Lately I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep.

Lately I've been, I've been losing sleep

I love this Tori dress from Baiastice, the silky texture and the lace, is it a dress, is it lingerie? Well I decided to dress it down by throwing on an over sized cardigan and boots.

The cardigan you can find from Eaters Coma at The Season’s Story, there are 4 colours available and each come with a cropped, turtle neck sweater beneath, that is colour changeable via a HUD. It’s a pretty good deal! I bought 2 colours and honestly, I might go back for the other 2 coz over sized cardi’s are one of my most favourite things and I know I’ll wear them to death. Not only that but it’s another of those cool, hands in pockets dealios. Great for pics!

I’m wearing the Punisher boots from Candydoll, which you can also find at The Season’s Story, in 3 exclusive colours/textures. I added the Lucy socks from JD too, these actually came from the Lucy shoes but you can wear them with almost every type of boot too, since they have an alpha selector on the HUD.

Finally from The Season’s Story is this messy hair style from Moon. It’s my new favourite. Not taking it off.




Hair – Square One – Moon @ The Season’s Story RECENT

Skin – Penny Asia – Glam Affair @ The Season’s Story RECENT

Dress – Tori – Baiastice @ TLC NEW

Socks – Lucy Socks (from Lucy shoes) – JD

Boots – Punisher Boots – Candydoll @ The Season’s Story RECENT

Necklace – Pearl Rain – Mandala

Pose – Le Poppycock


Welcome Sign – MudHoney @ TLC

Stable prop with barn cat – HHVET

Pumpkins – Kalopsia

Sink – +ILO+

Milk Bottles – Marmelade (not currently available)

Bucket of autumn apples – Post

Crates – 7 Emporium



Ok yea, I know it’s only Tuesday but a girl can dream can’t she? After I got so dressed up in not a lot yesterday I wanted to do a more casual look today, which was perfect because Drift just released the weekend tee and capris! I love oversized t shirts and this one with the slipped shoulder reminds me why we’re so much better off with mesh. I remember trying to wear a shirt like that before mesh, system top and prim parts…it just wasn’t happening!

I added the new Minimalist Glasses from Boom that you can find at C88. They’re unisex and come in several different colours. I don’t usually wear glasses but I love these ones and thought they worked with this outfit.

Finally, the little bag on the table is a freebie that you can get on the lucky board at Le Poppycock, I’ve been meaning to use it in a post for a while but hadn’t gotten round to it till today. Anyway it’s cute and modifiable so you can make it bigger or smaller as you like it. Love a freebie!




Hair – Chynna – Truth

Top – Weekend Tee – Drift NEW

Pants – Weekenders – Drift NEW

Glasses – Minimalist Glasses – Boom @ C88 NEW

Skin – Margot Clean – Glam Affair @ C88 NEW

Necklace – Alice Necklace – LaGyo

Ring – Coal Ring – Anthem

Bag – London Tote – Le Poppycock (lucky board freebie!)

Skybox and kitchen counter – The Seattle Loft – Scarlet Creative

Stool, picture and fruit bowl – Arizona Kitchen – Bazar (available as part of a set or seperately)

Sideboard – Fairlawn Sideboard – Post

Sunflowers in Jug – Lisp

Magazines – Apple Fall

Home & Garden Expo – Inspiration Book

So in a recent post I mentioned that I had gone along to the Home & Garden Expo that is being held this week and was completely overwhelmed by the variety of amazing products. I have a tendancy to get distracted easily and buy things randomly without thinking about what will go together and then they end up lost in the depths of my inventory never to be seen again. Please tell me I’m not the only one!

Anyway, I braved it and went back again and this time I dragged the man along with me, he was enthusiastic at first because at least it wasn’t clothes shopping…until he realised the size of it and he gave a two word response, the first one began with F and the second word was “that!”  but somehow I persuaded him. One of the first spots we visited was Windowshopping by Neva Crystall. I had seen this on my previous visit and loved it. Windowshopping is Neva’s collaboration with a new project called Inspiration Book which is founded by Pitsch Parx and already has several talented, creators, builders and bloggers on their team.

Obviously I subscribed to Inspiration Book immediately because this is perfect for someone like me who has eclectic tastes and can be easily distrac……….ohhhh…….pretty shiny…, haha, I know you know what I mean! But it seems as though this is the kind of thing that would give me inspiration and help me focus on creating a certain style, which I’m pretty sure is exactly what it’s meant to do.

Well it clearly works because after seeing the Windowshopping stall the man decided we needed a new house and we grabbed the notecard of Neva’s shopping list that was available and much shopping ensued, the majority of which was at Bazar. Later on I went to bed with an empty lot and woke up to this. I cannot take a single drop of credit for anything in these pictures, it all comes down to the inspiration from Neva’s stall, the brilliant creators and the man’s, previously hidden, decorating skills! I was pretty amazed when I logged on to see it all and I have to give him a ❤ for that.

I am going to list everything in the pictures in a minute (and try not to miss anything) , but I just want to mention the house first. It’s the Torino by Maven Homes which has been modified somewhat. A couple of walls were removed from inside, a step placed where the kitchen is, the texture on the walls in the living area were changed as well as the floors throughout the entire house. This is the great thing about modifiable prefabs, you can customise them to your liking. Admittedly I suck at it but the man is good, which is lucky for me and the bump, because we have plans to extend it once the little one arrives.

Also briefly, I believe that the items seen here from Bazar are not all available seperately but rather come in sets. Everything you see here from Bazar is available in these sets, Memories Kitchen, Memories Dining Room and Roya Living Room. The sets include all the decor and details, for great prices.

If you haven’t seen Windowshopping or grabbed Neva’s shopping list at the Home & Garden Expo yet I definitely recommend it, and while you’re there don’t forget to hit that subscribo for Inspiration Book!




House – Torino – Maven Homes (has been modified)

Living Area (from left to right, kinda)

Bookshelf – Roya Bookshelf – Bazar

Magazines – Magazine Decor – Bazar

Pillow – Pillow Decor – Bazar

Fur Rug – Roya Fluffy Carpet

Large Lamp – Roya Living Floor Lamp – Bazar

Curtains – Living Room Curtains – Bazar

Couch & Pouffes/Ottomans – Adagio Velvet – Abiss Interior (great animations!)

Table Fireplace – The Draper Fireplace – Deco @ The Mens Dept

Coffee Table – Roya Coffee Table – Bazar

Vase – Vase – Bazar

Sky Pictures – Tableau01 – NODe+ (these are animated so that the clouds move, love them!)

Wall Decal – Letters Decor – Bazar

Dining Table, chairs and accessories – Memories – Bazar (texture change!)

Lamp – Floor lamp – Bazar

Two Rugs – Roya carpet – Bazar

Kitchen – Memories – Bazar (texture change!)

Leaning picture – Dagens Nyheter – Post

Random dogs that kept running in the picture and weren’t meant to be there – Biobreeds Beagle and Pitbull

Bedroom (left to right)

Couch – Roya Sofa – Bazaar

Picture – Soho Picture – NotSoBad

Fur Rug – Roya Fluffy Carpet – Bazar

Large Lamp – Roya Living Floor Lamp – Bazar

Smaller Lamp – Tall Designer Lamp – Abiss Interior

Candle – White Candle – Abiss Interior

Wall Lights – Wall Lights – Bazar

Photo Frame – Lesha Frame VIII – North West

Side Table – Allegro Night Stand – Abiss Interior (texture change!)

Bed – Allegro Bed – Abiss Interior (texture change!)