At The Beach House

Making the most of the summer at the beach house these last few days! I have a few new things to show you here so let’s start at the top.

First of all this hair is one the latest releases from Truth. If you want cute, this hair haz it. (Yes I spelt haz like that on purpose, it’s cool lol speak). As soon as I tried it on, a voice inside my head said “awww that’s CUTE!!” and probably some other things that were close to squeeing. It’s not mesh so is easily modifiable, and the hairband is colour change so perfect to mix and match with outfits.

The glasses I’m wearing are from Artilleri at Vintage Fair, which is still open for a few more days! Undoubtedly the lag is going to be a lot lower now so if you were waiting to go then don’t forget! Or if you’ve been already now is usually a nice time to pop back so you don’t have to fight the crowds and can pick up anything you might’ve missed before.

This mesh, frill top is available from Baiastice at the latest round of TDR Blue, so you can pick it up for a steal (70Ls I think it was) and these mesh shorts are by Teefy at this months’ FaMESHed. You still have a few more days before FaMESHed starts their change over too, so make sure you check it out if you haven’t already!

That’s all for now, I need to go and enjoy a bit more of the sunshine.




Hair – Marina – Truth NEW

Top – Frill Mesh Short Top – Baiastice @ TDR Blue (Mesh!) NEW

Shorts – Abbey High Waist Shorts – Tee*fy @ FaMESHed (Mesh!)

Glasses – Clubmaster Sunglasses – Artilleri @ Vintage Fair

Necklace – Sea Trinkets Charm Necklace  – Yummy (previous C88 release)

Location – Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe & Beach

Autumn is Coming – LOTD

As the end of summer is approaching Maitreya have made their “Summer Part 2” release. These items are perfect for that change of season.

The tunic is a must have for when the evening breeze turns a bit cooler, and I just know that I’m going to wear these boots to death. Being a massive “flats” fan and more of a casual girl they’re pretty much an essential for me.

I’m also wearing some new mesh bangles by Korundi (I told you she was working hard to put out new items every day or two!). When Shansa first told me she was going to start making mesh jewellery I practically begged her for bangles and bracelets as I probably have the hardest time finding ones that I like over any other accessory. I have a couple of pairs that aren’t even mesh, but that I wear all the time, so I was especially happy when she released these earlier on today.

If you haven’t been to Maitreya yet make sure you do, and check out Korundi’s new bits on the marketplace!




Hair – Manon – D!va @ C88

Tunic – Xarra Tunic – Maitreya (Mesh!) NEW

Boots – Stagioni Boots – Maitreya (Mesh!) NEW

Short Necklace – She & Him – DDL @ Vintage Fair

Long Necklaces – Mox n Match – Glow Studio (FLF)

Bangles – Giulia Bangles 2 – Korundi – only on the marketplace (Mesh!) NEW

Ring – Coal Ring – Anthem

Location – Columtreal University

More from Vintage Fair

Back to some Vintage Fair releases today, I hope everyone’s been enjoying their shopping there the last few days!

This cute mesh top and skirt are both available from Tulip. The skirt comes in a few different colours, and the top is available in a couple of different prints. Obviously they go together really well so not much effort on the styling on my part. If you loved the dress that Tulip released a couple of weeks ago for FLF, well it’s also now available at the fair in lots of different colours!

The necklace I’m wearing is part of a new set from Maxi Gossamer at the fair. It comes with matching earrings and the necklaces are all separate, so you can wear them individually or together like I did. It also comes with a silver version too, so you can mix it up with a lot of outfits or other pieces of your fave jewellery! I love Maxi Gossamer for accessories, so much mesh goodness for such great prices and this set is just another great release from them.

Now let me talk a bit about these shoes. They’re available from SLink at the fair and as we know SLink have some of the finest mesh feet on the grid. The rigged womens bare natural feet are probably the most worn item in my inventory, and now that they have add on shoes for really reasonable prices, I hardly wear anything else these days. But now SLink have released this rigged mesh version of their tip toe feet which are included in with the shoes exclusively at Vintage Fair.

I think it’s pretty safe to assume that when the fair ends, the feet will be available seperately and the shoes too, so that you can just purchase them as add ons. Disclaimer – I don’t know this for sure, but I think it’s going to go that way. Right now the shoes and feet are available in a set for 700Ls. SLink usually charge 600Ls for their feet and the prices of the add on shoes for the flat feet are currently at 300Ls. So again, I’d assume that the heel shoes are going to be anywhere from 300Ls up. That means that by buying this set together, you should be saving at least 200Ls! Not only that but the feet can be worn by themselves and the shoes are just far too cute to pass up!

That’s all the items I’m wearing from the fair, the bag is by Glow Studio and is currently available at this round of TDR Blue for cheap!

Don’t forget that August’s C88 opens tomorrow, I get so excited the day before but I must now go do the necessary inventory cleaning to prepare for that!




Hair – London Rain – Exile

Top – Cropped Tube Top – Tulip @ Vintage Fair (Mesh!)

Skirt – Bandage Skirt – Tulip @ Vintage Fair (Mesh!)

Feet and Shoes – Vintage Two Strap Pumps – SLink @ Vintage Fair (Mesh!)

Necklace – Lydia Lattice Pearl – Maxi Gossamer @ Vintage Fair (Mesh!)

Bangles – Boho Bangles – Maxi Gossamer

Pose – Le Poppycock

Location – Templemore City

Flee – Vintage Fair Preview 6

Well since it is now 1am on the 4th of August for me, this is going to be my last Vintage Fair preview before it officially opens! I have so many more amazing items to show you, but it’s hard to find the time, although I’m sure they will come up in the next few days.

I’m wearing a lot of items from the fair here, so let’s start at the top! This cowboy hat is by Monso and is available with a few different textures and colours (four I think it was) but I went for the beige since my hair is usually dark I figured it would contrast better.

Next up is this mesh dress from DDL. I’ve shown a couple of their pieces here and this was a new to me store, so I was delighted to have found them because the styles are just the kind of thing I love. I did have a bit of an issue with the fitting of the dress, on the M that I usually wear the straps were way too high on my shoulders, so I went down to the S which fitted fine, I just needed to make my legs a tad skinnier. If only I could do that in the real world! Also I love this colour, coral, can you tell?

I’m wearing jewellery from Glow Studio that you can find at the fair…my earrings actually have ducks on them. Yes ducks. I posted this link a few weeks ago and now I think I officially am the woman with the turkey earrings, except kind of triumphant because I DID manage to make a cute little ensemble with those duck earrings!

Now on to the boots. These are also by Monso and I got to tell you they are well worth purchasing. They cost 495Ls and come with a texture change HUD. But this is not just any old texture change HUD. On the HUD the boots are broken down in to 4 sections, and each of those sections can be customised with one of 4 colours. So you can make them look completely different every time you wear them! I think this is a great price for so many options and well worth the investment.

I’m also wearing another new mesh release from Truth. As we know I love braids, so there is nothing for me not to like or rave about with this style.

Just a few more hours until those doors (sims) are open, I hope you have your Ls ready and happy shopping this weekend!




Hair – Froukje – Truth (Mesh!) NEW

Dress – For Reasons Unknown – DDL @ Vintage Fair (Mesh!) NEW

Hat – My Western Hat – Monso @ Vintage Fair NEW

Boots – My Western Boots – Monso @ Vintage Fair NEW

Earrings – Birdy Sets – Glow Studio @ Vintage Fair NEW

Necklace – Scarf Necklace – Glow Studio @ Vintage Fair NEW

Pose – PDA

Location – Tableau

OMGAH! Vintage Fair 2012 opens tomorrow!

OMGAH! Can you see how excited I am?!

There are so many wonderful items on offer at Vintage Fair this year, and I’ve only managed to show a few bits and pieces, it’s really a must to go visit for anyone who loves a bit of retail therapy!

Don’t forget you can find your map and SLURLS on Chic’s website here but the layout is so well planned that you can just start at one end and walk all around the cobble lined streets popping in and out of stores. There are 3 full sims so there is plenty of chance for people to get entry, I know there’s always a problem with that the first couple of days on a one sim event, so this will be easier. If you can’t get in the first couple of times just persevere!

Sasy Scarborough has some great advice here on how to have as little lag as possible when attending events. It’s really worth while reading and the bit about not wearing prims? It really helps. I personally do a lot of my regular shopping in system layer clothes now, if it’s a serious session and I know I’m going to be demo-ing a lot of mesh, it just makes sense!

In my excitable picture I’m wearing the Jubilee necklace which is available from Ingenue at the fair. It’s mesh and super cute! Also this mesh ruffled top which I <33 is a new release from Tutti Frutti that you can find there.

My hair is one of Truth’s newest releases, I love the fun quirky style and it comes with a HUD so that you can change the bow colour to match your outfits, perfect!

Hope you all enjoy the fair, and don’t forget to drop your pics into the Flickr group!




Hair – Liberty – Truth (Mesh!) NEW

Top – Donna Mesh Ruffled Top – Tutti Frutti @ Vintage Fair (Mesh!) NEW

Necklace – Jubilee – Ingenue @ Vintage Fair (Mesh!) NEW

Mourning – Vintage Fair Preview Part 4

When I first saw this dress from Eclectic Apparel that I’m wearing, I said to my friend Harper “that makes me wanna get my Amy (Winehouse) on”. So that’s exactly what we did. It’s available in lots of bright colours too, but for some reason I was especially drawn to the black.

Harper is wearing a new release from Gizza Creations who are one of the sponsors at the fair. I’ll update this post with a link to her credits later on when she’s posted, because she I know she caught a few snaps too. *UPDATE* I added the link at the bottom of the post.

I don’t really have much else to say today, we took this picture 2 days ago and yesterday it turned out that it was very appropriate.




My Credits:

Hair – Belle – Lelutka (Mesh!)

Dress – Tanya – e! Eclectic Apparel @ Vintage Fair (Mesh!)

Pearl Necklace – Vintage Jewellery Set – League

Long Necklace – Italian Briolette Necklace – Glow Studio

Ring – GiGi Shimmer Bows – Maxi Gossamer

Earrings – Suri Black Pearls – Maxi Gossamer

Tattoo – Butterfly Medley – Para Designs

Pose – PDA

Location – Bryn Oh’s Virginia Alone

Harpers credits here at Pixel Pantomime.

Vintage Fair Preview 3 – ColdLogic!

ColdLogic is one of the sponsors at this years Vintage Fair and they are also participating with their new designs. This mesh dress is one of several that they’re releasing at the fair, and like with most ColdLogic designs there is another version to this one, with different textures and colours.

I love everything about this dress, this colour especially. The mesh is not shaped to make my bust look like I have a couple of watermelons stuffed up there, but still gives me a nice round curve on my uh, butt.

Also new out at the fair in this picture is the necklace from DDL and this fun pose from Sparrowtree Studios.

This is kind of a short post (lots more shopping and picture taking to do!) but I also wanted to let you know that the maps and SLURLs for the fair are now up on Chic’s website here, so be sure to check it out and start planning your route!




Hair – Belle – LeLutka (Mesh!)

Dress – Kitt – ColdLogic @ Vintage Fair (Mesh!)

Necklace – She and Him – DDL @ Vintage Fair

Bracelet – Pearl Rain – Mandala

Clutch – Clutch Black – Izzie’s

Shoes – Xylia Pumps – Celoe (Mesh!)

Pose – Timeless Beauties – Sparrowtree Studios @ Vintage Fair

Location – Mayfair

Vintage Fair 2012: Preview 2

More new stuff from Vintage Fair, yay!

This super cute mesh outfit is from DDL, it comes in 4 soft colours (green as shown, pink, blue and beige) and is only 200Ls! I feel a bit like the quiet little librarian who when she gets home, shakes out her hair and takes off her…to reveal…you know what I mean, we’ve all seen those movies!

I’ve paired it with another new release from ChaChaDee! This time 70s style heels which come in lots of shades and with a really well made reptile or leather texture.

Finally this pose is by Adorkable as part of the GoGo set. I love their poses because they’re always that little bit different from your standard ones and Adorkable have LOTS of great poses released for the fair, I’ll definitely try to show a few more of those.

Hope you like!




Hair – Memoir – Elikatira (Mesh!)

Outfit – Fell in Love – DDL @ Vintage Fair (Mesh!)

Shoes – 1970’s Heels – ChaChaDee! @ Vintage Fair

Bag – Stumble Bag – Toki Doki

Glasses – Four Corners Readers – Mon Tissu

Pencil – Anya’s Pencil of Love (from Bad Habit Pose Set) – Flowey (last weeks FLF)
Necklaces – Vintage Jewellery Set – League
Pose – GoGo – Adorkable @ Vintage Fair
Location – Where it Begins

Vintage Fair 2012

Vintage Fair 2012 (brought to you by Chic Managment)  is right around the corner and opens it’s doors on August 4th and run until the 29th.

There are 3 full sims packed with vintage inspired designs from our talented creators on the grid. This years fair is sponsored by Aura, Belleza, Cheeky Pea, ColdLogic, GizzA, Indyra Originals, oOo Studio, PurpleMoon Creations and Trompe Loeil who are also participating.

You can find a full list of designers taking part in this years Vintage Fair on Chic’s website here.

Not only are we completely spoilt with wonderful goodies to spend our hard earned Ls on, but Chic are also running a Vintage Fair Photo Competition and already have some amazing prizes lined up! You can read more about the competition on their site here and be sure to join the Flickr group and drop in your pics!

So this is my first fair preview and I hope to bring more over the next couple of days as the designers get set up and display their wares!

This mesh skirt I’m wearing is from Ingenue and I’m really liking the cord type texture and belt detail. I usually wear a medium in standard sizing but I must have my “love” slider up a little high because in the end I had to wear the large to get a good fit. No sooner had I put this skirt on, I felt the need to go and pose in my kitchen – how very sexist of me!

Also available at the fair are these cute 50s style heels by Chachadee! This picture does not really do them justice, but the textures and shading are just perfect. They come in a few colours but this nude and brown is definitely my favourite (I know, I’m dull like that).

The final Vintage Fair item is the pose I’m using which is by Glitterati in their Pin Up Girl set. There are 10 poses in this set and you can bet that I’ll be using a few of them over the coming days!

So get excited people, Vintage Fair cometh!



***UPDATE*** I just found out that there is another size between the M and L for this skirt, the MPlus. Which does fit me perfectly. My bad! But remember to always demo so that you don’t make silly mistakes like me!


Hair – Ichigo – Wasabi Pills (Mesh!)

Top – Gathered Frills Blouse – Mon Tissu

Skirt – Lauren – Ingenue @ Vintage Fair (Mesh!)

Shoes – 1950’s Heels – ChaChaDee! @ Vintage Fair

Pose – Pin Up Girl Set – Glitterati @ Vintage Fair

Location – My Kitchen (that’s not the name, it really is my kitchen which is by Funky Junk)