Valentine Town

Valentine Town I’m back after a week away from SL! I missed quite a bit with the opening of C88 and some other releases so I sat and browsed Flickr for a couple of hours last night and when I came across this fantastic picture by Laverdag I knew I wanted to take a picture there so I went right away to visit. Valentine Town is packed with little stores and the scene is great for taking pictures. It’s just so full of cuteness and candy colours that you’d have to be careful if you’re diabetic. I don’t usually go for so much sweetness and the first time I went and snapped pics with my normal avatar it just didn’t look right at all. I debated what to do and even sent a Flickr mail to Laverdag asking if maybe I could use one of her pictures as a background for a pile up, which she graciously said was ok BUT then I remembered that I had the Dolls Head from Fasionably Dead at the last Arcade event sitting in my inventory and thought I’d give it a go. I found an old Essences skin I had that matched the light tone so perfectly I knew then it was meant to be! So after picking up this new dress from Nylon Outfitters at C88 I dashed back over to Valentine Town and got a shot I was happy with. This outfit isn’t mesh, there are glitch pants, a system skirt as well as a prim attachment and to be honest I’m not sure I’d wear it again as it’s not my typical style, but it’s the kind of quirky outfit that is great if you’re going for a particular look and I didn’t mind getting it just for one picture coz it’s only 88Ls! The hair is an adorable new release from Truth, it comes with and without a bow attachment that has a colour change HUD but because I was being awkward I wore the non bow version and added one from Auxiliary (more gacha) instead. Yet another Arcade item that I hadn’t used was this giant lollipop from Miasnow. This is the kind of picture that makes me glad that I buy things “just in case” lol, it completely validates my shopping habit when I can pull random things out of my inventory that match so well! Coral x _________________________________________________ Hair – Tenille – Truth NEW Dress – Ivy Drape Dress – Nylon Outfitters @ C88 NEW Head – Doll Head Neutral Shiny – Fashionably Dead (former Arcade item, now available as gacha at the main store) Bow – Slouchy Leather Bow – Auxiliary (gacha item) Big Lolly – Miasnow (gacha item) Hands – SLink Pose – Adorkable (Ruffles Pack) Location – Valentine Town

Fly Away

Fly Away

This dress was released by Glam Affair a few days ago for C88 and I just couldn’t resist taking a picture with it. The cut is super sexy with it’s plunging backline and a nice helping of side boob (always a winner!) but without being trashy in the least. I really think it’s a bargain at only 88Ls and at that price I’ve picked up 2 colours already and planning to go back for a couple more.

I loved this necklace from Donna Flora when I saw it on my bff Harper from Pixel Pantomime a few months ago, but I never really had the chance to wear it till now, since getting fancy is not something I do a lot. Donna Flora’s jewels always shine with fantastic texturing and this necklace (which comes with matching earrings) is no different.

The classic updo I’m wearing was released by Truth last week and fitted perfectly with this look.

That’s all from me today, I’m gonna hang out in world with my glam on! Hope everyone has a fab weekend!


Hair – January – Truth
Dress – Livia Dress – Glam Affair @ C88
Necklace and Earrings Set – Blue Onyx Set – Donna Flora
Wall Art (butterflies) – Flyaway Wall Art – What Next
Pose – Adorkable

Timeless – September C88

C88 time of the month rolled around already and I picked some of my favourites for this look! As usual there was a lot to choose from and my inventory got that little bit fuller with “Timeless” items, which was the theme for this round.

Fashionably Dead released 6 amazing hairs, and this one the “Timeless Hipster” includes the hat so you don’t have to worry about fitting that. I tend to find that’s a problem with a lot of hats in SL unless they’re included in the hair. I usually end up wearing non mesh hair and editing it to jfkdajcça so the hat will fit, but because this is included there’s no need to worry about that!

You can also find these mesh trousers from The Sea Hole, which I adore, as well as this blazer from House of Fox. Both are available in tons of colours and fit right in with the Timeless theme, styles that will never go out.

I also wanted to mention the top I’m wearing from Kyoot. It’s not anything new but as we know it’s a bit of a problem getting mesh to layer, if you want to wear a jacket or something and Kyoot is one of my favourite places to get system layer clothing to wear under mesh.

Hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend, don’t forget to check out Collabor88, as if you haven’t already!




Hair (includes hat) – Classic Hipster – Fashionably Dead @ C88 (Mesh!)

Top – Soft Resolution Top – Kyoot

Blazer – Scarlet Blazer – House of Fox @ C88 (Mesh!)

Pants – Mister Trousers – The Sea Hole @ C88 (Mesh!)

Necklace – Chain Brush Necklace – Glow Studio

Bracelet – Barcelona – Maxi Gossamer @ FaMESHed (Mesh!)

Hands – Korundi Mesh Hands

Shoes – Mary Jane Pumps – Leverocci

Pose – Adorkable






Belleza put a spanner in the works for me yesterday when they released this new skin Shyla. As we know my day to day skin is Jen by League, I wear others from time to time when I’m taking pictures and as much as I liked them, none of them struck me as something I would wear 80% of the time. So I was happy enough to stick with Jen and just recently updated my profile picture and everything with it. Then Shyla arrived.

I’m super fussy about my every day skin and while I love my others that I wear for pics, they just don’t feel like me. But Shyla does. The body is nice and natural like most Belleza skins, not shiny or over shaded, and the face has just the right amount of make up for daily wear. Usually I’ll find that I love a face on a skin, except for the lips, or I love the lips but the rest has too much make up, but this all fits perfectly. The tones are natural, not greyish or dull and I love that you can buy the lipstick layers separately, I only wish that I could get eye shadows the same way! But I can’t have it all I guess.

So right now I’m sorely tempted to start wearing this every day, the only thing that’s stopping me is that I feel like I look sad. I know I have my lips with a slight down turn most of the time, but I think with this skin it’s the eyebrows. They look like sad eyebrows to me. You can’t notice it so much in the picture here because I have a hair with bangs, and generally I do prefer hairstyles like that so I don’t think it’s going to be too much of an issue. Considering how much I love this skin I don’t think that getting used to that slight sad look is going to be a problem, so for now I’ll keep wearing it and see how I feel every day!

Overall this is my favourite release from Belleza ever. So go try it!




Skin – Shyla Pale 0 – Belleza NEW

Hair – Sylvie – Wasabi Pills (Mesh!)

Shirt – Open Shirt Female – Kauna (Mesh!)

Eyeshadow – 2.0 Tattoo Eye Layer Star – Neko Yo & Mystique

Pose – Adorkable

Vintage Fair 2012: Preview 2

More new stuff from Vintage Fair, yay!

This super cute mesh outfit is from DDL, it comes in 4 soft colours (green as shown, pink, blue and beige) and is only 200Ls! I feel a bit like the quiet little librarian who when she gets home, shakes out her hair and takes off her…to reveal…you know what I mean, we’ve all seen those movies!

I’ve paired it with another new release from ChaChaDee! This time 70s style heels which come in lots of shades and with a really well made reptile or leather texture.

Finally this pose is by Adorkable as part of the GoGo set. I love their poses because they’re always that little bit different from your standard ones and Adorkable have LOTS of great poses released for the fair, I’ll definitely try to show a few more of those.

Hope you like!




Hair – Memoir – Elikatira (Mesh!)

Outfit – Fell in Love – DDL @ Vintage Fair (Mesh!)

Shoes – 1970’s Heels – ChaChaDee! @ Vintage Fair

Bag – Stumble Bag – Toki Doki

Glasses – Four Corners Readers – Mon Tissu

Pencil – Anya’s Pencil of Love (from Bad Habit Pose Set) – Flowey (last weeks FLF)
Necklaces – Vintage Jewellery Set – League
Pose – GoGo – Adorkable @ Vintage Fair
Location – Where it Begins

One Voice Love

I’ve never owned a Curio skin. But before the Curio brand, Gala sold skins just as “Gala”. I checked my inventory today and I have 13 of those Gala skins from back in early ’07, including TWO demos! That really made me laugh, don’t ask me why I have skins and DEMOS from ’07, I honestly couldn’t tell you. I’m clearly much more like this woman than I realised. Especially as I didn’t even delete them after I found them!

Despite the fact that I’ve never owned a Curio skin, I’m still actively supporting this event and while it’s great that so many designers have contributed items with the profits going toward Gala’s legal fees, that is just a bonus. The important part of this whole thing is that so many people have stood up, and worked together and created something that is not only going to help Gala but the community as a whole.

I was talking about the fundraiser to a friend this morning, she said “it’s reminded me why I play Second Life” and she’s right.

I should let you know as well that the One Voice event has been extended to run until the 22nd of July. So don’t worry if you haven’t managed to get access yet, thanks to the generosity of Eku Zhong (who donated the use of the sim as the venue) you now have extra time to get over there and show some love for Curio!




Hair – Call Me Maybe – Exile

T shirt – Team Curio Tee – Fawn @ One Voice Gala Fundraiser (100% of this items sales go to Gala!)

Pants – Silk Dupioni Beachcombers – The Sea Hole @ One Voice Gala Fundraiser (100% of this items sales go to Gala!)

Skin – Elena – LAQ @ One Voice Gala Fundraiser (100% of this items sales go to Gala!)

Pose – Adorkable

New Girl

I don’t watch a lot of  TV but there are a few shows that I make time for and New Girl is my favourite “easy watching” series. If you haven’t seen it before then I’d highly recommend it! Zooey Deschanel plays Jess, a kooky elementary school teacher that rocks a lot of polka dots and finds herself living with 3 guys after a break up. It’s so easy to watch and Jess is a pretty off the wall character that always makes me laugh, I just can’t get enough of it.

This Bea hairstyle from Truth always reminded me of Zooey’s character, with it’s bangs and soft curls, so for a long time now I’ve been wanting to put together a “New Girl” look but I just could never find the right dress or outfit that was perfect Jess.

I can’t even tell you the level of my excitement when I saw this new Lacey dress from Mon Tissu, but I’m pretty sure that it was far too much for a woman in her late twenties to be squeeing over the idea of dressing up as a loveable geek, it probably was a bit of a Jess moment! I really, really adore this dress and it comes in a huge variety of colours, so many that I was completely torn. I knew I had to have the navy for the Jess look but I love the others so much that I foresee a large dent in my L balance soon, not that that’s anything new after a Mon Tissu release!

So after a little bit of shopping and shape tweaking, I got what I hope is a pretty good New Girl look and I enjoyed it so much that I think I’ll have to make some time for more.

Hope you like it and don’t forget to check out New Girl if you haven’t already!




Hair – Bea – Truth

Dress – Lacey Dress – Mon Tissu

Shoes – Favorite Leather Flats – Mon Tissu

Bag – Sophmore Satchel – Mon Tissu

Glasses – Four Corners Readers – Mon Tissu

Necklace – 50’s Pearl Necklace – Izzie’s

Hair Band – My Bunny Band – Monso

Pose – Adorkable

Location – Neva River

Shopping Overload – Culture Shock and C88

Well wow. I feel exhausted after my not-so-little shopping excursion this morning! I think I loaded up my inventory with enough items to blog about for the next month!

I’m sure you’re all aware that Culture Shock opened this weekend. It’s a charity event raising money for Médecins Sans Frontières and this is their second year. For more information and SLurls you can visit the Chic Management site, who are the hosts of the event. Since the location was jam packed on the weekend, it was a bit of a lag festival for me to try and get round, I thought I’d put it off until today…completely forgetting of course that today was the opening of May’s C88. So first thing this morning it was a quick dash to C88 and then off for a couple of hours at Culture Shock.

I have to say I am completely impressed with Culture Shock. It’s a nice, simple layout, not too crowded and really easy to keep track of what you have and haven’t already seen. Plenty of well known and unheard of designers with a lot of promise, lots of fabulous mesh and some lovely free gifts.

C88 was also outstanding this month, but then it usually is and I love the daydream theme they have! I’m not even kidding when I say that I picked up enough items from these two places to blog about for a month, so over the next couple of weeks at least, expect to see bits and pieces popping up!

As for this picture…well frankly I was just so worn out from shopping and demoing that it was a case of anything goes!

Adorable mesh frill shorts from G Field at Culture Shock, amazing mesh hair from Clawtooth at C88 and the bracelet I’m wearing is part of a set from Donna Flora and is in the 70% off sale she is having on some items which will soon be retired, so go get them while you can!

If you haven’t already, go check these places out and make sure you bring your purse, coz you’re gonna need it!




Hair – Kinda Shy – Clawtooth @ C88 (Mesh!)

Top – Daydream Blouse – The Sea Hole @ C88

Shorts – Mesh Frilled Shorts – G Field @ Culture Shock (Mesh!)

Boots – Daydream Boots – The Sea Hole @ C88

Bracelet – Flora Crystals Set – Donna Flora (Soon to be retired!)

Pose – Daydreamer Pack (Daydream 1) – Adorkable Poses @ C88