Gossamer @ C88 (Mesh!) NEW

Skin – Roza Basics – Glam Affair

Eyes – Eternal Eyes – Ikon NEW

Pose – Le Poppycock

Location – Tableau

Timeless – September C88

C88 time of the month rolled around already and I picked some of my favourites for this look! As usual there was a lot to choose from and my inventory got that little bit fuller with “Timeless” items, which was the theme for this round.

Fashionably Dead released 6 amazing hairs, and this one the “Timeless Hipster” includes the hat so you don’t have to worry about fitting that. I tend to find that’s a problem with a lot of hats in SL unless they’re included in the hair. I usually end up wearing non mesh hair and editing it to jfkdajcça so the hat will fit, but because this is included there’s no need to worry about that!

You can also find these mesh trousers from The Sea Hole, which I adore, as well as this blazer from House of Fox. Both are available in tons of colours and fit right in with the Timeless theme, styles that will never go out.

I also wanted to mention the top I’m wearing from Kyoot. It’s not anything new but as we know it’s a bit of a problem getting mesh to layer, if you want to wear a jacket or something and Kyoot is one of my favourite places to get system layer clothing to wear under mesh.

Hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend, don’t forget to check out Collabor88, as if you haven’t already!




Hair (includes hat) – Classic Hipster – Fashionably Dead @ C88 (Mesh!)

Top – Soft Resolution Top – Kyoot

Blazer – Scarlet Blazer – House of Fox @ C88 (Mesh!)

Pants – Mister Trousers – The Sea Hole @ C88 (Mesh!)

Necklace – Chain Brush Necklace – Glow Studio

Bracelet – Barcelona – Maxi Gossamer @ FaMESHed (Mesh!)

Hands – Korundi Mesh Hands

Shoes – Mary Jane Pumps – Leverocci

Pose – Adorkable





Boho Bride

I know that the last few days I’ve been a bit slack with my postings, but I had a good reason! You see…I went and did the virtual wedding thing. Woah…what?! Mhm that’s right. Almost 6 years in SL now and I’d never done this whole bit before, but then I’m doing a lot of things lately that I never would have thought that I’d do, or enjoy as much as I am.

Neither of us wanted the big, extravagant wedding that we’d been guests at before so instead we went with just us and our daughter who was the bridesmaid come minister (yes I said minister, she even got herself ordained online!), found a pretty little sim and just said a few words.

I spent several hours over the last few days getting my outfit together because I didn’t want to do the typical formal, flexi gown. Formal is just not really me. I definitely wanted mesh but there are not many mesh bridal gowns around yet, so I shopped around, brought several dresses and changed my mind till I decided on this maxi skirt from Tram. Then I did the same with tops, I bought a couple and in different colours too, before finally choosing this one from Decoy. The style of this top was perfect for what I wanted, although I wish there was a little more something to the texture, maybe a slightly transparent layer on top or something, but then I can’t have it all and I was happy enough with the style.

The hair is from Fashionably Dead at Hair Fair and again I love the style. The loose, natural waves are just perfect, I don’t happen to think that the rigging is the best around, since it would stick into me during certain poses but the textures and mesh itself are well created. A little bit of it did end up sticking through the frill on the top, but I liked it so much that I decided to live with that, but I have edited it a bit for the pictures.

I’ve mentioned the man before in a couple of posts and it was probably about time that I posted a picture so today is appropriate.  We went over to Neva River and snapped a couple of shots in our outfits today and here we are! All hitched and stuff.

I’m really trying not to get all gushy on here but I just wanna say…thank you Khal. You make me happy.




The Bride:

Hair – Sunday – Fashionably Dead @ Hair Fair (Mesh!)

Top – Emily Ruffle Top – Decoy (Mesh!)

Skirt – Linen Skirt – Tram (Mesh!)

Hair Band – Classic Hair Accessory – Tram

Necklace and bracelet – Pearl Rain – Mandala

Bouquet – Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet – Rebel Hope

Pose – Del May

The Groom:

Hair – Trophy Hunter – Shag

Shirt – Open Shirt – Kauna @ FaMESHed (Mesh!)

Undershirt – Bonjour Tank – NSD

Shorts – Tour Boas Shorts – NSD

Necklace and bracelet – Men’s puka shell set – Night Owl Designs

Couples Pose – !bang