Frost Yourself

Frost Yourself

10pointsifyoucannamethefilmItooktheposttitlefrom. Ahem, anyway. Hi!

I have a few new things to show you today, first of all this cute, cute short do from Tableau Vivant that you can find at FaMESHed. It’s non rigged mesh so can be adjusted in size and is available with or without bangs, I’m wearing the bangs version here since I liked the extra little wisps that frame my face. The skin I’m wearing is a version of Glam Affairs Lucy that you can find at TDR Fusion for the bargain price of 70Ls! I changed my shape quite a lot to make her more doll lock because I thought that the make up just called for it, so my lips are extra pouty and my nose is much smaller. There are 3 make up options available and it’s a great fun skin that you can buy cheap and dress up in.

The dress I’m wearing is new from Living Imagination at Fashion Week. The bodice part is mesh but the skirt (which is HUGE btw) is flexi. I don’t usually like or wear a lot of flexi these days, but this one is great for pictures, it has a couple of layers, the top layer is actually more sheer and has some sparkle to the texture but I think I didn’t use a great windlight when I took the pic because you couldn’t notice it much, so I decided to add my own and also add the lace bits to make the pic a little more dramatic.

Finally the necklace I’m wearing is a great mesh design from a new store called Amnesia and is available in lots of versions with different coloured gemstones. There are a few other new styles they’ve just released too and it’s well worth checking out.

Hope everyone is having a great week, I know I am!



Hair – Oh Hair (bangs) – Tableau Vivant @ FaMESHed NEW

Skin – Lucy Snow 03 – Glam Affair @ TDR Fusion NEW

Dress – Diamond Rose – Living Imagination @ Avenue Fashion Week NEW

Necklace – Asiac – Amnesia NEW

Pose – Slouch


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