Hi everyone! This is a super quick edit today for 2 reasons. 1. Rolling restarts were the bane of my SLife today and it took me forever to finally be able to take this pic, and 2! It’s my 7th rez day so I’m planning to go spend some time with my friends!

Basically I’m just showing a couple of new things from Glam Affair and Tableau Vivant today. The hair is TVs new item out for the Body Modification event, it has a ton of different options with both the ponytails being individual add ons, and you get a pretty cool version with the hair wrapped around your face instead of the horns too. You can also choose whether or not to wear the hair on the scalp if you just wanted to add the horns to another style.

I’m wearing Glam Affair’s Shanna skin which was out last month for C88, but the make up is new! Aida has really pushed the boat out with 50 million different eyeshadow and lipstick layers which will be released for the Cosmetic Fair, which opened today! Ok 50 million is an exaggeration, but there’s a total of 22 eyeshadows and 37 lipsticks that will be released and that’s pretty impressive! All of them are on seperate layers which is great because you can mix and match but also means that I need more tattoo layers! The lipstick will come up bigger than your normal lips, since they have to be to make sure they covered them, so don’t freak out if at first when you wear them you look like you’ve had a little botox, just tweak your shape and make them thinner. Not all the make ups are as dramatic as this one either, there are plenty of gorgeous every day eyeshadows and lippies for you to try out.


P.S. I posted some pictures for pile ups on Flickr earlier today, I’ve never had one but since it’s my rez day I figured I’d do it, if you’re interested in playing with my pixels click here to download the pic!


Hair – Dreamscape – Tableau Vivant @ The Body Modification Expo NEW

Skin – Shanna Europa Clean – Glam Affair

Eyeshadow – Prezioso Eyes Makeup 04 – Glam Affair @ The Cosmetic Fair NEW

Lipstick – Prezioso Lipstick 09 – Glam Affair @ The Cosmetic Fair NEW

Tattoo – Mission – White Widow

Eyes – Shattered Silver – Dead Apples


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