All Things Nice

Ok so….me and Harper took this picture together and she posted hers earlier on today and somehow was blaming me for the entire thing. Well here’s really what happened. Lately I been thinking I needed more colour in my life, and pink was my colour of choice.  So when I saw this new hairstyle from Truth, I was chatting with the girl and said “hey, we should do a cute, fun style pic with that hair” to which Harper said, “ok!” So we planned to do it this week, but little did I know that “cute and fun” equated to Harper as “dress up like Joy from My Name is Earl.” What can I say, she’s a little bit like that. Anyway, we had fun and we still look cute, so mission accomplished!

You can find Harper’s version and her credits over on her blog Pixel Pantomime.




Hair – Dolly – Truth by Truth Hawks (Mesh!) NEW

Dress – Coco top/mini – Celoe by ShaySibrian (Mesh!) NEW

Shoes – Suave – Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle (Mesh!) NEW

Necklace – Butterfly Collector – Yummy by Polyester Partridge

Ring – Mother’s Pearl Ring – LaGyo by Gyorgyna Larnia (Mesh!)

Pose – Tea.S NEW

Vintage Fair Preview 3 – ColdLogic!

ColdLogic is one of the sponsors at this years Vintage Fair and they are also participating with their new designs. This mesh dress is one of several that they’re releasing at the fair, and like with most ColdLogic designs there is another version to this one, with different textures and colours.

I love everything about this dress, this colour especially. The mesh is not shaped to make my bust look like I have a couple of watermelons stuffed up there, but still gives me a nice round curve on my uh, butt.

Also new out at the fair in this picture is the necklace from DDL and this fun pose from Sparrowtree Studios.

This is kind of a short post (lots more shopping and picture taking to do!) but I also wanted to let you know that the maps and SLURLs for the fair are now up on Chic’s website here, so be sure to check it out and start planning your route!




Hair – Belle – LeLutka (Mesh!)

Dress – Kitt – ColdLogic @ Vintage Fair (Mesh!)

Necklace – She and Him – DDL @ Vintage Fair

Bracelet – Pearl Rain – Mandala

Clutch – Clutch Black – Izzie’s

Shoes – Xylia Pumps – Celoe (Mesh!)

Pose – Timeless Beauties – Sparrowtree Studios @ Vintage Fair

Location – Mayfair

Bandana Day – 29th July

As I mentioned earlier, Hair Fair 2012 closes tomorrow, but it’s also Bandana Day!

I’m sure you’re aware that a portion of the money raised at Hair Fair is donated to the Wigs for Kids charity and Bandana Day is always the last day of the fair, where people remove their hair to show they care.

You may have seen the bandana stores dotted around the hair fair, (I think there’s at least 2 on every sim) where you can purchase the bandana’s for a mere 50Ls. There are lots of fun and quirky styles, designed by bloggers as well as designers and all money raised from the sales of these is added to the money that the creators are donating.

So if you haven’t picked up a bandana or two make sure you get over there and sport your own style to show you care, tomorrow on the 29th!




Bandana – Faith – Lelutka @ Hair Fair

Corset – Clara – Celow (Mesh!)

Jewellery – Tumbled Stone Set – Paper Couture

Skin – Cassiopea – Glam Affair

Shape – Leila – Penchant (only on the marketplace)

LOTD and D!va @ Hair Fair

If you liked D!va’s Vivienne hairstyle then make sure you get over to Hair Fair and check out Vivienne Type B! It’s a slightly different version of the original, with thicker bangs but still the lovely fly away textures that D!va uses. You can find them located on the Flower sim and here’s the direct SLURL.

This is my LOTD, I’m not really showing anything new. I’ve worn this lace top from Chemistry about 100 times and I don’t think I can keep repeating myself about how much I love it (well there you go, I did anyway) but it’s the first time I blogged the cropped version so I’ll give myself a pass on that.




Hair – Vivienne – D!va @ Hair Fair NEW

Top – Echo Tank Top – Chemistry

Pants – Yasmine Pants – Celoe

Shoes – Aelia Wedges – Celoe

Necklace – Alice Necklace – LaGyo

Earrings – Santa Monica Earrings – LaGyo @ C88 NEW

Skin – Roza – Glam Affair @ C88

Skybox – Askal Skybox – Cheeky Pea for 50L Friday

Pose – Del May


Happy Monday! Never thought I’d say that but I feel like I’ve been genuinely spoilt with all the lovely new releases over the weekend so it’s a good start to the week.

I’m a little bit slacking because I am wearing the same top (in a different colour and style) and shoes that I was in my last post, but I honestly love them so much that I’ve been reluctant to take them off, so instead I just styled them with some of the new releases from July’s round of FaMESHed.

But the main thing I wanted to talk about in this post is the Animare pose HUD. It’s been around for a while so this is mostly info for anyone who hasn’t heard of it before or is new to taking pics in SL. This is a nifty little dealio that allows you to alter existing poses or create poses/anims in world. Now admittedly I’ve never used it for creating a pose or animation from scratch, there are several softwares that are easier for that but this is great if you just want to adjust a pose you have already. You know how frustrating it is when you find a pose you love but it’s not quite fitted for your shape, you might have a hand poking in your butt or a prop you want to use going through other body parts…well fret no more about that because this is where Animare is perfect.

Here’s a couple of raw shots from SL with the exact same pose, one before I used Animare to adjust it and one after. You can see that I did change the upper part of this pose quite dramatically and this is the first time that I’ve used Animare for such a big change, but I was happy with the results so I thought I’d share. I moved my left arm out a bit so that the bag wasn’t cutting through my leg, I changed my right hand so that the coffee cup that had completely disappeared into my leg was up and in front of me and I lifted my chin so that my head didn’t dip.

The HUD itself is quite simple to use, you click the body joint that you want to change and then turn it up and down for back/forth etc, but this will require a little bit of playing around with until you get the hang of what moves what, although that is a small price to pay and I think it’s definitely worth it to create that perfect picture.

Hope you all enjoy your week!




Hair – Primadonna – Exile @ FaMESHed

Lace Top – Echo Tank Top – Chemistry

Tank – Intrinsic Tank – Jane (freebie!)

Pants – Miami Linens – BOOM! @ FaMESHed

Shoes – Aelia Wedges – Celoe

Short Necklace – Esme – Maxi Gossamer

Long Necklace – Italian Briolette Necklace – Glow Studio

Bracelets – Boho Bangles – Maxi Gossamer

Bag – Shopper’s Tote – House of Fox

Pose – Marukin (altered by Animare Pose Hud)

Location – Mayfair


Take A Breath

New stuff, I ❤ it!

If you follow blogs and Flickr looking for the latest releases you would’ve seen sneaky peeks of these new Aelia wedges from Celoe during the week and quite possibly, like I did, waited in anticipation for them to be released. Well, they don’t disappoint. Beautifully created and textured with an easy to use HUD for matching your skin tone, I think they’re just about perfect.

I’m also wearing another Mon Tissu summer release, the Hanalei shorts which are available in loads of summer colours.

Because this is my 2nd post today and it is a Saturday (yea, I really had no better way to spend my weekend =/) I’m not gonna write much more but I have to mention the lace tank I’m wearing from Chemistry. Chemistry doesn’t have many items right now but I’ve just loved every one of her releases lately. They are completely different from anything else on the grid and I love that unique, fresh feel they have. I can’t wait for more!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend.




Hair & Hat – Siobhan – Maitreya

Tank – Intrinsic Tank – Jane (freebie!)

Lace Tank – Echo Tank Top – Chemistry

Shorts – Hanalei Shorts – Mon Tissu

Shoes – Aelia Wedges – Celoe

Necklace – Alice Necklace – LaGyo @ FairyTales event

Bangles – Patra Gold Wire Bracelets – Zaara

Pose – Marukin @ C88

Location – Neva River (again)

Fine Day


It’s Saturday, so it must be a fine day, right? For me it is, I hope for you too!

Yesterday was the first day that I wore non mesh clothing in a long time and I’ve got to say….I didn’t like it much, so today I’ve gone for a full mesh ensemble (excluding the hair).

Love this new Andersen top from coldLogic. It fits nicely and the design is lovely, and is available in several bright shades. I’ve noticed that coldLogic items come in mainly bright colours, maybe that’s because it’s almost summer, I’m not sure, but I wish there were more neutrals available from them too. But that’s just me being selfish coz I’m a neutrals kinda gal.

The jewellery I’m wearing is mesh too, and from Maxi Gossamer but you can’t see it very well in this shot. (That’s just an excuse to wear it again and take more pics with it btw). Here’s the marketplace link if you want to check it out and you really should because it is a fantastic purchase and so cheap! You get the necklace and ring in 4 different colours for only 199Ls or one colour for 99Ls. Really, no one should be without this great little set.

Enjoy your weekend guys!



Hair – Blythe – Lelutka

Top – Andersen – ColdLogic (Mesh!)

Pants – Lolong Trousers – Celoe (Mesh!)

Necklace & Ring – Silver Drop – Maxi Gossamer (Mesh!)

Location: The Rose Theatre