Give Me Your Loss And Your Sorrow (and Berry’s Halloween Meme)

Give Me Your Loss And Your Sorrow

Happy Monday! We’re almost at Halloween and it shows on the grid with lots of great, dark releases. So I decided to show you one of the new Vera skins from Glam Affair that you can find at Horrorfest. I added the D!va Anna hair that you can still pick up at C88 for a couple more days, as well as this amazing headpiece from Swallow that’s new out at TDR Fusion. I even donned a pair of elf ears (ok technically they’re fairy ears I guess, since that’s the name) and realised that this was the first time I’ve ever worn some in my entire 7 years in SL!

I knew the perfect place I wanted to take this picture too, and went back to Hunter Valley, an RP sim I took a few pictures at last week. It’s currently open to the public although you still need to wear an observer tag. It has this awesome creepy little village area, complete with fog and mist, it’s really great for your Halloween pics! You might think I did a lot of editing to this pic, making it black and white and then saturating the red, but I didn’t. The skin is in GA’s petal tone which is a really pale grey/white shade, so I just used a dark grey windlight with it and voila!

Anyway, since this is kind of a dark picture I decided I’d add Berry’s Halloween Meme as well.

1. Did you go trick or treating as a kid?
Yep I did, although not to random strangers houses. Just a couple of neighbours and then my parents would drive my sister and I round to some family members houses.

2. What was the best Halloween costume you ever saw or wore yourself?
You know, I was really trying to think about when I ever dressed up or went to a Halloween party beyond the age of about 12…and I honestly can’t remember a time at all. So probably the best outfit I ever had was one year as a kid when my mum decided I was gonna be “Mouldilocks” – a Halloween version of Goldilocks. So off I went in lots of black and red, green streaks in my curly blonde hair and complete with a bowl of green porridge.

3. What is your most vivid memory of Halloween?
It was a party my parents had for me and my little sister, I must’ve been about 6 and all the neighbourhood kids were invited. We had indoor fireworks and one little boy completely freaked out because he thought the house would burn down. Then later my aunt and her friends showed up dressed as Zippy, Bungle and George from Rainbow – I was convinced they were the real thing and went to school the next day telling everyone they’d been at my house.

4. What is the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?
I’ve only seen a handful of scary films as an adult because they’re just not really my thing. There were 3 films that traumatized me as a kid though, and this is probably why I don’t like scary movies. ET (the bit where he’s running through the forest screaming, scared the daylights out of me!!), Jaws and Jurassic Park (seriously sat crying in the cinema begging my dad to take me home and we’d watch the rest when it came out on video, he made me stay!)

5. Do you ever get nightmares after watching scary movies?
Yes, but I haven’t seen many like I said.

6. Are you superstitious? If so name at least one superstition of yours.
I don’t really think I am, but I’m a little bit paranoid about the numbers 13 and 666. I won’t even use brushes those sizes, or change anything to 13% in PS lol.

7. What will you be doing for Halloween if anything in SL or RL?
No plans in RL since it’s not really celebrated where I live now. In SL I don’t have anything planned either but I might dress up and do some club hopping.

So that’s me done for this Monday, hope you all enjoy your week!


Hair – Ana – D!va @ C88 (October round)

Skin – Vera Horror Edition 11 – Glam Affair @ Horror Fest NEW

Headpiece – Flower Power – Swallow @ TDR Fusion NEW

Ears – Fairy Ears – Illusions

Eyes – Shattered – Dead Apples

Pose – Slouch

Location – Hunter Valley


5 thoughts on “Give Me Your Loss And Your Sorrow (and Berry’s Halloween Meme)

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  2. Thank you for using the Hunter Valley once again for your photo and you’re most welcome to come to the Valley anytime as seeing the Valley through your eyes makes it feel magical.

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