Lots of New

Guess what I did today? Shopping! Just to add a little bit more clutter to that ever growing inventory. I’ve been getting lots of tips though so thanks for those, I’ll get round to doing something soon I’m sure!

This is a new release hair from Lamb at Hair Fari, which you can find located on the Flower sim, and here’s the SLURL. As you’ve probably noticed from my posts, I don’t usually change my hair colour, instead just wearing different shades of brown and I think that comes down to the continuity I kept for my role play character over all those years in SL. However! When I buy Lamb hair, I usually go for the ombre shades as it makes a nice change, but when I was trying this hair demo on and I accidently clicked the Milk colour demo, I decided that I actually really liked it. I umm’d and ahh’d over it the last couple of days because I wasn’t sure if I’d ever wear it, but when I started putting this outfit together this morning, I knew it’d be perfect.

I love this new mesh tank from Toki Doki. It’s out for the new round of Stumblebum and comes in a huge range of colours.  It really is versatile and you could wear it with pretty much anything. I didn’t want to go down the jeans and tank route today but with the textures and detail on the back (which you can’t see here but go try the demo coz it’s cute) it’s so easy to glam up as well.

Also, check out my sunglasses! You can pick these up from Amarelo Manga at the One Voice event which is still on for a few more days.

Enjoy your Monday everyone!




Hair – In Heaven – Lamb @ Hair Fair NEW

Top – Mari Top – Toki Doki for Stumblebum NEW

Pants – Half sequinned black leggings – Anthem

Glasses – Amarelo Manga @ One Voice NEW

Necklace – Dip Dye Necklace – Glow Studio

Bracelet – Stone Encrusted Cuff – Leverocci

Skin – Lily – Belleza

Pose – Del May



One Voice Love

I’ve never owned a Curio skin. But before the Curio brand, Gala sold skins just as “Gala”. I checked my inventory today and I have 13 of those Gala skins from back in early ’07, including TWO demos! That really made me laugh, don’t ask me why I have skins and DEMOS from ’07, I honestly couldn’t tell you. I’m clearly much more like this woman than I realised. Especially as I didn’t even delete them after I found them!

Despite the fact that I’ve never owned a Curio skin, I’m still actively supporting this event and while it’s great that so many designers have contributed items with the profits going toward Gala’s legal fees, that is just a bonus. The important part of this whole thing is that so many people have stood up, and worked together and created something that is not only going to help Gala but the community as a whole.

I was talking about the fundraiser to a friend this morning, she said “it’s reminded me why I play Second Life” and she’s right.

I should let you know as well that the One Voice event has been extended to run until the 22nd of July. So don’t worry if you haven’t managed to get access yet, thanks to the generosity of Eku Zhong (who donated the use of the sim as the venue) you now have extra time to get over there and show some love for Curio!




Hair – Call Me Maybe – Exile

T shirt – Team Curio Tee – Fawn @ One Voice Gala Fundraiser (100% of this items sales go to Gala!)

Pants – Silk Dupioni Beachcombers – The Sea Hole @ One Voice Gala Fundraiser (100% of this items sales go to Gala!)

Skin – Elena – LAQ @ One Voice Gala Fundraiser (100% of this items sales go to Gala!)

Pose – Adorkable

Essences @ One Voice

The One Voice event is now open! You can pick up this super pretty Moana skin from Essences at the event and 50% of the sales will go to Gala!

Here’s the SLURL, so get over there and get spending!

You can also find direct donation jars for Gala dotted around the event sim, or at some of the participating creator’s main stores.




Skin – Moana – Essences @ One Voice Gala Fundraiser (50% of this items sales go to Gala!)

Hair – Tomoko2 – D!va @ C88

One Voice

At midnight tonight the doors of the One Voice fundraiser for Gala Phoenix will open. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, (haha, as IF you don’t know!) One Voice is a group run by Vivienne Graves to help support the rights of legitimate content creators who are holding this event to help raise funds for Gala Phoenix (owner of Curio skins) who is in the midst of a legal battle over her creation’s copyrights.

There are several blogs around detailing more specific information about Gala’s case, I gave a couple of links in my last post for this event, but here’s another post by Salome Strangelove, which is very detailed and has the latest updates.

In case you’re thinking that this entire palava doesn’t really matter, or you’re not especially bothered because you didn’t wear Curio skins anyway…well just remember that what is happening to Curio, could happen to anyone. Tomorrow morning your favourite store could be gone from the grid. It really is that serious. It’s been so great to watch the community stand up together and make our voices heard, so make sure you get on over to that event and spend some Ls!

This is the SLURL to the event that will run from midnight tonight until the 16th of July.





Hair – Ella – Vanity Hair @ One Voice Gala Fundraiser (100% of this items sales goes to Gala!)

Skin – Roza – Glam Affair @ One Voice Gala Fundraiser (100% of this items sales goes to Gala!)

Necklace – Strand Necklace in Gala Purple – HANDverk @ One Voice Gala Fundraiser (50% of this items sales goes to Gala!)