Every Little Breeze

Every Little Breeze

Happy Sunday people!

I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend, I’m just popping in with a new hair and skin release to show you.

This hair is a new release from kik at Hair Fair, I’ve never heard of kik before and when I mentioned that to my friend Harper she was horrified and asked where I’d been living my SL. Well I lived a sheltered SLife for about 5 years, it’s not my fault! Anyway this is one of the great things about Hair Fair, discovering brands that you’ve not heard of or tried before. This was my favourite of the kik hairs, it’s mesh but has some flyaway wisps that are flexi and even though flexi hair is a throw back these days, I kind of like it when it’s used sparingly with mesh hair. You get to have those wisps and floaty strands without the alpha halo that usually surrounds mesh hair and it’s much easier for pics. I’m wearing one of the brown shades in this pic but you can tell they’re kinda reddish which makes a nice change.

The skin I’m wearing is the new Sharilyn skin from Egozy. It reminds me a lot of Body Co/The Shops or Skinnery skins with the level of detail and realism in it. I really like this skin overall, for when I want something different, it’s also great for taking pictures because even though you might think I’ve heavily Photoshopped it, I really haven’t. There was a bit too much burn and shadows around the septum area for my personal taste, so I did fix that up a bit and besides adding a few highlights it’s pretty much as it would be in world. But please make sure you try the demo first!

I really love the shape of the lips and the shading on them, I didn’t add anything to that in Photoshop, I’m just wearing the lipgloss layer that comes with the skin. You also get a couple of teeth layers and make up layers will be available soon, as well as appliers!

So if you like Skinnery and Body Co skins, or you’re looking for something different make sure to try out this one! The link to the marketplace store is below.



Hair – Nora – kik @ Hair Fair NEW

Skin – Sharilyn Tan – Egozy NEW

Eyes – Ascension Spectre – Ikon

Location – Carpe Diem Surf


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