Alice (and a low budget makeover)

Alice (and a low budget makeover)

I love this Alice skin from The Skinnery for Arcade, but because it wasn’t my regular skin tone and I suck at trying to make Coral look any different to what she usually does, I sent it on over to a noob alt and had a little fun giving her a low budget update. That’s one of the things I love about Arcade stuff, being able to transfer it to alts, kind of miss the days when I could do that just to keep my inventory low!

Anyway, after I sent her the skin and one of Teefy’s nightdresses I took a trip to TDR Fusion and grabbed the new LOQ hair and earrings from LaGyo to complete the look, both only 70Ls each. The most expensive thing I’m wearing were the eyes from Ikon which are 150Ls, but still this whole look (including the dress which you can’t see) came to only 465Ls!

I have a lot of fun doing low budget makeovers and it’s not that hard what with all the great discount events we’re treated to, I think I might do more in the future, maybe.



Hair – Donut – Loq @ TDR Fusion NEW

Skin – Alice 06 Toffee – The Skinnery @ Arcade NEW

Earrings – Elsa Earrings – LaGyo @ TDR Fusion NEW

Eyes – Vanity Chocolate – Ikon


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