Maternity SLipster Style

A month or so ago I had been on the verge of packing away the majority of my non mesh clothing items, but I’m so glad I didn’t because recycling has become my thing since we started playing pregnant. So I’m not showing any new releases here, but rather an outfit that is suitable to wear if you’re carrying a bump around like I am.

I’ve decided that any posts I make while I’ve got the bump will be outfits that can be worn with or without it (unless someone brings out a fantabulous maternity mesh line in the next couple of weeks), because not only can I not wear most mesh items but I can’t even really wear anything that has prim parts around the stomach either, so it’s not easy to look up to date with this shape.

However! My recycling is working and even though it takes me three times as long to put an outfit together (unless I’m wearing those freebie Jane tanks haha) I think today I managed to pull it off. So this is me in an old Tres Blah dress, it does have a prim attachment but this sits nicely just above the bump with a tiny bit of editing. I know from this picture at the top you can’t even notice the bump, so here’s another view just to prove I’ve got a fat belly!

Well that’s me for today, I won’t bore you all with my maternity woes every time I post don’t worry, but since I noticed that pretty much no one else does any maternity related posts I thought it would be a nice change now and then…but believe me, I’m counting the days to the due date because I can’t wait to get my hands on some new mesh!




Hair – Pearl – Lamb (Mesh!)

Dress – Ciao Baby Dress – Tres Blah

Shoes – Pow Pumps – Lelutka

Necklace – Floral Keepsake Necklace – Yummy

Pearls – Vintage Jewellery Set – League

Bangles – Boho Bangles – Maxi Gossamer (I edited these though because the original had a lot more bangles on it)

Eyeliner – Mai Line v4 – BOOM

Tattoo – I believe in magic tattoo – Penchant

Top Pose – Marukin

Bottom Pose – Penchant (only on the marketplace)

Location – Templemore City


Baby Bump and Mesh!

Since I posted last week with the baby bump and being unable to wear mesh, I kind of made it my mission to find some that I could wear. I know there are a few maternity mesh outfits on the marketplace but I wanted something that I could wear when I’m without the belly too.

So I was making an attempt to organise my inventory the other day and….woah, what’s this! It’s the ISON Draped Crop Tee that I picked up at Culture Shock and completely forgot all about! (that’s not uncommon for me, sadly). So I threw it on all excited and yay, it fit! The tee hangs perfectly over my bump and this is definitely something that I’d wear normally anyway.

Obviously I have to wear a tank under it because when you stretch your stomach on the avie mesh like that…the stomach muscles that were so nicely shaded by the skin creators? Yea, doesn’t look so good when you’re hefting a size 46 belly around. So again, Jane’s freebie tanks came to the rescue, although I’ve told myself I really, really must find something else to wear instead of them, because seriously, it’s been every day for about 2 weeks.

I haven’t mentioned this hair before either, even though it was released last week I think, but it’s one of Elikatira’s latest and I love it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Elikatira is possibly my favourite mesh hair right now. I love the colour tones she provides, the rigging on the mesh is great and of course the styles are always fresh and yummy. Oh! And I love the Essentials pack she does! Two of each colour, blondes, browns, reds one black and one white. I used to always buy brunette hairs because continuity was important in the role play I did, but now that I’m no longer active there I can switch it up and while I tend to still go for brunette shades the majority of the time, the Essentials pack gives me a chance to pick and choose what colour I want to have that day for a fraction of the cost of a full colour set. The mixed Essentials pack is only 280Ls whereas individual colour packs are 250Ls. That was a smart move because now I’m gonna spend that little bit extra every time, instead of just getting my regular brown and sticking with it. Win win for everyone!

So this post turned out longer than I expected, especially for a Monday. Enjoy your week!




Hair – Never – Elikatira (Mesh!)

Shirt – Draped Crop Tee – ISON (Mesh!)

Tank – Intrinsic Tank – Jane (freebie!)

Jeans – Juju Jeans – Tres Blah

Necklace – Featherweight Necklace – Yummy @ C88

Bracelet – Wanderer Jewellery Set – League

Sandals – Thong Sandal – COCO

Tattoo – I Believe in Magic Tattoo – Penchant (only on the marketplace)

Pose on left – Glitterati

Pose on right – Baby Bump 01 – Penchant  (only on the marketplace)


This is not a fashion post but just a picture I took, since this is how I currently look in SL. Yep, I have an inventory stuffed with beautiful mesh clothes and I can’t wear any of them thanks to this little bump!

I’m not really complaining of course…well I kind of am because I would really, really like to be able to wear mesh again, other than for taking blog pictures…but I am getting kind of attached to the bump, which is a good thing I suppose because it’s gonna be around for a few more weeks yet, and growing bigger every day. Of course, it’s all the man’s fault.

So yea, free tanks from Jane are rocking my fat, pregnant, virtual world right now!




Hair – Abbey – Elikatira

Tank – Intrinsic Tank – Jane (Freebie!)

Shorts – Ginger – Mon Tissu

Bra – Adelaide Bra – Whippet & Buck @ C88

Necklace – Vintage Jewellery Set – League

Pose – Expecting – Penchant (currently only available here on the marketplace)

Location: The Pea