Just A Whisper On The Wind

Just A Whisper On The Wind

Helloooo! Hope everyone has had a great start to their week, did you spend all your Ls at Shoetopia over the weekend? I know I splurged!

So let me start with my shoes in this outfit. They’re a new pair in a line from Tulip which you can find at Shoetopia and are made to fit the SLink medium feet. I was so excited when Tulip branched out into hair a few months ago and I think I’m even more excited that now they’re creating shoes too. I love that the SLink add ons have given so many other creators a chance to make shoes, the variety out there now is just fantastic. These bootie wedges from Tulip, and the flat roman sandals that she made are two of my fave add ons that you can find at Shoetopia.

I’m wearing another Tulip release that is this halterneck top, there was a version out for Fifty Linden Friday last week, but don’t worry if you didn’t grab it, there’s a whole line of colours available at their main store. The cardigan is from Drift at TDR Fusion and you have a few more days to pick that up before the round changes this coming Friday. It comes in both a plain and striped version which both have 3 different colour textures to choose from via a HUD. The hair is an adorable recent release from D!va that you can pick up at C88.



Hair – Jessie (B) – Diva @ C88 RECENT

Skin – Vera America – Glam Affair

Top – Halterneck Top – Tulip NEW

Cardigan – Draped Cardigan – Drift @ TDR Fusion RECENT

Shoes – Bootie Wedges – Tulip @ Shoetopia NEW (Slink add ons)

Jeans – Highwaist Denim – Frankie (formerly Imbue)

Necklace – Valentina Jeweled Cross – Maxi Gossamer

Pose – Le Poppycock

Location – Black Basalt Beach

A Little Birdy Told Me….

A Little Birdy Told Me

There are so many fantastic events going on right now, with autumn fashions making a big splash on the grid, so I’m put this simple little look together with a few new pieces.

Birdy is one of those skin brands, like The Skinnery, that I always see pictures of people looking fantastic in on Flickr, but a lot of the time when I demo them and see them on myself my reaction is…oh. Something about my shape just doesn’t really suit them but I went out to demo this Ingrid skin from Birdy that you can find at The Chapter Four (for only 99Ls!!) and I just loved it. It won’t replace my every day Glam Affair skins, but I’ll definitely be pulling it out when I need a change. I used Annan Adored’s Tan Skin windlight setting for the close up because it gives some nice added saturation to the skin that I can play around with in PS if I want to. I visited the Birdy main store to pick up the appliers for SLink hands and feet and decided that the sim was so pretty that I’d take my pictures there too!

A Little Birdy Told Me

Some more new things from Collabor88, this fantastic long line cardigan from House of Fox, I love the slightly square shape to the shoulders on the mesh, which makes it a little bit different. Also new are these boots from Ison @ C88 which, I’m not gonna lie, are just to die for. They’re obviously mesh and at only 188Ls a pair you can easily afford to stock up for autumn and winter!

I’m wearing this new hairstyle from Tulip as well, which is available at The Seasons Story event. This is absolutely my favourite one Mina has made so far, I didn’t even want to edit it with wisps and strands like I normally try to do, because I just loved it the way it was.

Finally both the poses are from a new autumn set that Kirin released for The Seasons Story too!



Skin – Ingrid – Birdy @ The Chapter Four NEW

Hair – Karlie – Tulip @ The Seasons Story NEW

Cardigan – Wool Cardi – House of Fox @ C88 NEW

Jeans – LouLou – Mon Tissu

Boots – Cult Riding Boots – ISON @ C88 NEW

Hairband – Shimmer Hairband – The Sea Hole (no longer available)

Scarf – Wrap Scarf Braided – Tres blah (previous Arcade gacha item)

Bag – Folded Leather Clutch – ISON @ C88 NEW

Eyes – Vanity Eyes – Ikon

Poses – Kirin @ The Seasons Story NEW

Location – Birdy Main Store

Nothing Sweet About Me

Nothing Sweet About Me

I really don’t do the cute look very often, because frankly there are a ton of bloggers who do it way better than I can and it’s not something I’m usually comfortable in, but now and then there’s a release that just makes me wanna be cute and this adorable curly hair style from D!va is one of those.

So in a bid to be a bit cuter, I decided that of course I needed some pink. This new turtle neck from Teefy that you can find at Collabor88 was perfect for that and so was this pose with owl prop from Imeka. You can find the prop at The Seasons Story event which just opened.

I ended up cropping this picture a little weird, I normally would’ve cropped it smaller cutting off my legs more but I really wanted to show you guys these skyline tights! I admit I squeed a little when I saw the London skyline version and couldn’t wait to put them on, there’s also a New York and Paris version too. These are from Cannibelle which is just on the marketplace for the moment, along with some fab polka dotted tights as well. Perfect for this season and best of all they’re compatible with the SLink mesh feet!

Anyway, my regular style will resume tomorrow coz I’m really not this sweet at all.



Hair – Tina – D!va @ C88 NEW

Skin – Candy 03 America – Glam Affair @ The Arcade

Sweater – Turtle Neck Basic Sweater – Teefy @ C88 NEW

Skirt – High Waisted Denim Mini – Tulip (previous Arcade gacha item)

Tights – London Skyline Tights (compatible with SLink mesh feet) – Canibelle NEW

Belt – Wide Belt II – Fri.day

Scarf – Infinity Scarf – Mon Tissu

Pose and prop – My Cute Owl – Imeka @ The Seasons Story NEW

Location – Zigana

And Then I Woke Up

And Then I Woke Up

Such a massive contrast in this picture today compared to the little bit NSFW one I did yesterday. This is one of the things I love about Second Life, I can be anything I want on any given day and I hope I manage to get that across on my blog with the mix up of pictures I take.

Anyway, I love this super pretty, romantic look. The top is a new item from Baiastice at FaMESHed, while the skirt is from Davi Designs, which actually comes as a set with another top but I wanted to mix n match. The hair is a new release as well from Tulip for The Arcade and again I’m so excited to see more hair releases from them.

Hope everyone is enjoying their week, at least it’s almost Friday!



Hair – Max – Tulip @ The Arcade NEW

Top – Mjrie Top – Baiastice @ FaMESHed NEW

Skirt – Bohemian Dream – Davi Designs NEW

Skin – Candy – Glam Affair @ The Arcade NEW

Pose – Kirin

Location – Worlds End Garden

Take The Hint

Take The Hint

It’s always exciting when one of your favourite designers branches out into making different things than you’d normally expect from them, so I was bouncing when I saw that Mina from Tulip released hairs last week. I love this smoothed bob that she put out, and the ombre colours are just my cuppa tea. I definitely recommend checking out the couple of styles that are already released and I can’t wait to see what else Mina can come up with!

Just quickly about this picture, I’ve been wanting to practice some darker pictures lately and today seemed like a good time and I have to say it’s a lot harder than I really thought, trying to get the right lighting so that you can still see what I’m wearing and making the highlights really subtle etc. I’m not unhappy with how this one came out but I know I still need a lot of practice, it just makes me admire the people who can pull this style off effortlessly that much more.



Hair – Adeline – Tulip NEW

Vest – Razzle Dazzle – ISON @ C88

Necklace – Marilyn Pearls – Deco @ C88

Bra – Sasha – Whippet & Buck (not sure if this is still available)

Earrings – Late Night Hoops – Maxi Gossamer

Hair Piece – Bizarre Flower Hair Piece – LaGyo

Skin – Amberly 03 America – Glam Affair

Pose – Slouch

Location – Mays Landing

Ride ‘Em

Ride 'Em

Hi guys! I’ve been away for a couple of weeks doing well, RL summer things! But today I’m back and thought I’d go with a casual little look just to get me back into the swing of it and to catch up on some fab things I missed out on.

First of all the Jill hair with hat from Truth! If you read my blog often you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of hair with hats, headbands etc, so this cute lil cowgirl do is a very welcome addition.

I’m wearing a recent release from Tulip with this oversized tank that’s cut shorter at the front, I originally wore it as a dress which it looks adorable as, but the angle of the picture basically upskirted me lol, so I just added some Tres Blah system layer shorts.

The necklace I’m wearing is not new but it’s 50% off NOW at HandVerk. They’re having a summer sale which goes on till the 8th of July, with everything half price so I had to nip over and grab a few bargains, make sure you don’t miss out, lots of jewellery and accessories to choose from!

The sunglasses are a new unisex item by K_gs (Kumaki glasses style) available at The Mens Dept that opened today, and the pose is a new release by Kirin at The Box!

Anyway, I have to get off and catch up with some more shopping and picture taking, happy Friday!




Hair – Jill – Truth NEW

Top – Buttoned Tank – Tulip RECENT

T Shirt – Sheer Layered Tee – Tres Blah

Jeans – Board Shorts – Tres Blah

Sunglasses – Sousa – K_gs @ The Mens Dept NEW

Necklace – Disk Necklace – HandVerk (50% off till the 8th July!)

Bangles – Athena – Maxi Gossamer

Pose – Kirin @ The Box NEW

Location – Ocho Tango

Take It Easy

Take It Easy

I’m back today with some more great new things available at Summerfest! It opened yesterday and if you haven’t been yet then you have 2 weeks to do so!

First of all let me start with this new skin from The Skinnery. I’ve seen lots of pictures on Flickr and blogs of Skinnery skins and I always loved the natural and realistic look of them, but whenever I demoed they never seemed to be quite right on me coz of my shape or whatever, that was until today! Angie is The Skinnery’s “beach babe” skin and I have to say I’m really liking it, a lot.

The way the lips are shaded to give them extra shape, the textures and shading around the eyes to give them a very realistic and natural effect is perfect to me. I’m forever wearing dark eye circles on tattoo layers and whatnot, but none of them look as good as these ones do. There are a ton of options for the skin too, with freckles, sunburn and the under eye circles all being on tattoo layers so you can mix it up to your tastes. There are 3 different eyebrow shape hair bases and you a tintable eyebrow tattoo layer too, since the skin comes just with the blonde brows. Anyway, if you’re looking for something a bit different, I definitely recommend this skin!

Also new from Summerfest are these cute tops and shorts from Tulip. The loose tee has a cut out back which gives it a certain sassiness and makes it a little bit different from most others, and the cutoff jean shorts are a classic staple item, which I particularly love in this white wash colour. You can pick up these cool shades by Tabloid there too! Lots of colours available but of course I picked a neutral shade, since that’s usually my thing.

Finally I’m wearing a new hair from Truth, a very relaxed casual braid that’s perfect for a stroll on the beach on Sunday!



Hair – Siobhan – Truth NEW

Skin – Angie Champagne (with freckles and moles, beach blush, undereye dark circles tattoo layers – included) – The Skinnery @ Summerfest NEW

Top – Leopard Cut Out Tee – Tulip @ Summerfest NEW

Shorts – Vintage Cut Offs – Tulip @ Summerfest NEW

Glasses – Baia Sunglasses – Tabloid @ Summerfest NEW

Necklace – Sea Trinkets Charm Necklace – Yummy

Watch – Polyex Sports Watch – Yummy (previous Arcade gacha item)

Bag – Straw Tote Bag – Mon Tissu

Eyes – Destiny Eyes Hazel – Ikon

Pose – From Lily Pose Set – Kirin

It’s a London Thing

It's a London Thing

Since I dressed up kinda fancy yesterday I decided to do a picture that was more fun and quirky today so came up with this little outfit made with lots of new stuff!

The hair is from LOQ at TDR Fusion, it’s non rigged mesh you can mod it if needed and you get a fatpack for just 70Ls, so lots of colours to choose from! I decided to stick a pencil through it too just coz, well I felt like it.

I love this new t-shirt from Emery that you can find at FaMESHed. It’s longer at the back which does make it somewhat difficult to pair with mesh bottoms although it fitted fine for me with this skirt in most poses. The shoes are also at FaMESHed and were LaRoo’s offering this round. I have to say these are my favourite LaRoo release to date. I love, love shoes with socks and I said not long ago I wished there were more around so these just about made my day. They come in floral as well as plain textures so lots of options to choose from!

Now some bits and pieces that I picked up at The Arcade Gacha! The bag is from Pesca, it’s not animated but that means you can easily edit it to fit whatever pose you want it for. The denim skirt is Tulip’s gacha item with tons and tons of colours available. I’m really into high waisted skirts/shorts/pants lately, so this is a very welcome addition for me! You can also find the vintage style necklace and the cuff I’m wearing, by Nylon Outfitters and Baiastice at The Arcade too.

The London skyline in the background is made by Digs and is also at The Arcade, along with lots of other city skylines, but I have to confess that this one isn’t mine. You may or may not know that in RL I am originally from that area in England with lots of family still in London, so I’ve been desperately looking around the yard sales for one of these. During a shopping trip with a friend this morning I mentioned it to her and she promptly pulled one from her inventory and wore it in the store. However she did let me borrow it for this pic on the proviso that I give it back, which of course I did, with no intentions of just keeping it crossing my mind at all.

Anyway I need to get back to hunting my own out, so that’s me for today!



Hair – Con Panna – Loq @ TDR Fusion NEW

Top – Striped Pocket Top Regina – Emery @ FaMESHed NEW

Skirt – High Waisted Denim Mini – Tulip @ The Arcade NEW

Bag – Paille Pochette – Pesca @ The Arcade NEW

Shoes – Ellie Sock Pumps – LaRoo @ FaMESHed NEW

Necklace – Vintage Portrait Necklace Buddy – Nylon Outfitters @ The Arcade NEW

Cuff – Triple Pyramid Studs Leather Cuff – Baiastice @ The Arcade NEW

Earrings – Amelia Studs Earrings – Pure Poison

Ice Cream – Love Soul

London Skyline – Digs @ The Arcade NEW

Pose – Le Poppycock

Letting It Go

Letting It Go

Hiiii people, just a quickie post today before I vanish for the weekend, but I wanted to show you a couple of new things.

First this top from Tulip which you can grab today for Fifty Linden Friday, it’s so soft and floaty and perfect for the light spring season. I’m also wearing another new release from Drift which are these capris. I really like that Drift makes regular releases rather than waiting a month or 2 before releasing a small collection. Don’t get me wrong I like that too but yanno, I’m impatient and I like to have stuff right this minute. Also before you think I PS’d the heck out of the pants, I didn’t. They are already heavily shaded, which is great for taking pics because it saves a lot of edit time. Just like Kalli’s recent releases they come with a colour change HUD, so lots of options for a bargain price.

I got this belt a few days ago at Le Poppycock’s 50L spring sale, they have a few belts there that come with 4 different coloured straps for each buckle. Make sure you check out their sale as they have lots of cute little bits and pieces which are great for adding to outfits.

I gotta say too, this hat with the hair is obviously a release from Maitreya last year but I love it so much, I really hope we start to see more similar items from other hair creators as the warmer seasons kick in, there just aren’t enough of these on the grid imo!

That’s me anyway, have a nice weekend 🙂



Hat and Hair – Siobhan – Maitreya

Top – High Low Tube Top – Tulip for FLF NEW

Pants – Saturday Capri’s – Drift NEW

Bangles – Damask – Maxi Gossamer

Belt – Wild Rose – Le Poppycock (in 50L spring sale!)

Tattoo – Elegance 2 – Para Designs

Skin – Zara 02 America – Glam Affair @ Skin Fair

Pose – Del May

Location – It All Starts With A Smile

No Makeup Today

No Makeup Today

I knew I wanted to blog today coz I had this cute new pigtail do from Truth to show off, but when I logged on earlier, I sat and stared at my inventory, opening and closing folders for a good 20 minutes. All the time wondering why I didn’t have anything to wear or blog. Of course, I DO have things, plenty of things, but it was just one of those days.

So I decided I was just not really gonna get dressed today, and I put on this cotton tank from Tulip that I picked up a few weeks ago for Fifty Linden Friday, and sat on my bed waiting for a call.



Hair – Essie – Truth NEW

Top – Cotton Tank – Tulip

Ring – Roho Ring – Maxi Gossamer

Skin – Amberly – Glam Affair

Bed, phone and shelves with decor – Part of Arizona Bedroom Set – Bazar

Skybox – Seattle Skybox – Scarlet Creative

Pose – Del May (modified a bit using Animare)