I memorized every line

.i memorized every line

Sooo much new stuff in this picture and so little time to write about it all!

First of all I’m wearing the Freja shorts from Pixicat, that were recently released for We ❤ RP. Of course, they're not just fit for RP purposes, but all sorts of wear! They also come with the option of embroidered flowers on the front, that you can turn on and off with the HUD. I adore the high waist and vintage style cut, he frill adds that little bit more of a feminine touch too.

I added the new roundneck top from Coco that's out at FaMESHed. What's great about this time is that it comes with cuffs and a collar as separate attachments. That means there's a ton of ways to wear it. I've been wearing it with just cuffs around the grid, but decided to keep it simple and plain for this shot. I layered it with the Bejewelled Cardigan from Fishy Strawberry also out at FaMESHed.

The hair is a classic updo, which I only found out about because Miss Foxtrot Plurked pictures of herself in it about 100 times. Luckily she did though coz I'm in love! You can pick this up by Catwa at the Fashion Fair.

There's a few new furniture pieces in this shot too. The piano and chair are both from Apple Fall's amazing gacha at The Chapter Four. The mirror which was the inspiration for this picture, is by Theosophy who are guests at Collabor88 this month. The romantic style curtains are also at C88, by Half Deer. And the last bit of new are the stacked tables from Cheeky Pea.

Now if you'll excuse me please, I have to go and spend an hour writing all these credits XD



On me:

Hair – Aimee – Catwa @ Fashion Fair RECENT

Skin – Sia II – Glam Affair

Top – Roundneck Top – Coco @ FaMESHed RECENT

Cardigan – Bejewelled Cardigan – Fishy Strawberry @ FaMESHed RECENT

Shorts – Freja Shorts – Pixicat @ We ❤ RP RECENT

Shoes – Boho – JD COMING SOON

Tattoo – Mon Dieu – Space Mermaid

Necklace – Pearl & Diamond Necklace – Yummy

Camera – Grandpa’s Old Camera – Tee*fy (Rare gacha item)

Cigarette and Holder – Kunst

Pose – Slouch (edited with Animare)


Curtains – Fairy Curtains – Half Deer @ C88 NEW

Mirror – Beaumaris Mirror – Theosophy @ C88 NEW

Piano – Dolly Piano – Apple Fall @ The Chapter Four RECENT

Chair – Shauna’s Chair – Apple Fall @ The Chapter Four RECENT

Stacker Tables – Cheeky Pea RECENT

Cats – Fashionably Dead

Hatboxes – Lisp

Letters – Arabella’s Letters – Kalopsia

Jug – Spring Living Roses – Tres Blah (Rare gacha item)

Rotary Phone – Tres Blah

Spring Living Radio – Tres Blah

Old Box (contents included) – Kalopsia

Joy Cushion – Erratic

Wine Bottle – Kunst

Old Rug – Kalopsia

It Tasted A Lot Like Loneliness

It Tasted A Lot Like Loneliness

This week has flown by so quickly, I can’t believe it’s Thursday already, I feel like I’ve just procrastinated and been unproductive for days!

Anyway I have a few new and recent things to show you in this pic, so I’ll get on to that. First of all the new things!

The build I’m using is new from Seven Emporium at The Garden, it’s a beautiful little fisherman’s cabin, made of mesh that comes in at 41 Li. It has windows all around and I love the light that gives, it’s great for taking pictures in because you get awesome shadows. It’s mod so I fully intend to stretch that bad boy and use it as a little house for myself.

The next piece of new is the chair I’m sitting on which is a collaboration between MudHoney and Exposeur
at Atelier Kreslo. There are a few different colour options and it has several static poses rather than animations, but I found them to be pretty natural and you can definitely get a good picture with them. I did mod this pose slightly using Animare, but only because I wanted my head turned to the side rather than facing forward.

Now onto what I’m wearing. The hat and hair was released by Truth last week, it’s a great combo and perfect for fall. I love hair with add ons like this, so more please! The sweater is a recent piece from Drift as part of the fall collection and I love the realism of this velour texture. Tons of other textures and colours available too!

Finally the flare jeans I’m wearing are from a new, small brand called Aphorism, with all products being original mesh. It’s always exciting to see new original mesh stores opening up and I look forward to seeing more from this brand. You can find these jeans at the Boho Culture Fair which I believe opened yesterday, there’s also a male version currently available at The Mens Dept!


On me:

Hair – Dylan – Truth RECENT

Sweater – Central Park Sweater – Drift RECENT

Jeans – Hipster Bootcut Jeans – Aphorism @ Boho Culture Fair NEW

Cuff – Hokusai Bracelet – Mandala

Wine Bottle – MudHoney


Build – Fisherman’s Cabin – Seven Emporium @ The Garden NEW

Chair – Wooden Leaf Chair – MudHoney/Exposeur @ Atelier Kreslo NEW

Sink, Apothecary Cabinet and Rug – Zigana

Vase – Steel Trees – Conspiracy Theory

Lamp – Silver Linings Lamp – Lisp

Bucket – The Oi Mate Bucket – Olive

Tall File, Cigar Boxes and Crates – Seven Emporium



Ok yea, I know it’s only Tuesday but a girl can dream can’t she? After I got so dressed up in not a lot yesterday I wanted to do a more casual look today, which was perfect because Drift just released the weekend tee and capris! I love oversized t shirts and this one with the slipped shoulder reminds me why we’re so much better off with mesh. I remember trying to wear a shirt like that before mesh, system top and prim parts…it just wasn’t happening!

I added the new Minimalist Glasses from Boom that you can find at C88. They’re unisex and come in several different colours. I don’t usually wear glasses but I love these ones and thought they worked with this outfit.

Finally, the little bag on the table is a freebie that you can get on the lucky board at Le Poppycock, I’ve been meaning to use it in a post for a while but hadn’t gotten round to it till today. Anyway it’s cute and modifiable so you can make it bigger or smaller as you like it. Love a freebie!




Hair – Chynna – Truth

Top – Weekend Tee – Drift NEW

Pants – Weekenders – Drift NEW

Glasses – Minimalist Glasses – Boom @ C88 NEW

Skin – Margot Clean – Glam Affair @ C88 NEW

Necklace – Alice Necklace – LaGyo

Ring – Coal Ring – Anthem

Bag – London Tote – Le Poppycock (lucky board freebie!)

Skybox and kitchen counter – The Seattle Loft – Scarlet Creative

Stool, picture and fruit bowl – Arizona Kitchen – Bazar (available as part of a set or seperately)

Sideboard – Fairlawn Sideboard – Post

Sunflowers in Jug – Lisp

Magazines – Apple Fall


This is not a fancy post, it’s just a comfy post. You know in a world like SL – where you can “be whoever you want to be” it’s funny how most of the time I choose to just be a comfy, casual, regular kinda gal.

The latest releases from Maitreya are a perfect staple for this season. As always with Maitreya the quality of the product is amazing with the textures and mesh appearing very realistic. Also the new Josie hair from Truth is a very relaxed style. It’s non rigged mesh so easily adjustable and I love the braid on the side, it just gives it that something else so it’s not just another messy bun style.

Lastly I gave in to the Roza basics skins from Glam Affair. I was wearing Ginny a lot but I loved Roza before and even though I tried, I couldn’t hold back from buying the basic pack that’s now available. Since the new bodies on the GA skins, I’ve found hard not to buy every release but Roza and Ginny are definitely my 2 faves and I’m pretty sure that they’ll be my new every day skins. Until the next release at least!

A short post from me today because this outfit has made me wanna wear it in real life and cosy up on the couch under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate, so that’s exactly what I’m gonna do!




Hair – Josie – Truth by Truth Hawks (Non rigged mesh!) NEW

Skin – Roza Basic America – Glam Affair by Aida Ewing

Sweater – Lux Sweater – Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle (Mesh!) NEW

Pants – Stefani Pants – Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle (Mesh!) NEW

Necklace – Marrakech Heart – Maxi Gossamer (Mesh!)

Dresser and Lamp – Anna Cabinet A – Lisp by Pandora Popstar

Genius – Single Frame Story

I had some time on my hands today and felt like doing something different. So I decided to take up the Single Frame Story challenge. I was a fan of Whiskey Monday’s blog and her tweets as pictures anyway, so when she got together with Botgirl Questi to create Single Frame Stories I knew at some point I’d give it a go. There’s more information about what it is and how to participate here, but basically each week a prompt is issued and people are asked to create something inspired by that. Pictures are dropped in to the Single Frame Stories Flickr Group and later published on the blog.

I followed the blog for a while and I’m really quite amazed at the funny, witty and moving pictures that people put out there. It’s the kind of thing I read and think wow, I need to go to school where these folk did! So anyway, this weeks prompt was Genius so I thought I’d give it a go! If you ever feel like doing something different but lack inspiration, check out the Single Frame Story blog and see if you can pick up any there!




Hair – Milly – Truth (Mesh!)

Eyes – Liquid Light Mesh Eyes Light Grey – Mayfly (Mesh!)

Lashes – Touch – Glow Studio

Lightbulb – Gentlemen Bulbs – Lisp

LOTD – C88 Again!

I really didn’t lie when I said there was some awesome stuff available at Collabor88 this month. So here’s another little LOTD with items I picked up!

Love this hair from D!va, I’m a big fan of their fly away textures and the natural looking, messy styles they create. Where was this ‘do last week when I was getting my Amy on! It comes in a set with a style A and B, which have slightly different bangs and also a jewelled headband. The band is scripted for colour changing and also has the option of being removed, which I did for this pic.

The dress is by Chantkare and has the baroque texture which was the theme of the round. If you read my blog at all you know I usually wear the M in mesh. I still wore the M for this but I slimmed down considerably as well, not because it didn’t fit but because I thought it looked better. Kind of in a hanging off a coat hanger kind of way. I don’t know if that makes sense but I know what I mean, can you tell I’m not a fashion expert?

Finally I’ve got some of the LaGyo accesories on that were available, as well as these cute knee high baroque stockings from The Sea Hole. The necklace and ring are both colour changing and there is a matching flower headband that you can buy too. Obviously I got everything that LaGyo put out because I can’t get enough of their releases these days!

I’m really loving this round and I still need to make a couple of trips back to pick up some other pieces, so make sure you pay a visit if you haven’t already!



P.S. I’ve listed some of the furniture in this post and my last one because these pics were taken in my new house and I’m just so squeeee about it, that I can’t stop staring! I will probably make a full post about it some time soon so stay tuned for that!


Hair – Manon Type A – D!va @ C88

Dress – Baroque Tunic Dress – Chantkare @ C88 (Mesh!)

Stockings – Baroque Stockings – The Sea Hole @ C88

Necklace – Bizarre Flower Necklace – LaGyo @ C88

Ring – Bizarre Flower Ring – LaGyo @ C88

Chair – Round Chair 02 – Y’s House

Old Window – Art Dummy

Speaker – Urchin Speaker – Lisp

Pose – Marukin @ C88

The Inventory Issue

I shop a lot in Second Life. I’d go so far as to say 6 or 7 days a week. I might only spend 50Ls, but pretty much guaranteed that every time I log on, I’m going to buy something. I don’t have the biggest inventory around, I try to keep it below 30k items and I’m usually pretty good with that, it fluctuates between 25-30k, but still, that’s quite a lot.

So how come I can have days like yesterday, where I really struggled to put together an outfit? I literally clicked the little suitcase icon, then sat and stared at my inventory for a long time and all I could think was, “I have nothing to wear.”

I do have things to wear, I must have. I shop every day. Those Celoe pants I ended up wearing have been out for a while and I love them, yet I’d never blogged them and in fact I had never even worn them until yesterday. The sad thing is, they’re not the only item in my inventory that I’ve bought, loved and never worn or only worn once. It seems like once I put an item in the folder that I’ve “organised”, I just forget about it.

The other day the man and I sat and went through our pictures from the last few months and there were clothes and hair I was wearing that I’d totally forgotten about, even though I’d only bought them two months ago.

I can’t say that my inventory is exactly orderly. I kind of know where everything is, but I definitely don’t remember it all. Plus there is a whole bunch of stuff in there that I really don’t need (like the Gala demo skins from ’07…WHY have I still got them??) but some of it I’ve held on to for so long now I don’t feel like I can delete it.

I know I should organise better and probably delete a bunch of junk, I’m sure it would make it easier for me to put together outfits and I wouldn’t forget half the stuff I own but honestly, the thought of trying to organise that lot just makes me depressed.

I’ve tried, several times, to box things up and delete old stuff but every time I do it’s like I don’t even make a dent in it. So instead I waste far too much time opening my inventory and staring at it and wondering why I have nothing to wear.

Today I think I’ll just stay in my pyjamas.




Hair – Vivienne Type A – D!va

PJs – Cupcake – Apple May

Bed – Hodgepodge Bed 2 – LISP

Picture – Trees Print – LISP

Birdcage – Schadenfreude

Hat boxes -LISP



Play Time

It’s hump day, hooray! So I’m celebrating with a bit of play time. This was meant to be a nice, fun pic but I’m getting tired and got a bit mad in Photoshop and now I think I made my skin tone look like one of the undead, that’s what I get for trying to make pictures at 3am! I tried to fix it, honest, but I’m just too sleepy/lazy!

These cute kite poses are by Lisp and were available at the Shindig round of C88 which ends in a few days, so if you haven’t got them already here’s you’re reminder so you don’t miss out!

Also more new mesh releases. First of all these cute, fun jeans from Tutti Frutti which come in a wide range of bold, bright colours, perfect for a summer wardrobe and pretty much an essential. Then there’s this gorgeous off the shoulder sweater from Mon Tissu which is available in so many yummy colours that you might wanna fatpack them if you haven’t already.

Since it’s late this is gonna be short and sweet. Enjoy your Wednesday and happy 4th of July to all you Americans!




Hair – Never – Elikatira

Top – Slouchy Sweatshirt – Mon Tissu

Pants – Carrie Mesh Jeans – Tutti Frutti

Kite – Shindig Kite Pose Set – Lisp @ C88

Location – Noweeta Grassland


Monday morning blues anyone? I probably should’ve made a cheery picture today but instead here’s one to wallow in that emo-ness.

The lingerie set I’m wearing is by Whippet & Buck at C88. It’s a nice classic little set and I love the peach colour it comes in, since it fits with my favourite nude colours of late.

The pose is by Penchant which is actually a little side project for me. I’ve been making a few things just for me and for fun lately but I decided to put them up for sale on the marketplace as well. There’s not much there right now but here’s the link anyway.

I used a simple setting, just a couple of bits from What’s Next and Lisp. I spent a little bit of time at the Home and Garden Expo yesterday and if I’m honest I think I was just completely overwhelmed with the huge offering of goodness. I only looked at 2 sims but I don’t think there was a single vendor there that I didn’t want to buy something from. So hopefully over the next couple of days I’ll compose myself and go back ha.

So I’m going to wallow in my Monday morning blues for a couple more hours, then start looking forward to the week!




Hair – Caramel – Elikatira (Mesh!)

Lingerie – Adelaide – Whippet & Buck @ C88

Feet – Womens Natural Barefeet – SLink (Mesh!)

Trunk – Tattered Trunk – What Next

Luggage – Pinky Boo Suitcase – Lisp

Pose – Stay – Penchant on the marketplace.