Just a quickie post and picture today, mostly coz I’m feeling lazy but I really wanted to show you this new Nyx mesh hair that was released by Truth a couple of days ago. So here it is!

I don’t usually wear tattoos so when I decided I wanted one for this pic I had no idea where to go to get a good one, but I did know just the blog to look at. I always see Oakley Foxtrot on Flickr with some amazing tattoos, so after scoping out her blog Thought Classic, I knew exactly where to go.

This is one of the reasons I enjoy blogging, there are so many unique and different styles out there in SL and if I feel like a different look one day but don’t know which stores to go to it doesn’t take me long to find it through someone else’s blog and so I like to think I might be helping people in the same way too.




Hair – Nyx – Truth NEW

Skin – Roza Basics – Glam Affair

Bra – Sasha – Whippet & Buck

Tattoo – Believe – Ink’d Up

Earrings – Late Night Hoops – Maxi Gossamer (previous Limited Bazaar release)

Eyes – Eternal Eyes – Ikon

Lip Piercing – The Minimalist – Hebanon Vial (edited)

Cheek Piercings and Dimples – Sugar Heart

Eyeliner – Mesh Eyeliner – Glam Affair

Pose – Glitterati

Layers I Love

With more and more great mesh releases hitting the grid I have to admit that I am turning in to a little bit of a mesh snob. I don’t really like to spend money on certain clothes or furniture if it’s not mesh, because I just don’t think it’s a worth while investment and if I did, it would have to be for something exceptional.

Having said that, there are still some texture layer clothing items that I will buy on a regular basis. Lingerie and tops to layer under mesh clothing, and leggings. I love leggings. They are probably the only item that I fatpack regularly in SL.

Leggings really are a staple item for me. There are plenty of great mesh leggings around, but if you want to layer them under a mesh dress or top, then kicking it old school with some clothing layer leggings is the way to go. A pair of leggings can completely change an entire outfit.

Some of my favourite places for leggings include League, Teefy, Kyoot and G Field and now Tutti Frutti have released a great mix of them too! I’ve only shown 4 in the picture above but there were a total of 15 different prints released so make sure you check them out!




All leggings – Tutti Frutti

All poses – Glitterati

After Hours

There has been a huge amount of amazing releases the last few days, and more still to come over this weekend. It’s fair to say that my L balance has taken a dramatic hit and will continue to do so for the next week, while my inventory is piling up with things to blog!

I put together a couple of my faves from this round of FaMESHed that started today, as well as this skirt that was recently released from Emery. I have to tell you ladies, this skirt makes your ass look amazing! You have to demo it to believe it! I really like this hair style from Exile and it’s non rigged mesh which is good because I had to resize it and reposition it a fair bit. I play with my shape a lot and tweak it here and there, so that could be why, but it’s rare for me to have problems with mesh hair not fitting well, so make sure you demo this too!




Hair – Collide – Exile @ FaMESHed (Non rigged mesh) NEW

Skin – Roza Basics – Glam Affair

Tank – Last Thread Tank – Kyoot

Jacket – Cadet Jacket – Valentina E @ FaMESHed (Mesh!) NEW

Skirt – G. Marquez – Emery (Mesh!) NEW

Glasses – Positano Parasol – Maxi Gossamer (Mesh!)

Necklace – Handcuffs – Maxi Gossamer @ C88 (Mesh!)

Bracelets – Ramona – Maxi Gossamer @ C88 (Mesh!)

Bag – Continental Wallet – House of Fox (Mesh!)

Shoes – Loona – Redgrave (Mesh!)

Pose – Glitterati

Location – Templemore City


This is not a fancy post, it’s just a comfy post. You know in a world like SL – where you can “be whoever you want to be” it’s funny how most of the time I choose to just be a comfy, casual, regular kinda gal.

The latest releases from Maitreya are a perfect staple for this season. As always with Maitreya the quality of the product is amazing with the textures and mesh appearing very realistic. Also the new Josie hair from Truth is a very relaxed style. It’s non rigged mesh so easily adjustable and I love the braid on the side, it just gives it that something else so it’s not just another messy bun style.

Lastly I gave in to the Roza basics skins from Glam Affair. I was wearing Ginny a lot but I loved Roza before and even though I tried, I couldn’t hold back from buying the basic pack that’s now available. Since the new bodies on the GA skins, I’ve found hard not to buy every release but Roza and Ginny are definitely my 2 faves and I’m pretty sure that they’ll be my new every day skins. Until the next release at least!

A short post from me today because this outfit has made me wanna wear it in real life and cosy up on the couch under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate, so that’s exactly what I’m gonna do!




Hair – Josie – Truth by Truth Hawks (Non rigged mesh!) NEW

Skin – Roza Basic America – Glam Affair by Aida Ewing

Sweater – Lux Sweater – Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle (Mesh!) NEW

Pants – Stefani Pants – Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle (Mesh!) NEW

Necklace – Marrakech Heart – Maxi Gossamer (Mesh!)

Dresser and Lamp – Anna Cabinet A – Lisp by Pandora Popstar

Rock on Monday

Hiiiiii, hope you’re all having a good start to the week. I’ve got so much new stuff in this pic for you today, I had a mini shopping frenzy! This look is perfect for anyone who wants to prolong their weekend and head out to a club on Monday, not that we need to worry about what day of the week it is in SL 😀

So I’ll start at the top and work my way down. This new mesh hair from Truth is a perfect modern style, it’s rigged and comes in all the usual colours as well as the roots options, but that’s not all! Oh no, it’s not! Truth now has started to release fades packs! So now you can get that hot, ombre look with their new releases! You know I tend to keep things kind of natural so I didn’t go for one of the coloured fades in this, but this one is called Toast which is a darker brunette at the ends than the rest and I ❤ it!

Next the jewellery that I’m wearing. This mesh rock necklace and knuckleduster is from HandVerk and is available at Limited Bizarre. Let me just remind you that Limited Bizarre is opened every other Friday at 12pm SLT and all the items for sale there are LIMITED. So not only are they discounted prices but there are only 100 copies of each item available and once they’re gone, they’re gone. I know personally I try to make time every week to hop over there quick and see it what is around because I’d hate to see something later and not be able to get it.

So on to my clothes! Both the top and skirt are from Emery at the new round of FaMESHed that started today and just like all the latest Emery releases I snapped them up right away. The top is available in black or grey and the skirt has a few different colours to choose from. I first discovered Emery in a brief break from role play a few years ago, (’07 maybe?) and they quickly became one of my top 3 “earth” stores to shop at. I didn’t buy regular clothes for a long time then but since I came back and Emery started to release mesh they have quickly found their way back into my list faves.

Finally these shoes I’m wearing were released on Friday and I absolutely adore them. They’re from Redgrave and are full mesh, including feet. Like most Redgrave recent show releases you can buy them in a pack for 690Ls which includes 12 colour options. This is a fantastic price for mesh feet but I still wish they had kept their 3 colour option which was 300Ls I think? 690 for 12 colours is fantastic, I can’t and won’t argue with that, in some stores you can pay more than that for one colour but personally I just don’t need 12 colours. The other thing about Redgrave shoes is that I find the feet really hard to match to my skin tone. I usually wear the blending layer that comes with the SLink bare feet which makes it seem a bit smoother but something about the seam around the ankle on the Redgrave shoes just never seems right to me. These couple of issues have actually stopped me from buying a couple of the newer Redgrave releases recently, however I loved the style and design of these sandals so much that I couldn’t resist and decided that my little quibbles would just have to be dealt with.

Oh just to add, this little bar scene I set up with an old Art Deco Bar Set from Lisp that was stashed in my inventory. I checked on the marketplace and it’s still for sale in their 10L section.




Hair – Demi – Truth (Mesh!) NEW

Jewellery – Rock Jewellery Set – HandVerk @ Limited Bizarre (Mesh!) NEW

Top – Mesh Top Metal – Emery @ FaMESHed (Mesh!) NEW

Skirt – Allende – Emery @ FaMESHed (Mesh!) NEW

Shoes – Celine – Redgrave (Mesh!) NEW

Hands – Korundi Mesh Hands

Props – Art Deco Bar Set – LISP

Pose – Gliteratti


As if Vintage Fair and Collabor88 weren’t enough to make us go broke, there are some fabulous new releases from Mon Tissu and Truth to go with them!

This Soleil hair from Truth was just released and I absolutely adore it. I’m having a bit of an updo phase lately, so this was perfect to add to the collection. It’s not mesh so it’s easy to modify to fit, and the wavy, natural look is just right for that “I don’t need to try, my hair is this fabulous when I wake up” look.

Mon Tissu also blew me away with this gorgeous summer dress. It comes in several different colours and prints so there is something for everyone’s tastes. The flowy cut is so light and breezy and it’s low cut at the sides which adds a casual sexyness to it.

I put it together with the new Cherub jewellery that’s by LaGyo at C88. The necklace, earrings and ring are all available seperately for 88Ls each, and the necklace is scripted to texture change so great to match with any outfit!

Short and sweet post today, it is the weekend after all!




Hair – Soleil – Truth NEW

Dress – Frock Dress – Mon Tissu (Mesh!) NEW

Boots – Triumph Boots – Gos (Mesh!)

Jewellery – Cherub – LaGyo @ C88 NEW

Pose – Glitterati

Location – Templemore City

Vintage Fair 2012

Vintage Fair 2012 (brought to you by Chic Managment)  is right around the corner and opens it’s doors on August 4th and run until the 29th.

There are 3 full sims packed with vintage inspired designs from our talented creators on the grid. This years fair is sponsored by Aura, Belleza, Cheeky Pea, ColdLogic, GizzA, Indyra Originals, oOo Studio, PurpleMoon Creations and Trompe Loeil who are also participating.

You can find a full list of designers taking part in this years Vintage Fair on Chic’s website here.

Not only are we completely spoilt with wonderful goodies to spend our hard earned Ls on, but Chic are also running a Vintage Fair Photo Competition and already have some amazing prizes lined up! You can read more about the competition on their site here and be sure to join the Flickr group and drop in your pics!

So this is my first fair preview and I hope to bring more over the next couple of days as the designers get set up and display their wares!

This mesh skirt I’m wearing is from Ingenue and I’m really liking the cord type texture and belt detail. I usually wear a medium in standard sizing but I must have my “love” slider up a little high because in the end I had to wear the large to get a good fit. No sooner had I put this skirt on, I felt the need to go and pose in my kitchen – how very sexist of me!

Also available at the fair are these cute 50s style heels by Chachadee! This picture does not really do them justice, but the textures and shading are just perfect. They come in a few colours but this nude and brown is definitely my favourite (I know, I’m dull like that).

The final Vintage Fair item is the pose I’m using which is by Glitterati in their Pin Up Girl set. There are 10 poses in this set and you can bet that I’ll be using a few of them over the coming days!

So get excited people, Vintage Fair cometh!



***UPDATE*** I just found out that there is another size between the M and L for this skirt, the MPlus. Which does fit me perfectly. My bad! But remember to always demo so that you don’t make silly mistakes like me!


Hair – Ichigo – Wasabi Pills (Mesh!)

Top – Gathered Frills Blouse – Mon Tissu

Skirt – Lauren – Ingenue @ Vintage Fair (Mesh!)

Shoes – 1950’s Heels – ChaChaDee! @ Vintage Fair

Pose – Pin Up Girl Set – Glitterati @ Vintage Fair

Location – My Kitchen (that’s not the name, it really is my kitchen which is by Funky Junk)