The Best Kind Of Ship

The Best Kind of Ship

My friend Harper and I had been talking for a while about taking another pic together soon, so when I saw that Berry’s weekly meme had an option to blog about your best friend in SL I decided now was the time. I’m not sure this picture was quite what we had in mind but since it’s Halloween month, it happened.

Dark pictures are always hard for me, I see people on Flickr who are amazing at producing them time and again but I struggle and it’s really hard for me not to just turn the brightness up, because the lighting for them is so important, and it’s hard not to get things looking patchy or too grey. This is probably the best one I think I’ve done so far, but I’m still not totally happy with it so I guess I’ll keep practicing!

Anyway, please allow me to bore you a little while I sing the praises of my best friend before I get to the credits.

We met almost 2 years ago now through a mutual friend, and although we occasionally hung out in groups or ran into each other in stores it took about 4 months before we even added each other on our friends lists. I know Harper thought I was a total bitch, because she’s the type of person who is friendly and chatty with just about everyone, whereas it’s harder for me to make friends as I’m typically shy and awkward. Even though she thought I hated her (I didn’t, that was just my awkwardness) she never failed to be nice and say hi. We talked a little more every time and eventually after a few months and when we finally added each other, our chats became longer and more frequent up until the point where now we talk for hours every day, either in world or on Skype. Even when I’m not around on weekends we’re constantly sending private plurks back and forth, keeping each other up to date on things.

Like most best friends Harper’s been there for me through a lot, she was a total rock and shoulder for me to cry on when I felt like things were falling apart last year, I honestly don’t know what I’d have done if she hadn’t taken me out to adult sims to hang out until we end up crying with laughter on Skype. She supports me however bad my decisions may be but is always there to give great advice before I go through with them. On top of all that she is one of the funniest, most loyal, kindest people I know and always puts others before herself (even if I tell her not to!). Anyone would be lucky to have her in their life and I count myself to be extremely so. An ocean may separate us but I know that even if one of us were to leave SL our friendship wouldn’t even falter.

And that’s that! Our credits are basically the same except that Harper’s wearing a different make up on the skin but I’ll add a link to her post once she’s finished her version of the pic so you can take a look see!


ETA: See Harper’s pic and post here!

Hair – Boys & Girls 46 – Dura

Skin – Neva Arctic 03 – Glam Affair @ C88 NEW

Collar – Tri Band Collar – JD (out for TDR Fusion on 11th Oct) NEW


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