I’ll be your devil for the day

I'll be your devil for the day

There is sooo much halloween goodness on the grid right now, I was honestly spoilt for choice over what to blog. In the end I plumped for showing you this great Lauren skin from Glam Affair that you can pick up at Uber’s new, macabre round. There’s a ton of other creepy things you can get there right now, including this laced hair from Little Bones, these amazing clawed gloves from Baiastice and the horns I’m wearing, by Deadwool. The candles in cages that I used for the background are also a nice decor addition from Cheeky Pea that you can find at Uber too!

I added the new Hamsa earrings from LaGyo which’ll be out tomorrow at FaMESHed, I love big jewellery and these are no exception!

Hope everyone has a spooktacular day and a great weekend!


Hair – Voodoo – Little Bones @ Uber NEW

Skin – Lauren Asia 07 – Glam Affair @ Uber NEW

Horns – Oberon’s Mask Spiral Horns – Deadwool @ Uber NEW

Gloves – Long Gloves with Claws – Baiastice @ Uber NEW

Earrings – Hamsa Earrings – LaGyo @ FaMESHed COMING SOON 1ST NOV

Tattoo – Into The Woods – Elska @ Sad November COMING SOON 1ST NOV

Eyeliner – Forest Eyeliner Damned – Glam Affair @ Uber NEW

Ears – Simple Ears – Mandala

Bloody Lip – Corvus

Eyes – Nebula Porcelain – Dead Apples

Candle bird cage thing – Cheeky Pea @ Uber NEW

Pose – Bauhaus Movement



I know I said I was done with dark pics before Halloween even happened buuuut, this dress and mask just called for it. Plus I don’t think I over did the darkness too much, there’s definitely other colours in there!

I called this post Pandemonium after the location that I took the pic at, which I found while I was checking out The Blogging Elf’s Flickr, since I wanted some kind of outdoorsy fantasy setting. I took a leaf out of her book and decided to be a redhead today too!

Anyway, the dress is a fabulous new release you can find at FaMESHed by Baiastice. It comes in several block colours as well as a couple of prints, it’s a great formal dress and would be perfect for some fantasy RP too.

The branch mask is a new release from Chimeric Fashions at the We Love RP event that just opened yesterday. You can’t really see how awesome the mask is in this pic, I know, but I’ve done a lot of close ups lately and plus I wanted to show the complete dress, so you’ll just have to go check it out! I really love how I managed to find a place with a ton of bare trees in the background that match the mask perfectly.

Hope everyone is enjoying their week!



Hair – Giz B (rare) – D!va (previous Arcade gacha item)

Dress – Shannon Dress – Baiastice @ FaMESHed NEW

Mask – Branch Mask – Chimeric Fashions @ We ❤ RP NEW

Pose – Le Poppycock

Location – Pandemonium Main Store

Give Me Your Loss And Your Sorrow (and Berry’s Halloween Meme)

Give Me Your Loss And Your Sorrow

Happy Monday! We’re almost at Halloween and it shows on the grid with lots of great, dark releases. So I decided to show you one of the new Vera skins from Glam Affair that you can find at Horrorfest. I added the D!va Anna hair that you can still pick up at C88 for a couple more days, as well as this amazing headpiece from Swallow that’s new out at TDR Fusion. I even donned a pair of elf ears (ok technically they’re fairy ears I guess, since that’s the name) and realised that this was the first time I’ve ever worn some in my entire 7 years in SL!

I knew the perfect place I wanted to take this picture too, and went back to Hunter Valley, an RP sim I took a few pictures at last week. It’s currently open to the public although you still need to wear an observer tag. It has this awesome creepy little village area, complete with fog and mist, it’s really great for your Halloween pics! You might think I did a lot of editing to this pic, making it black and white and then saturating the red, but I didn’t. The skin is in GA’s petal tone which is a really pale grey/white shade, so I just used a dark grey windlight with it and voila!

Anyway, since this is kind of a dark picture I decided I’d add Berry’s Halloween Meme as well.

1. Did you go trick or treating as a kid?
Yep I did, although not to random strangers houses. Just a couple of neighbours and then my parents would drive my sister and I round to some family members houses.

2. What was the best Halloween costume you ever saw or wore yourself?
You know, I was really trying to think about when I ever dressed up or went to a Halloween party beyond the age of about 12…and I honestly can’t remember a time at all. So probably the best outfit I ever had was one year as a kid when my mum decided I was gonna be “Mouldilocks” – a Halloween version of Goldilocks. So off I went in lots of black and red, green streaks in my curly blonde hair and complete with a bowl of green porridge.

3. What is your most vivid memory of Halloween?
It was a party my parents had for me and my little sister, I must’ve been about 6 and all the neighbourhood kids were invited. We had indoor fireworks and one little boy completely freaked out because he thought the house would burn down. Then later my aunt and her friends showed up dressed as Zippy, Bungle and George from Rainbow – I was convinced they were the real thing and went to school the next day telling everyone they’d been at my house.

4. What is the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?
I’ve only seen a handful of scary films as an adult because they’re just not really my thing. There were 3 films that traumatized me as a kid though, and this is probably why I don’t like scary movies. ET (the bit where he’s running through the forest screaming, scared the daylights out of me!!), Jaws and Jurassic Park (seriously sat crying in the cinema begging my dad to take me home and we’d watch the rest when it came out on video, he made me stay!)

5. Do you ever get nightmares after watching scary movies?
Yes, but I haven’t seen many like I said.

6. Are you superstitious? If so name at least one superstition of yours.
I don’t really think I am, but I’m a little bit paranoid about the numbers 13 and 666. I won’t even use brushes those sizes, or change anything to 13% in PS lol.

7. What will you be doing for Halloween if anything in SL or RL?
No plans in RL since it’s not really celebrated where I live now. In SL I don’t have anything planned either but I might dress up and do some club hopping.

So that’s me done for this Monday, hope you all enjoy your week!


Hair – Ana – D!va @ C88 (October round)

Skin – Vera Horror Edition 11 – Glam Affair @ Horror Fest NEW

Headpiece – Flower Power – Swallow @ TDR Fusion NEW

Ears – Fairy Ears – Illusions

Eyes – Shattered – Dead Apples

Pose – Slouch

Location – Hunter Valley

The Best Kind Of Ship

The Best Kind of Ship

My friend Harper and I had been talking for a while about taking another pic together soon, so when I saw that Berry’s weekly meme had an option to blog about your best friend in SL I decided now was the time. I’m not sure this picture was quite what we had in mind but since it’s Halloween month, it happened.

Dark pictures are always hard for me, I see people on Flickr who are amazing at producing them time and again but I struggle and it’s really hard for me not to just turn the brightness up, because the lighting for them is so important, and it’s hard not to get things looking patchy or too grey. This is probably the best one I think I’ve done so far, but I’m still not totally happy with it so I guess I’ll keep practicing!

Anyway, please allow me to bore you a little while I sing the praises of my best friend before I get to the credits.

We met almost 2 years ago now through a mutual friend, and although we occasionally hung out in groups or ran into each other in stores it took about 4 months before we even added each other on our friends lists. I know Harper thought I was a total bitch, because she’s the type of person who is friendly and chatty with just about everyone, whereas it’s harder for me to make friends as I’m typically shy and awkward. Even though she thought I hated her (I didn’t, that was just my awkwardness) she never failed to be nice and say hi. We talked a little more every time and eventually after a few months and when we finally added each other, our chats became longer and more frequent up until the point where now we talk for hours every day, either in world or on Skype. Even when I’m not around on weekends we’re constantly sending private plurks back and forth, keeping each other up to date on things.

Like most best friends Harper’s been there for me through a lot, she was a total rock and shoulder for me to cry on when I felt like things were falling apart last year, I honestly don’t know what I’d have done if she hadn’t taken me out to adult sims to hang out until we end up crying with laughter on Skype. She supports me however bad my decisions may be but is always there to give great advice before I go through with them. On top of all that she is one of the funniest, most loyal, kindest people I know and always puts others before herself (even if I tell her not to!). Anyone would be lucky to have her in their life and I count myself to be extremely so. An ocean may separate us but I know that even if one of us were to leave SL our friendship wouldn’t even falter.

And that’s that! Our credits are basically the same except that Harper’s wearing a different make up on the skin but I’ll add a link to her post once she’s finished her version of the pic so you can take a look see!


ETA: See Harper’s pic and post here!

Hair – Boys & Girls 46 – Dura

Skin – Neva Arctic 03 – Glam Affair @ C88 NEW

Collar – Tri Band Collar – JD (out for TDR Fusion on 11th Oct) NEW

Not Gonna Write You A Love Song

Not Gonna Write You A Love Song

I wanted to try out this technique that Miss Berry made a tutorial for a couple of weeks ago, and today seemed like a good day, so I roped in Mister who blogs at Arya’s Heart and turned him to dust! Muahahaha

I’m doing another kind of gothic look I guess, with this new Salome dress from Bilo. It’s available in a few dark colours, obviously I just went for classic black. It’s a mesh/layer hybrid with the top being a texture layer, glitch layer pants and a mesh attachment that flows around the legs. It’s a classic formal dress with a sexy cutout front so you can show a bit of cleavage!

I’m not gonna list all of Misters credits coz to be honest, I dunno them! But I do know he is wearing the mesh suit from Kauna that was out for May’s round at FaMESHed.

Short and sweet today, ciao!



Hair – SCO052 – Boon

Dress – Salome – Bilo @ World Goth Fair

Skin – Amberly Frostbite – Glam Affair (previous C88 Special)

Head Decoration – Slice of Paradise – Glam Affair (gachca)

Eyeshadow – Caked and Spilled Under Eye Enhancers – Boom

Pose – Del May

Location – Hazardous

No Vacancy

No Vacancy

I had a little lol moment to myself earlier today when I was working on this pic, just because it’s such a huge contrast compared to the one I made yesterday. And ok, it’s not my normal style but it’s fun to dress up when something like World Goth Fair hits the grid!

The skin I’m wearing is new Jalwa and can be found at the Goth Fair, along with the eyeshadow layer. It comes in the usual tones but also includes a vamp and goth shade (I’m wearing goth) which are just perfect for that dark look. Also includes hands and feet appliers for the SLink attachments!

The top I’m wearing is new from Baiastice and can be found at The Boutique. It comes in lots of different summery colours as well but of course I’m wearing black for this style. It’s a halter neck with ties at the back and I might have to blog it again at some point to show that off because it’s really very striking. The bangles I’m wearing I picked up at Teefy last week for Fifty Linden Friday, but they’re usually still in store now, just a bit higher in price.

The head piece is something I picked up by Glam Affair at The Dressing Room forever ago, seriously about a year ago, but just hadn’t had a chance to wear yet. I do this a lot, buy things when they’re cheap just in case I need it one day and low and behold, today was that day!

I’m still wearing Ikon’s new Vanity eyes, I absolutely love them! The variety in colours that Ikon provides is easily the best on the grid for me, everything from super realistic to fantasy so you’re never at a loss!

Oh and the hair, it’s an old style from Elikatira which I’ve worn a couple of over the last few weeks and lamented about how sad I was that they were closed, but I recently found out that actually the store is still open with all the hairs at the sale price! I have no idea why or how long that’ll be for but if you missed the sale then now is a great chance to grab those hairs!




Hair – Figure – Elikatira

Skin – Jezebel Goth – Jalwa @ World Goth Fair NEW

Eyeshadow – Intense Eyes Purple – Jalwa @ World Goth Fair NEW

Top – Lari Halter Neck Top – Baiastice @ The Boutique NEW

Necklace – Scarf Necklace – Glow Studio

Headpiece – Evita – Glam Affair

Bangles – Colour Blocking Minimalism Bangles – Teefy NEW

Hands – Elegant – SLink

Eyes – Vanity Eyes Daemon – Ikon NEW

Lashes – Vampire – Redgrave

Freckles and Moles – Penchant

Pose – Le Poppycock