Somewhere The Sun Is Shining

Somewhere The Sun Is Shining

Yes I know it’s October and we’re only 28 days from Halloween, but when I saw this dress from Amarelo Manga I couldn’t get the image of a girl strolling around a marina out of my head, luckily in SL we have the ability to go to just the place with a simple click. So even though it’s October and probably a bit grey outside, let’s just pretend I went somewhere fabulous like St Barths, k? K.

I’m wearing the Angelica skin from Glam Affair in this pic, which was released along with Lucy a couple of weeks ago. It’s really an adorable and youthful looking skin, but actually a bit too youthful for something I’d want to wear every day so out of the two for me, I do prefer Lucy.

I’m using another new pose from Kirin that’s from the same pack as the one I used yesterday, but I did modify this a little using Animare since the shape of the skirt meant my hand was lost in it somewhere.

So now that I realised it’s actually Thursday and not Friday (so disappointed), I’m off to do some more pics!




Hair – Bijoux – Tableau Vivant

Skin – Angelica America 12 – Glam Affair

Hat – Sunhat – Yummy

Dress – Carlota Joaquina – Amarelo Manga @ Avenue Fashion Week NEW

Necklace – Marrakech Heart – Maxi Gossamer

Clutch – Scale Clutch – Handverk

Pose – Kirin @ Acid Lily NEW

Location – The Grove

Ride ‘Em

Ride 'Em

Hi guys! I’ve been away for a couple of weeks doing well, RL summer things! But today I’m back and thought I’d go with a casual little look just to get me back into the swing of it and to catch up on some fab things I missed out on.

First of all the Jill hair with hat from Truth! If you read my blog often you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of hair with hats, headbands etc, so this cute lil cowgirl do is a very welcome addition.

I’m wearing a recent release from Tulip with this oversized tank that’s cut shorter at the front, I originally wore it as a dress which it looks adorable as, but the angle of the picture basically upskirted me lol, so I just added some Tres Blah system layer shorts.

The necklace I’m wearing is not new but it’s 50% off NOW at HandVerk. They’re having a summer sale which goes on till the 8th of July, with everything half price so I had to nip over and grab a few bargains, make sure you don’t miss out, lots of jewellery and accessories to choose from!

The sunglasses are a new unisex item by K_gs (Kumaki glasses style) available at The Mens Dept that opened today, and the pose is a new release by Kirin at The Box!

Anyway, I have to get off and catch up with some more shopping and picture taking, happy Friday!




Hair – Jill – Truth NEW

Top – Buttoned Tank – Tulip RECENT

T Shirt – Sheer Layered Tee – Tres Blah

Jeans – Board Shorts – Tres Blah

Sunglasses – Sousa – K_gs @ The Mens Dept NEW

Necklace – Disk Necklace – HandVerk (50% off till the 8th July!)

Bangles – Athena – Maxi Gossamer

Pose – Kirin @ The Box NEW

Location – Ocho Tango

I Knew

I Knew

I’ve been wearing this new dress from Emery at My Attic for 3 days straight now. I should probably get changed but I am so in love with it. It’s only 95Ls and comes in a variety of colours, so for that price you can easily get an assortment! I’ve been wearing a lot of black lately though so for this picture I just stuck with that.

Also adore this new Nydia hair that Truth released yesterday. I love the contrast of a really light blonde or white with all the black I’m wearing so that’s what I did!

Finally, a couple of posts ago I wrote about old group gifts that you might have and hadn’t taken advantage of yet and it reminded me of this Petal edition of Glam Affair’s Amberly that I hadn’t worn, so I added that too!

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend,


EDITED TO ADD: I received an IM today to ask whether the butterflies were included on the hair, but nooo that was photoshop work! Sorry for any confusion ūüôā

Hair – Nydia – Truth NEW

Dress – Mesh Dress Embellished Ehrmantraut – Emery @ My Attic NEW

Skin – Amberly Petal Edition – Glam Affair (old group gift)

Necklace – Rock Jewellery Set – HandVerk

Pose – Del May

Silent Questions

I really suck at picking names for my posts and I can’t take the credit for this one, coz it was the name of the pose that I used. It’s from Le Poppycock and I can’t get enough of their poses recently. It’s a small store but well worth checking out, the poses have a lot of character in them.

Fridays are always manic for me and so this is just a quick LOTD with some items I picked up in the Black Friday sales as well as at other events or sales recently.

The bag and boots are both at L’accessoires Black Friday sale by Handverk and Lassitude & Ennui respectively. I’m in love this bag already and think I need to go back and get it in a couple more colours since it’s only 100Ls!

The hat and hair combo came from LaViere for this weeks FLF, make sure you grab it before the day is out!




Hat & Hair – Darya – LaViere for FLF (Mesh!) NEW

Coat – Overcoat – Ricielli

Boots – Suede Mesh Boots – lassitude & Ennui @ L’accessoires Black Friday sale NEW

Scarf – Maya Scarf – Decoy

Bag – Stud Clutch – HandVerk @ L’accessoires Black Friday sale NEW

Necklace – Marrakech Heart – Maxi Gossamer

Skin – Roza Brr & Etci 03 – Glam Affair @ C88

Pose – Le Poppycock

Location – Small Town of Green

Rock on Monday

Hiiiiii, hope you’re all having a good start to the week. I’ve got so much new stuff in this pic for you today, I had a mini shopping frenzy! This look is perfect for anyone who wants to prolong their weekend and head out to a club on Monday, not that we need to worry about what day of the week it is in SL ūüėÄ

So I’ll start at the top and work my way down. This new mesh hair from Truth is a perfect modern style, it’s rigged and comes in all the usual colours as well as the roots options, but that’s not all! Oh no, it’s not! Truth now has started to release fades packs! So now you can get that hot, ombre look with their new releases! You know I tend to keep things kind of natural so I didn’t go for one of the coloured fades in this, but this one is called Toast which is a darker brunette at the ends than the rest and I ‚̧ it!

Next the jewellery that I’m wearing. This mesh rock necklace and knuckleduster is from HandVerk and is available at Limited Bizarre. Let me just remind you that Limited Bizarre is opened every other Friday at 12pm SLT and all the items for sale there are LIMITED. So not only are they discounted prices but there are only 100 copies of each item available and once they’re gone, they’re gone. I know personally I try to make time every week to hop over there quick and see it what is around because I’d hate to see something later and not be able to get it.

So on to my clothes! Both the top and skirt are from Emery at the new round of FaMESHed that started today and just like all the latest Emery releases I snapped them up right away. The top is available in black or grey and the skirt has a few different colours to choose from. I first discovered Emery in a brief break from role play a few years ago, (’07 maybe?) and they quickly became one of my top 3 “earth” stores to shop at. I didn’t buy regular clothes for a long time then but since I came back and Emery started to release mesh they have quickly found their way back into my list faves.

Finally these shoes I’m wearing were released on Friday and I absolutely adore them. They’re from Redgrave and are full mesh, including feet. Like most Redgrave recent show releases you can buy them in a pack for 690Ls which includes 12 colour options. This is a fantastic price for mesh feet but I still wish they had kept their 3 colour option which was 300Ls I think? 690 for 12 colours is fantastic, I can’t and won’t argue with that, in some stores you can pay more than that for one colour but personally I just don’t need¬†12 colours. The other thing about Redgrave shoes is that I find the feet really hard to match to my skin tone. I usually wear the blending layer that comes with the SLink bare feet which makes it seem a bit smoother but something about the seam around the ankle on the Redgrave shoes just never seems right to me. These couple of issues have actually stopped me from buying a couple of the newer Redgrave releases recently, however I loved the style and design of these sandals so much that I couldn’t resist and decided that my little quibbles would just have to be dealt with.

Oh just to add, this little bar scene I set up with an old Art Deco Bar Set from Lisp that was stashed in my inventory. I checked on the marketplace and it’s still for sale in their 10L section.




Hair – Demi – Truth (Mesh!) NEW

Jewellery РRock Jewellery Set РHandVerk @ Limited Bizarre (Mesh!) NEW

Top РMesh Top Metal РEmery @ FaMESHed (Mesh!) NEW

Skirt РAllende РEmery @ FaMESHed (Mesh!) NEW

Shoes РCeline РRedgrave (Mesh!) NEW

Hands – Korundi Mesh Hands

Props – Art Deco Bar Set – LISP

Pose – Gliteratti

Goodbye Summer

I wanted to take an end of summer of shot and with the Mon Tissu competition ending in a couple of days I decided to do both at once, especially since Mon Tissu makes it so easy to put an outfit together!

All the credits can be found on my entry to the comp here¬†and if you haven’t entered but want to, you only have 2 more days left!




One Voice

At midnight tonight the doors of the One Voice fundraiser for Gala Phoenix will open. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, (haha, as IF you don’t know!) One Voice is a group run by¬†Vivienne Graves to help support the rights of legitimate content creators who are holding this event to help raise funds for Gala Phoenix (owner of Curio skins) who is in the midst of a legal battle over her creation’s copyrights.

There are several blogs around detailing more specific information about Gala’s case, I gave a couple of links in my last post for this event, but here’s another¬†post by Salome Strangelove, which is very detailed and has the latest updates.

In case you’re thinking that this entire palava doesn’t really matter, or you’re not especially bothered because you didn’t wear Curio skins anyway…well just remember that what is happening to Curio, could happen to anyone. Tomorrow morning your favourite store could be gone from the grid. It really is that serious. It’s been so great to watch the community stand up together and make our voices heard, so make sure you get on over to that event and spend some Ls!

This is the SLURL to the event that will run from midnight tonight until the 16th of July.





Hair – Ella – Vanity Hair @ One Voice Gala Fundraiser (100% of this items sales goes to Gala!)

Skin – Roza – Glam Affair @ One Voice Gala Fundraiser (100% of this items sales goes to Gala!)

Necklace – Strand Necklace in Gala Purple – HANDverk @ One Voice Gala Fundraiser (50% of this items sales goes to Gala!)