Just Design for 21shoe

I blogged these ankle boots a few weeks ago, but mostly today I’m just showing you the cool new texture they’re going to be available in for one day only, and talk a lil about 21Shoe.

21Shoe is an event that started in January, and will be held every month on the 21st. There are several amazing brands participating and on the 21st each month, they will put out 2 pairs of shoes, for the price of one, in their main store. I’m obviously blogging this a few days early, since it’s a one day event I didn’t want you guys to miss out coz not only are the stores offering 2 for the price of 1, but all the shoes (whether it’s styles or textures) are exclusive.

I’ve seen a few discussions on Plurk and other blogs about the meaning of exclusivity in regards to Second Life products, since it rarely means what you’d think it means. Normally if an item is exclusive to an event it only means for the duration of the event and later will be available in main stores. But in the case of 21Shoe, these items are exclusive in the sense that they will never be available to purchase again. This is a one day, one chance sale. Exciting, no?

Anyway, these boots will be available from Just Design on the 21st, in this cool vintage UK flag texture as well as a USA flag version too. Check out the 21Shoe Flickr group to see other designs that will be available from brands like SLink, Hucci and N Core and make sure you mark the 21st on your calender!



Coral Boots Vintage UK – Just Design COMING SOON 21ST FEB – EXCLUSIVE ONE DAY ONLY


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