New @ Toki Doki

While they’re celebrating their second birthday Toki Doki released this super cute Carol dress. It’s mesh and available in several bright summery colours all with the retro floral print detail and a similar back to their recently released Mari top.

The birthday sales are still going on, with Maya reducing several of her items every day by 75%. I picked up this cute bag in the sale today and the mesh boots were on sale yesterday, although when I was there a few hours ago they were still on sale so you might get lucky if you didn’t get them already!

The group gifts that have been put out every day have also been fabulous but just a reminder that these are for current group members only. Every day I’ve gone to the store I see people trying to join, but Maya made the decision to close the group for a few days while these gifts are out, as a way of rewarding her existing group members. So if you’re not in the group make sure you join it as soon as it’s reopened so that you don’t miss out on any future sales! Everyone else can still take advantage of the great discounts she has on offer though, so make sure you get over there every day and see what bargains you can snap up!

The hair that I’m wearing is a mesh release from Wasabi Pills at Hair Fair, don’t forget this closes today so make sure you’ve visited and grabbed everything you want, and also pick up those bandanas and help contribute to Wigs for Kids!

Also I’m in love with this BonBon headband from LaGyo which is currently available at the latest round of The Dressing Room. A few weeks ago LaGyo released a BonBon ring at The Dressing Room too and I have to admit to being guilty of wearing it almost every day since, so this matching headband (with colour change stones)  might not be removed for a while!

I’m glad I wore this outfit today, I was feeling a bit blue with the weekend almost being over but the colours cheered me up and then I remembered that a new round of FaMESHed starts in a couple of days, as well as Vintage Fair! So really lots to look forward to this week.

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend,




Hair – Brigitte – Wasabi Pills @ Hair Fair (Mesh!)

Dress – Carol Dress – Toki Doki (Mesh!)

Leggings – Mesh Leggings – Maitreya (Mesh! – obviously)

Boots – Queen Boots – Toki Doki (Mesh!)

Bag – Owl Bag – Toki Doki

Headband – BonBon Headband – LaGyo @ TDR

Skin – Cassiopea – Glam Affair

Shape – Leila – Penchant (only on the marketplace)

Pose – Glitterati

Location – ATTIC

Bandana Day – 29th July

As I mentioned earlier, Hair Fair 2012 closes tomorrow, but it’s also Bandana Day!

I’m sure you’re aware that a portion of the money raised at Hair Fair is donated to the Wigs for Kids charity and Bandana Day is always the last day of the fair, where people remove their hair to show they care.

You may have seen the bandana stores dotted around the hair fair, (I think there’s at least 2 on every sim) where you can purchase the bandana’s for a mere 50Ls. There are lots of fun and quirky styles, designed by bloggers as well as designers and all money raised from the sales of these is added to the money that the creators are donating.

So if you haven’t picked up a bandana or two make sure you get over there and sport your own style to show you care, tomorrow on the 29th!




Bandana – Faith – Lelutka @ Hair Fair

Corset – Clara – Celow (Mesh!)

Jewellery – Tumbled Stone Set – Paper Couture

Skin – Cassiopea – Glam Affair

Shape – Leila – Penchant (only on the marketplace)

FLF 27/07

Just a quickie because I wanted to show you some of the items on this weeks Fifty Linden Friday! There was sooo much good stuff this week, including goodies from Lisp and What Next but I’m just showing some of the clothes. There’s a few more hours for you to go grab them!

First this cute dress from Tulip. It’s mesh, it’s simple and also comes in a peachy shade. I ❤ it.

The hair flower is from LaGyo – can’t get enough of this shop lately. Lots of good stuff coming from them for events and showcases like FLF and TDR. Make sure you check them out!

Finally this necklace…it wasn’t actually in FLF, but Miel didn’t have their item out when I went (or when I went back later…this annoys me.) so I hit their subscribo and got this necklace with matching earrings as a group gift!

I love this mesh hair too, you can find it from Clawtooth at Hair Fair which CLOSES TOMORROW! 😦

So make sure you snatch up these great items while you still can!




Hair – Starlight – Clawtooth @ Hair Fair (Mesh!)

Hair Flower – Lily Hair Pin – LaGyo for FLF

Dress – Banded Dress – Tulip for FLF (Mesh!)

Leggings – Sisley Tights – Kyoot

Necklace – Uva Set (comes with earrings) – Miel (group gift!)

Ring – Bonbon Ring – LaGyo (previous TDR release)

Pose – Glitterati

Location – Crossing Currents

Glam Affair – Cassiopea

The new Cassiopea skin from Glam Affair has finally arrived! Some teasers were thrown out over the last few weeks and now it’s here I can honestly say I’m not disappointed.

There was a bit of a hullaballoo over previous Glam Affair skins. Some people said the tones were ashen or the faces didn’t match the skin. I have to say that was exactly how they appeared to me too, until I started fussing with my windlight settings when I was taking pictures and then I managed to find some that worked and evened everything out. But still, I was a bit put off from buying them.

So when Aida Ewing of Glam Affair announced that her new skins were coming with an updated body, I was more than excited. I have to say she has done a great job on these skins. The new tones are very natural and not at all ashen, the face and body textures match perfectly and the body shading is much more natural looking.

Having said that, this is still not going to replace my every day League skin as there are one or two things I am not keen on. I find the eyebrows a little dark and much more of a pencilled on look rather than natural (especially the brown ones, that’s why I went red for this picture) and the blush was a bit too bold for my taste on a lot of the make ups. I do hope that maybe in future the blush can come in seperate layers though – after all Linden Labs finally did something right when they gave us tattoo layers, it’d be a shame not to use them! If that was the case then this would almost certainly be my new every day skin. These things are just personal preference though, the skin itself is very well made and a huge improvement on previous Glam Affair skins.

On a side note, I did have to change my shape to fit the skin and since I won’t be wearing it all the time, most likely just for a few pictures here, I decided that I’d put it for sale on the marketplace under the Penchant label for anyone who is interested.

Overall I do love this skin and hope that the next releases from Glam Affair are just as good (I’m sure they will be) and maybe with some of the make up options available as seperate layers!



P.S. There is very little editing on this picture because I wanted to show the skin and shape as they were in world. Mostly just a bit of liquify on the jaggedy’s and a tiny tweak on the lighting!


Skin – Cassiopea – Glam Affair

Hair – Salome – Lelutka @ Hair Fair

Shape – Leila – Penchant (only available on the marketplace)

Boho Bride

I know that the last few days I’ve been a bit slack with my postings, but I had a good reason! You see…I went and did the virtual wedding thing. Woah…what?! Mhm that’s right. Almost 6 years in SL now and I’d never done this whole bit before, but then I’m doing a lot of things lately that I never would have thought that I’d do, or enjoy as much as I am.

Neither of us wanted the big, extravagant wedding that we’d been guests at before so instead we went with just us and our daughter who was the bridesmaid come minister (yes I said minister, she even got herself ordained online!), found a pretty little sim and just said a few words.

I spent several hours over the last few days getting my outfit together because I didn’t want to do the typical formal, flexi gown. Formal is just not really me. I definitely wanted mesh but there are not many mesh bridal gowns around yet, so I shopped around, brought several dresses and changed my mind till I decided on this maxi skirt from Tram. Then I did the same with tops, I bought a couple and in different colours too, before finally choosing this one from Decoy. The style of this top was perfect for what I wanted, although I wish there was a little more something to the texture, maybe a slightly transparent layer on top or something, but then I can’t have it all and I was happy enough with the style.

The hair is from Fashionably Dead at Hair Fair and again I love the style. The loose, natural waves are just perfect, I don’t happen to think that the rigging is the best around, since it would stick into me during certain poses but the textures and mesh itself are well created. A little bit of it did end up sticking through the frill on the top, but I liked it so much that I decided to live with that, but I have edited it a bit for the pictures.

I’ve mentioned the man before in a couple of posts and it was probably about time that I posted a picture so today is appropriate.  We went over to Neva River and snapped a couple of shots in our outfits today and here we are! All hitched and stuff.

I’m really trying not to get all gushy on here but I just wanna say…thank you Khal. You make me happy.




The Bride:

Hair – Sunday – Fashionably Dead @ Hair Fair (Mesh!)

Top – Emily Ruffle Top – Decoy (Mesh!)

Skirt – Linen Skirt – Tram (Mesh!)

Hair Band – Classic Hair Accessory – Tram

Necklace and bracelet – Pearl Rain – Mandala

Bouquet – Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet – Rebel Hope

Pose – Del May

The Groom:

Hair – Trophy Hunter – Shag

Shirt – Open Shirt – Kauna @ FaMESHed (Mesh!)

Undershirt – Bonjour Tank – NSD

Shorts – Tour Boas Shorts – NSD

Necklace and bracelet – Men’s puka shell set – Night Owl Designs

Couples Pose – !bang

Lazy Friday LOTD & Limited Bazaar

Yep it’s Friday! Yep, I’m feeling lazy!

Today saw the first round of a new event called Limited Bazaar, hosted by Euphoria. Every 2 weeks 15 designers will display limited editions for 150Ls. There will only be 100 of each item available. I have to say I think this is a pretty great idea for a showcase, it’s something different to the others (and there are a lot of others now) and it gives people the chance to purchase something that they don’t have to worry about running in to 20 people wearing at the same time. (Do we worry about that in virtual world? I don’t actually worry about it but I have to admit that I like the idea of owning something not many others do.) Anyway, I think it’s a great idea and I really hope this event takes off.

I have to admit that I didn’t actually hear about Limited Bazaar (I know – slacker!) until I saw it in a stores group notice today, I checked the time and it opened at 12pm SLT…which wasn’t good news for me as I expected to be out for RL at that point and I groaned a bit because I’d seen the Toki Doki releases and knew I had to get my hands on something at least. Luck was on my side today though and I was home earlier than expected, so I hot footed it over to Euphoria and yay! I managed to grab one of these limited edition Toki Doki cardigans. I love this cardi and I do have it in a couple of other colours already, I wear it a lot and I have blogged it before but this one is special so you get to see it again!

I know this is a very lazy post but actually this is kind of how I dress a lot of the time in world. Not with my bra on full display obviously…but just relaxed and casual and not over the top on accessories. Probably because I’m too lazy most days. In fact, I’m not even sure how I manage to blog at all my laziness can be so great.

So anyway, enough rambling. Oh! But this hair…it’s cute. Wasabi Pills at Hair Fair on the Water sim!

Finally…FLF (I had more to write than I thought). Love this chair from The Loft! It won’t go with my current house but unfortunately I’m one of those people who buys things -just in case- and sales and events like Fifty Linden Friday bring out the worst of that in me. Also this cute pose is from dfo! at FLF, so if you haven’t been yet you have a few more hours to go grab them!

Happy Friday everyone!




Hair – Ichigo – Wasabi Pills @ Hair Fair (Mesh!)

Cardigan – Summer Nights Cardigan – TokiDoki @ Limited Bazaar (Mesh!)

Bra – Floral Lingerie – Mon Tissu

Jeans – Ankle Length Jeans – Leverocci (Mesh!)

Feet – Womens Bare Natural Mesh Feet – SLink (Mesh!)

Flip Flops – Aussie Thongs – SLink (Mesh!)

Necklace – Diamond Bee Necklace – Paper Couture

Chair – Wareham Side Chair – The Loft (FLF)

Pose – dfo! (FLF)

Audrey Meets Marilyn

Just a quickie right now to show you this picture I snapped during a photo session with my friend Harper for her new blog Pixel Pantomime. Obviously we went for a kind of modern Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn look which was a lot of fun.

You can read her blog post, see her pics and find the “Marilyn” credits here.




“Audrey” credits:

Hair – Morning – Elikatira @ Hair Fair (Mesh!)

Dress – Audrey Dress – Maitreya (previous release for My Attic and mesh)

Glasses – Karina Glasses – Yummy (Mesh!)

Necklace and earrings – Tumbled Stone Set – Paper Couture

Pose – Purple Poses


There’s no special styling going on in this picture, no special Photoshop effects. It’s just a simple shot that I took while I was experimenting with mirror water and I thought I’d share.

I’ve seen some great pictures on Flickr from talented residents using this mirror water effect and I thought I’d try it out. A friend directed me to this site where Zonja Capalini gives a very simple guide on how to create the effect in world.

I didn’t exactly try hard to put this look together, since both the mesh top and skirt are from Tres Blah at July’s C88 and it’s pretty obvious how well they go together, it’s really a no brainer. But I love the fact that they were sold separately rather than as one piece because they are so perfect to mix and match with other items as well.

This hair is one of the new releases from Elikatira at Hair Fair. You can find them located on the Sand sim and here’s the direct SLURL. I have said many times that I love the mesh hair from Elikatira and this simple style is no different. I love the textures and the fact that I can buy an essentials pack of several different colours for little more than the cost of a normal colour package, and for me, I think that the rigging is some of the best for hair on the grid.

Also ❤ the mesh flip flop add ones from SLink! I’ve been waiting a couple of months for someone to release these and I’m so glad they’re here. I love the fact that they are add ons too, so you don’t have to pay a large sum of money just because they come with mesh feet. They also come in men’s sizes which is great because as we know the guys are not as well catered for as women in the fashion department.

Just a short and sweet post today, hope you’re all enjoying your week!




Hair – Balance – Elikatira @ Hair Fair (Mesh!)

Top – Tucked Tee – Tres Blah @ C88 (Mesh!)

Skirt – Maxi Skirt – Tres Blah @ C88 (Mesh!)

Feet – Womens Natural Bare Mesh Feet – SLink (Mesh!)

Flip Flops – Aussie Thongs – SLink (Mesh!)

Glasses – Karina Glasses – Yummy (Mesh!)

Lots of New

Guess what I did today? Shopping! Just to add a little bit more clutter to that ever growing inventory. I’ve been getting lots of tips though so thanks for those, I’ll get round to doing something soon I’m sure!

This is a new release hair from Lamb at Hair Fari, which you can find located on the Flower sim, and here’s the SLURL. As you’ve probably noticed from my posts, I don’t usually change my hair colour, instead just wearing different shades of brown and I think that comes down to the continuity I kept for my role play character over all those years in SL. However! When I buy Lamb hair, I usually go for the ombre shades as it makes a nice change, but when I was trying this hair demo on and I accidently clicked the Milk colour demo, I decided that I actually really liked it. I umm’d and ahh’d over it the last couple of days because I wasn’t sure if I’d ever wear it, but when I started putting this outfit together this morning, I knew it’d be perfect.

I love this new mesh tank from Toki Doki. It’s out for the new round of Stumblebum and comes in a huge range of colours.  It really is versatile and you could wear it with pretty much anything. I didn’t want to go down the jeans and tank route today but with the textures and detail on the back (which you can’t see here but go try the demo coz it’s cute) it’s so easy to glam up as well.

Also, check out my sunglasses! You can pick these up from Amarelo Manga at the One Voice event which is still on for a few more days.

Enjoy your Monday everyone!




Hair – In Heaven – Lamb @ Hair Fair NEW

Top – Mari Top – Toki Doki for Stumblebum NEW

Pants – Half sequinned black leggings – Anthem

Glasses – Amarelo Manga @ One Voice NEW

Necklace – Dip Dye Necklace – Glow Studio

Bracelet – Stone Encrusted Cuff – Leverocci

Skin – Lily – Belleza

Pose – Del May


LOTD and D!va @ Hair Fair

If you liked D!va’s Vivienne hairstyle then make sure you get over to Hair Fair and check out Vivienne Type B! It’s a slightly different version of the original, with thicker bangs but still the lovely fly away textures that D!va uses. You can find them located on the Flower sim and here’s the direct SLURL.

This is my LOTD, I’m not really showing anything new. I’ve worn this lace top from Chemistry about 100 times and I don’t think I can keep repeating myself about how much I love it (well there you go, I did anyway) but it’s the first time I blogged the cropped version so I’ll give myself a pass on that.




Hair – Vivienne – D!va @ Hair Fair NEW

Top – Echo Tank Top – Chemistry

Pants – Yasmine Pants – Celoe

Shoes – Aelia Wedges – Celoe

Necklace – Alice Necklace – LaGyo

Earrings – Santa Monica Earrings – LaGyo @ C88 NEW

Skin – Roza – Glam Affair @ C88

Skybox – Askal Skybox – Cheeky Pea for 50L Friday

Pose – Del May