Blue Hues

I’m coming to the end of the goodies that I picked up at C88 and Culture Shock now (I think) and when I started putting this outfit together today I realised that I’ve been buying a lot of blue and white lately, which I’ve decided must be because I’m enjoying a lot of blue summer skies right now.

So this is the Poetic Romper from Hucci, available at C88 and also the League Daydream necklace. I know both of these have been blogged to death over the last couple of weeks, but they’re pretty and were sitting in my “to blog” folder since I bought them. So here they are again. The clutch bag is a previous release from House of Fox at TDR Blue and fits perfectly with my blue hues for this outfit.

I do have something new to show you though! And that’s the new Nikki sandals from Redgrave. They’re 100% mesh and are available at a fantastic price. You can pick a 3 colour set for 390Ls or a multi colour set for 890Ls, which I think is a great buy for mesh shoes. I will say that I had a bit of an issue trying to match my skin tone with the HUD, but that could’ve just been me because I was fussing with windlight a lot as well. In the end I kind of gave up and did have to do a bit of work on the picture to try and match it better, I still don’t think it’s perfect but there you go, I wasn’t in the mood to spend hours on that! But the shoes themselves are very well made and, in my opinion, a bargain price.

Also still loving the Alessandra hair from Truth, I haven’t taken it off for a few days as you can see!

Here’s to the weekend and some more of those blue summer skies!




Hair – Alessandra – Truth

Necklace – Daydream Necklace – League @ C88

Romper – Poetic Romper – Hucci @ C88 (Mesh!)

Shoes – Nikki – Redgrave (Mesh!)

Bag – Onyx Clutch – House of Fox (previous TDR Blue release) (Mesh!)

Sunglasses – Karina Glasses – Yummy (previous C88 release) (Mesh!)

Pose – From Bitch Set – Glitterati @ Culture Shock


Little Miss

Today I’m bringing a mixture of the goodies I picked up from this months C88 and Culture Shock 2012. I think I might be done with both those events in  a week or so…maybe.

I love this cute mesh skirt from U.F.O at C88 this month. It comes in a range of soft colours and I picked up a few of them. The textures are complete prettiness and the fit was good, even though it’s not in standard sizing, there are 7 different sizes instead. The ballet style shoes were also by U.F.O at C88 and I love pair of  flats so those were an easy buy for me.

The mesh scarf I’m wearing is from Mon Tissu at Culture Shock. Again it comes in a wide range of colours and is a perfect accessory. It’s a little awkward to wear with some mesh tops but goes perfectly with the frilled tank (recent Mon Tissu release) that I’m wearing here and you could always revert to a regular layer top with it anyway.

Finally I’m wearing the fab new Kirby mesh hair from Truth, which I think has a bit of a retro look to it that I just love.

Hope you all have a good week and if you haven’t been to C88 or Culture Shock yet, as you can see from my last few posts it’s definitely worth a trip!




Hair – Kirby – Truth (Mesh!)

Scarf – Skinny Scarf – Mon Tissu @ Culture Shock (Mesh!)

Top – Ruffled Shell – Mon Tissu (Mesh!)

Skirt – Cocoon Bells – U.FO. @ C88 (Mesh!)

Shoes – Day Dream Ballet Shoes – U.F.O @ C88

Bangles – Parisian Accessory Set – The Sea Hole (previous C88 release)

Pose – Flight – Marukin @ C88

Swing Your Pants

Trev and Simon say “swing your pants!” Well I guess you won’t get that unless you’re from the UK but it made me laugh anyway. I absolutely love these pants from Tutti Frutti (available at Culture Shock…I told you I had too much stuff from there!) they just scream fun to me. You can easily dress them up or down, but I have a tendency to dress things down because I just love to be casual, and they come in a vast array of prints and colours.

The mesh tank is also available at Culture Shock by e! (Eclectic Apparel) and is a definite must have with it’s sexy cleavage, who doesn’t love a tank top.

I’ll just mention the background briefly here, because it’s a fab new mesh house from Scarlet Creative and only 47 prims!!!! It’s our 5th house in 7 weeks! Now anyone who knows me knows that I lived a very sheltered SL up until a few months ago, where all I did was role play for pretty much 5 years and it’s only been within these last 4 months or so that I’ve started to venture out into “mainstream” SL. But 5 houses in 7 weeks? I’m pretty sure that’s not normal. I blame the man. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to feature this house in a couple more posts, because it’s really a fantastic build, so long as he doesn’t make me switch again!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!




Hair – Enisa – Truth

Top – Alice Tank Top – e! Eclectic Apparel (Mesh!)

Pants – Dig in Mesh Pants – TuttiFrutti (Mesh!)

Necklace and bracelet – Dip Dye Necklace and Bracelet – Glow Studio

House – For Absencen – Scarlet Creative

Pose – Del May

Shades of Summer from Culture Shock

Back to Culture Shock! Even after my mammoth shop there a couple of days ago, I’ve found myself back every day since picking up other bits that I might have not noticed before. I think I was incredibly disorganised the other day and just bought without even thinking about what would go together, and now I’m paying the price! Not that going back is any great hardship of course…except to my L balance.

This top I’m wearing is from Tutti Frutti, by Bela Tolsen, which is a new store to me. I’ve seen similar styles like this top on the grid recently but none that fit me quite as well as this one did, so I was thrilled about that.The necklace is from Je Suis and is also available at Culture Shock. I love the fact that it’s colour change for both the stone and chain, so you can mix and match it with just about any outfit.

The pose is another of my latest splurges purchases. It’s from the Glitterati “Bitch” set that is available exclusively at Culture Shock right now.

G Field are also giving away a pair of their Alex Strap Shoes in patent yellow for free at the event which go nicely with this outfit…unfortunately you can’t see them here, but definitely worth picking a pair up.

Maybe tomorrow will be the first day that I haven’t gone back to Culture Shock this week, but I can’t promise anything!




Hair – Kumi Mesh Hair – Wasabi Pills

Top – Zoe Mesh Top – Tutti Frutti @ Culture Shock

Pants – Mesh Leggings – Maitreya

Necklace – Voyante Plain Necklace – Je Suis @ Culture Shock

Pose – Bitch Set – Gliterrati @ Culture Shock

Location: Tableau

Shopping Overload – Culture Shock and C88

Well wow. I feel exhausted after my not-so-little shopping excursion this morning! I think I loaded up my inventory with enough items to blog about for the next month!

I’m sure you’re all aware that Culture Shock opened this weekend. It’s a charity event raising money for Médecins Sans Frontières and this is their second year. For more information and SLurls you can visit the Chic Management site, who are the hosts of the event. Since the location was jam packed on the weekend, it was a bit of a lag festival for me to try and get round, I thought I’d put it off until today…completely forgetting of course that today was the opening of May’s C88. So first thing this morning it was a quick dash to C88 and then off for a couple of hours at Culture Shock.

I have to say I am completely impressed with Culture Shock. It’s a nice, simple layout, not too crowded and really easy to keep track of what you have and haven’t already seen. Plenty of well known and unheard of designers with a lot of promise, lots of fabulous mesh and some lovely free gifts.

C88 was also outstanding this month, but then it usually is and I love the daydream theme they have! I’m not even kidding when I say that I picked up enough items from these two places to blog about for a month, so over the next couple of weeks at least, expect to see bits and pieces popping up!

As for this picture…well frankly I was just so worn out from shopping and demoing that it was a case of anything goes!

Adorable mesh frill shorts from G Field at Culture Shock, amazing mesh hair from Clawtooth at C88 and the bracelet I’m wearing is part of a set from Donna Flora and is in the 70% off sale she is having on some items which will soon be retired, so go get them while you can!

If you haven’t already, go check these places out and make sure you bring your purse, coz you’re gonna need it!




Hair – Kinda Shy – Clawtooth @ C88 (Mesh!)

Top – Daydream Blouse – The Sea Hole @ C88

Shorts – Mesh Frilled Shorts – G Field @ Culture Shock (Mesh!)

Boots – Daydream Boots – The Sea Hole @ C88

Bracelet – Flora Crystals Set – Donna Flora (Soon to be retired!)

Pose – Daydreamer Pack (Daydream 1) – Adorkable Poses @ C88