If I Lay Here

If I lay Here

I felt like trying to do something a bit fancy to show you guys the new Mokatana skin from Glam Affair, so I did! I was wearing it in my post yesterday but the glasses hid most of it, but anyway, I love it. I’m always happy when Glam Affair makes their event skins in the America tone since this is the one I wear regularly and since this one is so gorgeous, I know I’m not gonna take it off for a while.

Also, if you’re a blogger or photographer, have you checked out this hair from Argrace? I’ve seen a few pics on Flickr with it, and while I did edit a little coz well, I just couldn’t help myself, you can still get amazing shots with hair flowing around you and not need to Photoshop them at all. A definite must try for anyone who likes to be artsy.



Hair – Akane – Argrace

Skin – Mokatana America 05 – Glam Affair @ C88 NEW

Eyes – Spectral – Ikon @ FaMESHed RECENT

Pose – oOo Studio


Spending G’s

Spending G's

As soon as I saw this fab new “Pimpin Hat” (yes that’s really it’s name) from Drift, I couldn’t get this song outta my head. So I thought I’d bring a lil Jay-Z all up in here. My so called bff asked me why I was so hood when I said that to her earlier 😦

Anyway, the hat. It’s definitely a great statement piece and comes with a HUD that has 15 different colours to choose from, so easy to mix and match it to any outfit. Not that I’m wearing much of an outfit!

The collar I picked up at March’s Collabor88 round by Fashionably Dead. I got the white tintable version, for obvious reasons, which meant I could match it perfectly with my hat! The bracelets are by Maxi Gossamer at Limited Bazar, I haven’t been back to check but Maxi usually sells out pretty quick at that event, I wouldn’t panic if you want some and there aren’t any left as they usually go on sale in the main store once the round is over.

That’s me for today!


Hat – Pimpin Hat – Drift NEW

Hair – Katie – Laviere

Collar with gold tips – Fashionably Dead @ C88

Bracelets – Ritzy Shimmer Pearls – Maxi Gossamer @ Limited Bazar NEW

Skin – Zara 02 – Glam Affair @ Skin Fair

Pose – oOo Studio

All Coming Back To Me Now

All Coming Back To Me Now

Is everyone sick of seeing these headpieces from Glam Affair all over Flickr and the feeds? Well I’m not and if you are I’m sorry, but they are just far tooooo pretty for me to pass up snapping a picture with! If you didn’t know (ha, joker I am) you can grab them at this month’s round of Collabor88!

Just like everyone else I get super excited when a new Maitreya release hits the grid, but when I first saw the ads for this latest my initial thought was ehhhhhh, do I really need more dresses and fancy clothes? I don’t usually even bother demoing Maitreya but I did this time and it turns out that apparently I need ALL THE FANCY CLOTHES!

Really, as soon as I put them on I knew I was gonna buy and 30 seconds later there was that familiar little jingle of coins topping up my L balance and a bunch of new stuff in my inventory.

All Coming Back To Me Now Full

In this picture I’m wearing the Mignon evening dress, which is a version of the Mignon dress that Maitreya released in the summer. There are a ton of colours to choose from, choosing was almost impossible for me actually and in the end I just decided that classic black was always a winner. The way the mesh and textures are created really are perfection and it seems as though the dress is hugging your curves in all the right places, but at the same time desperately close to melting away. Overall it’s a very understated but sexy little number.

I also couldn’t resist the new Shiki platforms! I really wasn’t going to buy them since they are kinda similar to the Suave wedges that came out a couple of months ago but then I noticed…that the HUD had 30 different platform textures you could choose from! So that pretty much made my mind up for me.

Finally for today, just in case you didn’t know (I’m so behind in announcing this stuff today but it’s always worth giving a reminder!) Elikatira are having a 70% off sale on her ENTIRE stock of hair. It runs until the 23rd of Feb and after that every single item she has now will be discontinued as she aims to reopen in a few months with lots of new! So make sure you go and grab the styles you like since this is your last chance.

Happy weekend all!


Hair – Sound – Elikatira

Dress – Mignon Evening – Maitreya NEW

Headpiece – Hanami Headpiece – Glam Affair @ C88

Shoes – Shiki – Maitreya NEW

Skin – Amberly – Glam Affair

Tattoo – Leg Tattoo Rosary – Letis Tattoo

Close Up Pose – oOo Studio
Full Length Pose – Del May


When I logged in today I had a few places to visit on my shopping spree and I absolutely fell in love with this dress from Bilo at Zodiac, the shading and textures are so realistic. So I decided to get my fancy on!

I paired it with the lace leggings from G Field that are part of their halloween sale, as well as their black strap shoes. The G Field sale is on for a few more days and because it’s for halloween all their black and orange items have 50% off! It’s fair to say that I won’t need to buy any black shoes for a while after my trip there.

Also new is this lush, wavy do from Truth and the flower hair accessory from PiDiddle at My Attic. So many great new releases the last few days it’s hard to keep up, so I better get back to shopping!




Hair – Rashida – Truth (Mesh!) NEW

Dress – Hiba – Bilo @ Zodiac (Mesh!) NEW

Leggings – Rose Lace Leggings – G Field

Shoes – Strap Shoes ‘Alex’ – G Field

Hair accessory – Ceramic Flower Headpiece – PiDiddle @ My Attic NEW

Bag – Continental Wallet – House of Fox

Necklace – Valentina Jewelled Cross – Maxi Gossamer (Mesh!) – I think I got this at Limited azaar a few weeks ago so might not be available any longer

Ring – Roho Ring – Maxi Gossamer (Mesh!)

Pose – oOo Studio

Location – The Looking Glass


Just a quick LOTD before bed time!

In real life I love leopard print. Some people think it’s gaudy and tacky but I think it’s FUN, in the same way I love to see hawaiian shirts on a guy. I blame my parents entirely for this. Granted I wouldn’t have the guts to walk outside in a pair of leopard print leggings, but I do like accessories, maybe a scarf or a bag, and shoes! Oh yes, I do have leopard print shoes. But in SL none of that matters and so I was over the moon when Tutti Fruitti released these leopard print, mesh, skinny jeans for My Attic! There are several different prints available but these were my faves.

I’m also wearing a new mesh style from Truth that I adore, coz it has a braid and we know I can’t get enough of those. I love that it’s kind of a mix of an updo as well, so you could dress it up or down, definitely one that I’ll be wearing a lot!

Anyway, this was just a quickie (it’s the leopard that brings that out in me) hope you like and don’t forget to check out My Attic and Truths latest releases.




Hair – Cheyenne – Truth by Truth Hawks (Mesh!) NEW

Tank – Intrinsic Tank – Jane by Janie Marlowe

Vest Jacket – Short Vest – Toki Doki by Maya Levane (Mesh!)

Pants – Mesh Skinny Jeans – Tutti Frutti by Bela Tolsen @ My Attic (Mesh!) NEW

Shoes – Ute Pumps – Baiastice by Sissy Pessoa (Mesh!)

Necklace – Izzie’s 50’s Pearl Necklace – Izzie’s by Izzie Button

Ring – The ‘Stache Ring – North West by Lili Brink (I think they closed?)

Skin – Ginny – Glam Affair by Aida Ewing @ C88

Pose – oOo Studio

Stroll Through Autumn

There were some great new releases over the last few days so I thought I’d put some of them together for my autumn look today.

This mesh sweater from The Secret Store is just about perfect. It comes in a couple of different plain colours or with a pattern as well. I decided to go for plain so that I could mix and match it easier and I think I’m gonna get a lot of wear out of this top this season. It’s an item that you can easily style different, bare legs and boots or leggings or jeans, so many different options. I decided to put it together with the G Field floral leggings/tights because I’ve been admiring them for a while.

I’ve also got on these new mesh boots from Glam Affair. Again this is an item that I’ll wear a lot and they can easily be dressed up or down and, they’re unisex! I can’t wait to see what styles some of the guys can come up with wearing these.

I’ve also got a few accessories on from The Arcade Gacha event and this only has a couple more weeks to run so make sure you get over there and grab them before it’s too late!

I took this picture at Izzie’s mainstore which is all done up for autumn and perfect if you want to capture a shot filled with those warm orange and yellow hues.

Hope you all have a good weekend, I’ll see you on (C88) Monday!




Hair – Away – Elikatira

Sweater – Oversized Sweater – The Secret Store (Mesh!)

Pants – Print Tights – G Field

Boots – Studded Boots Black – Glam Affair (Mesh!)

Scarf – Equi Scarf Ombre Navy – Decoy (Mesh!)

Collar – Decor Collar – PiDiddle @ The Arcade Gacha

Bag – Old Shoulder Bag – Pesca @ The Arcade Gacha

Ring – Mothers Big Pearl Ring – LaGyo @ C88

Earrings – Spots and Wire Earrings – LaGyo @ The Arcade Gacha

Hands – Korundi Mesh Hands

Pose – oOo Studio

Location: Izzie’s Mainstore