Coffee and Cake

Coffee and Cake

FaMESHed are celebrating their one year anniversary this month and have invited back all the designers who have participated so far! There is a huuuuuge array of goodies available, clothes and accessories for both men and women as well as lots of great decor pieces, so make sure you visit!

I was immediately in love with this new denim jacket that Emery released for the event. I’ve been silently willing someone to make one for a while now and I’m so glad Emery did. There are a few different shades available, I opted for the mid blue, and the quality is fantabulous.

Baiastice also have some great new releases for this round, including this cute dress! It would’ve been so easy to dress this up in a formal way, but I decided I wanted to wear it a bit differently. It comes in both striped or plain, (I say plain, it’s a white top half with a coloured skirt part) patterns and is gonna be great for the spring/summer season. They also released a new cross jewellery set, which comprises of a necklace and matching ring, these are exactly the kinda style I love to wear so I know I’ll get a lot of use out of them and I’m sure they’ll make a few appearances here!

I’d been tempted to wear a pair of scruffy combat type boots with this outfit, which would’ve looked cute too but I decided to go with these SLink heels that I picked up yesterday because I wanted to mention their sale to you. If you didn’t know, SLink are reducing everything by 30% for this week (excluding the mesh hands and feet) which will run until the 5th of May. You can read more details about the why at their official blog.

I picked up these glasses by Sorgo at the latest round of TDR that started on Friday. I love the style of them but I noticed that the lens was darker on the bottom half than it was on the top, which would’ve been fine if it blended into the lighter half, but it didn’t. It just looked like when SL messes up and you get those squares of darker resolution on your pics, right under my eyes. So I fixed that in Photoshop because I didn’t like it.

Anyway, that’s all from me today, hope you’re enjoying your week and make sure to visit FaMESHed!




Hair – Cities in Dust – Lamb

Skin – Amberly 06 America – Glam Affair

Jacket – Denim Jacket Hollywood – Emery @ FaMESHed NEW

Dress – Karen Dress – Baiastice @ FaMESHed NEW

Necklace and Ring – Cross Jewellery Set – Baiastice @ FaMESHed NEW

Shoes – Lulu Stiletto (add on to medium height barefeet) – SLink NEW

Glasses – Billionaire Snake Glasses – Sorgo @ TDR Fusion NEW

Pose – Le Poppycock

Location – NotSoBad


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