I Wanna Be Your Friday Night

I wanna be your Friday night

So who hasn’t seen these jackets from Foxes at N21 and gone absolutely crazy over them? I think I saw the WIPs and ads all over plurk for at least a week before they were released! At 450L it’s not a cheap buy but the quality of the mesh, textures and options you get, make it well worth that. You can wear it with or without the hood, with or without the fur collar. All the fur is colour changeable on a HUD and let’s not forget that it comes with a T-shirt inner version too, which is also texture change. You have endless options to play with, so it’s really worth the money.

We paired it with this short, jersey dress from Maitreya, which isn’t new but is one of my faves. I confess to wearing it far more often than I probably should. It’s just one of those really easy, classic things to throw on when you don’t have time, or can’t think of anything else to wear.

The shoes both myself and Harper are wearing, are a sneak peak of what will come from JD at Uber next week. The socks that Harper’s wearing are included with the shoes and the shoes are made to fit all manner of mesh feet/bodies.

Hope everyone has a great Friday night and a good weekend, I know I will.




Hair (on me) – Autumn – Olive @ The Seasons Story

Hair (on Harper) – Kaede – Argrace

Skin – Penny Asia – Glam Affair @ The Seasons Story

Dress – Short Jersey Dress – Maitreya

Jacket – Aviator Jacket – Foxes @ N21 NEW

Shoes (and Harper’s socks) – Wednesday Heels – JD @ UBER COMING SOON

Stockings – from Contessa set – Black Lace NEW

Cigarette – LaGyo @ C88

Headphones – Swallow

Necklace – Tribal Necklace – Ison

Poses – (mine) Le Poppycock (Harper’s) Del May

Location – Crack Den

Ain’t Nothin’ But A Daydream

Ain't Nothin' But A Daydream

I love the combination of blues, greens and whites/creams at this time of year, pretty sure that’s all to do with the way the seasons change and everything starts to look bright, fresh and new. Somehow it spills over into my styling and pictures too. Anyway I’ve got a couple more new goodies from The Fantasy Collective today and I’m gonna start with the main item which is this dress from Peqe.

I started flailing as soon as I put it on, because I adore it so much. Although I’ve cropped this picture, the dress is maxi, full length and you can see the generous split to the thigh. Not only does it have a plunging neckline but it’s a halter neck, so it’s backless too and gives you a sexy showing of side boob, which is always my personal favourite cut on tops and dresses. Since it’s at The Fantasy Collective the obvious way to style it is to go something in that direction (fantasy) but I saw so many gorgeous pics in that style on Flickr already that I decided to go with something more mainstream to show you how versatile it is.

I added the Tableau Vivant Sabahi hair which is out at the same event too, again it’s themed towards fantasy since that’s the whole idea, but it’s still perfect for mainstream looks too. Plus it comes in a version called Sabra too which is more unisex, so there’s something for the mens!

For accessories I added some hand chains from On A Lark which can be picked up at TFC and come with matching feet chains too (both made to fit SLink attachments) as well as the gorgeous Tallulah Drop necklace from Maxi Gossamer. All topped off with some oversized sunnys and the Audrey hat from Tres Blah at Collaborate, which while technically not a beach hat, I still think looks great.

I think I’m done for this week now, hope everyone enjoys their weekend!



Hair – Sahbi – Tableau Vivant @ The Fantasy Collective NEW

Skin – Sylvia America – Glam Affair @ C88 RECENT

Dress – Arabian Dress – Peqe @ The Fantasy Collective NEW

Hat – Audrey Hat – Tres Blah @ C88 RECENT

Necklace – Tallulah Drop – Maxi Gossamer

Hand Coins – On a Lark @ The Fantasy Collective NEW

Glasses – Metropolis Shades – Swallow

Bag – Mesh Shopper – Maitreya

Pose – Le Poppycock

Location – Black Basalt Beach

Autumn Haze

Autumn Haze

I always find it a struggle to blog towards the end of the month. It seems like there’s a lull in releases, almost like the calm before the storm, because in the next 8 days 4 of the major events (FaMESHed, We<3RP, The Mens Dept and C88) will have started new rounds. I'm sure this has everything to do with the fact that most people have more money at the start of the month since they've just been paid etc, but I think having at least one big event in the last week of the month would be worthwhile.

And yes, I know it's Halloween today and I probably should be posting a picture of me all dressed up for it, but honestly I've done more dark pictures this month than I probably have the past year and I'm over it! lol

So anyway, I grabbed a few old pieces from my jumble of an inventory and put this picture together mainly to show you the new Ava Rockabilly skin from Belleza that will be available at the Rockabilly event which opens on Saturday. I always love Belleza's eyeliners on their make ups and the red lips will give you a great retro look.



Hair – Faye – Truth RECENT

Skin – Ava Rockabilly – Belleza COMING SOON @ The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (opens Sat 3rd Nov)

Jacket – Denim Jacket – Emery

Scarf – Editorial Scarf (edited) – Lelutka

Glasses – Metropolis – Swallow

Location – Neva Sky Villi

Give Me Your Loss And Your Sorrow (and Berry’s Halloween Meme)

Give Me Your Loss And Your Sorrow

Happy Monday! We’re almost at Halloween and it shows on the grid with lots of great, dark releases. So I decided to show you one of the new Vera skins from Glam Affair that you can find at Horrorfest. I added the D!va Anna hair that you can still pick up at C88 for a couple more days, as well as this amazing headpiece from Swallow that’s new out at TDR Fusion. I even donned a pair of elf ears (ok technically they’re fairy ears I guess, since that’s the name) and realised that this was the first time I’ve ever worn some in my entire 7 years in SL!

I knew the perfect place I wanted to take this picture too, and went back to Hunter Valley, an RP sim I took a few pictures at last week. It’s currently open to the public although you still need to wear an observer tag. It has this awesome creepy little village area, complete with fog and mist, it’s really great for your Halloween pics! You might think I did a lot of editing to this pic, making it black and white and then saturating the red, but I didn’t. The skin is in GA’s petal tone which is a really pale grey/white shade, so I just used a dark grey windlight with it and voila!

Anyway, since this is kind of a dark picture I decided I’d add Berry’s Halloween Meme as well.

1. Did you go trick or treating as a kid?
Yep I did, although not to random strangers houses. Just a couple of neighbours and then my parents would drive my sister and I round to some family members houses.

2. What was the best Halloween costume you ever saw or wore yourself?
You know, I was really trying to think about when I ever dressed up or went to a Halloween party beyond the age of about 12…and I honestly can’t remember a time at all. So probably the best outfit I ever had was one year as a kid when my mum decided I was gonna be “Mouldilocks” – a Halloween version of Goldilocks. So off I went in lots of black and red, green streaks in my curly blonde hair and complete with a bowl of green porridge.

3. What is your most vivid memory of Halloween?
It was a party my parents had for me and my little sister, I must’ve been about 6 and all the neighbourhood kids were invited. We had indoor fireworks and one little boy completely freaked out because he thought the house would burn down. Then later my aunt and her friends showed up dressed as Zippy, Bungle and George from Rainbow – I was convinced they were the real thing and went to school the next day telling everyone they’d been at my house.

4. What is the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?
I’ve only seen a handful of scary films as an adult because they’re just not really my thing. There were 3 films that traumatized me as a kid though, and this is probably why I don’t like scary movies. ET (the bit where he’s running through the forest screaming, scared the daylights out of me!!), Jaws and Jurassic Park (seriously sat crying in the cinema begging my dad to take me home and we’d watch the rest when it came out on video, he made me stay!)

5. Do you ever get nightmares after watching scary movies?
Yes, but I haven’t seen many like I said.

6. Are you superstitious? If so name at least one superstition of yours.
I don’t really think I am, but I’m a little bit paranoid about the numbers 13 and 666. I won’t even use brushes those sizes, or change anything to 13% in PS lol.

7. What will you be doing for Halloween if anything in SL or RL?
No plans in RL since it’s not really celebrated where I live now. In SL I don’t have anything planned either but I might dress up and do some club hopping.

So that’s me done for this Monday, hope you all enjoy your week!


Hair – Ana – D!va @ C88 (October round)

Skin – Vera Horror Edition 11 – Glam Affair @ Horror Fest NEW

Headpiece – Flower Power – Swallow @ TDR Fusion NEW

Ears – Fairy Ears – Illusions

Eyes – Shattered – Dead Apples

Pose – Slouch

Location – Hunter Valley



A friend who follows my blog (hi V! :P) commented to me the other day that she’d come to the conclusion all Glam Affair skins look the same on me. We laughed about it but it’s not really true. Every time I change my skin, I change my shape and in truth, I haven’t really been happy with my shape for a good 8 months or so now. Not since Amberly was released and I wore that steadfastly with no change for several months, but then I got bored and the tweaking began. I fuss with it almost every day, changing my eyes, my lips and nose, it’s a real pain because it means I have to remember to refit my eyelashes and everything.

When I put the new Vera skin from Glam Affair on, of course I looked completely different to how I have the past month or so, when I was wearing Candy regularly. I actually thought I resembled a puffy cheeked hamster, a cute one, but nonetheless I needed to play with my shape again. This time I changed more, including my face and chin shape and you know what…I think I’m finally happy.

There’s so much I love about this skin, the eyebrows for one. They’re much thicker than Glam Affair’s usual style, I’m wearing the H tone here and I love the detail on them and that they don’t look so perfect, it just makes them that little bit more exotic. The nose and lips are exactly the style I adore, and don’t even get me started on the make ups! I think this is my personal favourite simply because of the under eye shading. I usually always wear a tattoo layer of something to that effect, but I’ve never found one that’s quite as well done as this. It’s another brilliant touch of realism from Aida and means I now have a free tattoo layer! (Yes, I’m one of those people who never has enough!)

Anyway, Vera will be out soon and I definitely recommend it! This is gonna be my every day skin for a long time, I can tell. Well, until Glam Affair makes another new release at least.




Hair – Stefani – Baiastice

Skin – Vera 05 America H – Glam Affair OUT SOON!

Freckles and Moles – Angie Freckles and Moles – The Skinnery

Eyes – Ascension Spectre – Ikon

Headpiece – The Ears of Ibiza – Swallow @ TDR Fusion NEW

It’s Written In The Stars

It's Written In The Stars

While I’m on a roll with my blogging I thought I’d share this beautiful new dress with you from a store called Junbug. It’s out tomorrow for the We ❤ RP event and although it's primarily geared towards RP'ers there are plenty of items like this one that can easily be worn in mainstream SL.

This gown comes in several beautiful pale shades, gives you curves to absolutely die for and the corsage on the single strap is a great addition. It's perfect for you to dress up in a fantasy sim, or even worn just as a formal gown, wedding dress or something for your bridesmaids! If you've not heard of Junbug before it's probably because they usually create fantasy and medieval items, but now Juno Mantel the creator is making some original mesh that can work in any environment.

Make sure you stop by We ❤ RP tomorrow when the next round opens to take a look at what other great items are released!



Hair – Alexandria – Tableau Vivant

Skin – Lucy America 11 – Glam Affair

Dress – Bel Fiore – Junbug @ We Love Roleplay (Opens tomorrow 4th October!) NEW

Head Piece – Iside – Swallow @ TDR Fusion NEW

Pose – Imeka @ The Chapter Four (Opens tomorrow 4th October!) NEW

Location – Hazardous

At The Lake House

At The Lake House

How much do I love this new Cindy dress from Gizza, let me count the ways! Seriously, it’s a great little number. The mesh will give you curves to die for and it comes in denim or checked prints. I could probably wear this for the next month quite happily! I won’t though coz yanno, well, yanno.

I took this picture at Editorial Clarity’s Lake House, which he opened for 2 days. This ends tomorrow so make sure you check it out! Editorial is another one of those highly talented decorators in SL, I love following his stream and probably add every picture he takes to my favourites!

Anyway, guess this is a short post today coz I think it’s dinnertime 😀

Take care!


Hair – Marinel – Dela

Dress – Cindy – Gizza NEW

Belt – Wide Belt II – Fri.day

Necklace – Pearls Combo Sets – Maxi Gossamer

Bracelets – Athena – Maxi Gossamer

Ring – Gigi Shimmer Bows – Maxi Gossamer

Bag – The Roman 2 – House of Fox

Glasses – Lion Shades – Swallow

Skin – Amberly 03 America – Glam Affair

Pose – Le Poppycock

Location – Editorial Clarity’s Lake House (closes to public tomorrow)

She’s Just A Girl

She's Just a Girl

Happy Monday peoples!

I had a nice relaxing weekend and a great afternoon catching up with all the new things today, so I got a few to show you!

First Lamb released a couple of new hairs, as usual they’re similar with slight variations, which I love because if one doesn’t suit my face shape the other normally does. But one of my favourite things about Lamb hair is their ombre and roots pack. I love the contrast of the light blondes with the really dark roots, this always works well for me coz I prefer to wear skin with dark eyebrows even when I’m wearing light hair and so the roots are a nice touch, to make me look like even more of a bottle blonde 😀

Baiastice had a nice spring/summer release and while this top would look great with shorts on the beach, I decided to match it with the new Villena high waist jeans for more of a rock chick look. The top comes in a few different colours and in either a studs or pinstripe option.

TDR Fusion kicked off a new round on Friday with lots of great, cheap goodies so I’m wearing the new sunglasses I picked up there by Swallow. The fab little owl bracelet I’m wearing is by Erratic and was their FLF item but you can usually still pick these things up in the store after, albeit for a lil bit more dollar. The chunky chains I’m wearing are Glow Studio for C88 and come with matching bracelets too!

Now a bit about the tattoo I’m wearing. As you know it’s been impossible to create single sleeve tats in SL due to the system layer pattern only having one sleeve, so it would always make two identical ones. But with mesh it can be done! I admit I’ve been sceptical about mesh tattoos so far, I bought one once without demoing and I hated it, it didn’t fit at all.

I’m super fussy about any tattoo’s I wear in SL, I never want to wear “heavy” ones, or ones that aren’t feminine enough and this is always a problem if you’re ever trying to buy sleeves. Also I like to have half sleeves since I got my mesh hands, otherwise the tattoo gets faded out with the hands blend layer and it just looks all kinds of wrong. ANYWAY, today I was browsing the marketplace again for tattoos, which I seem to do a lot, when I came across this one by B*Fly. There wasn’t a demo which put me off right away, but it did have a 5 star review so I just thought ok, I’mma do it! Well I wasn’t disappointed. It comes in 5 different sizes, with sleeves for both left and right arm, so you can pick which side you want to wear it. It also has a regular tattoo layer that goes over your shoulder and helps to blend it in. The sizes are -perfect- it fits so snugly against your shape that you wouldn’t even know it was a mesh layer. The only issue I had was that in certain poses when my shoulder was twisted or at a different angle to normal, the mesh kinda disappeared into the top of my shoulder. But it was only a little bit and only in certain poses so definitely not enough to put me off buying more, or being extremely happy with this one.

Anyway, that was much more long winded than I intended to make it so I’ll leave it there for now!



Hair – Cities in Dust – Lamb NEW

Top – Kasia Studded Top – Baiastice NEW

Jeans – High Waisted Acid Wash Skinnies – Villena NEW

Sunglasses – Lion Shades – Swallow @ TDR Fusion NEW

Necklace – Kitsch Nude Set – Glow Studio @ C88 NEW

Bracelet – Owl Bracelet – Erratic (previous FLF item) NEW

Hairband – Angelie Headpiece – LaGyo

Skin – Margot 04 – Glam Affair @ C88 NEW

Tattoo – Skull Tide Mesh Sleeve Tattoo – B*Fly (marketplace here)

Pose – Le Poppycock

Location – Templemore City