Contact Things and Stuff About Me

I spent 5 years role playing in Second Life and almost 3 years ago took the leap into “mainstream” SL. I stopped playing a character and writing stories, instead I’m just being me.

Virtually Vanilla is a mixture of fashion, shopping, reviews and whatever else I just feel like taking pictures of and writing about, from the virtual world, Second Life. It’s not fancy, but it’s mine.

I do Photoshop my pictures, it’s the part that’s most fun for me, but I’ll always point out if I had to dramatically edit something. I do try to keep things looking realistic.

I don’t have an official review policy and I don’t solicit random items from creators, because I don’t take myself that seriously, but please bear in mind that while review copies are always greatly appreciated, I’m only going to blog things that I like or that fit with my style. If you have note cards full of rules and expectations then I’m probably not the gal for you.

I’m not a fashion stylist, I’m not a photographer, I’m not an expert at digitally enhancing pictures. I’m just a girl who likes to dress up, snap some pics, mess around in Photoshop and learn new things.

I blog because it’s fun and I enjoy it, not for any other reason. If it stops being fun, I’ll stop writing, but until then you’re stuck with me.

If you need or want to contact me for any reason you can find me in world as Coral Lacey, email me or add me to Plurk or Facebook. I’m friendly, honest!