Take Three (and the SL Pet Peeves Meme)

Take Three and a Meme

It took me three shoots to get a picture I was happy with for this post, I’ve been feeling a bit off for a couple of days, I’m pretty sure it was having time off for Easter, kinda lost the roll I was on. I hope it’s back now anyway.

I’m wearing a few new things in this picture. First this loose ponytail that Truth released over the weekend, I love it’s relaxed, natural style. Perfect for the beach! Also the cute, cute new bandeau top from Drift. There are a couple of different styles available, I’m wearing the plain jersey print version, and both come with a colour change HUD so you can switch them up, even the knot is colour change too! I love that Drift is giving this option lately with their releases, it’s really good value for money that you’re getting so many different colours and/or prints with a single purchase. Now I just need some matching bottoms for this top and I’ve got a perfect little bikini! *wink wink, nudge nudge* 😀

Mon Tissu also released their first collection for 2013 this week and these shorts were my favourite. I love the belt detail and the little slits on the front, it really gives them something extra and makes them just that bit different. There are tons of prints and colours to choose from as well.

Finally, the necklace I’m wearing is from Maxi Gossamer at this months round of FaMESHed. I love her boho pieces and this one is no different, beautiful detailing as always, the stone is texture change and the chain comes in both gold and silver.

So Berry started a new meme the other day, it’s basically some of your SL Pet Peeves. Since I enjoyed her others I thought I’d take part again. Do I need to put a disclaimer that these are only peeves of mine, and not to be taken personally? Well I’m gonna, and that was it.

1. Out of date welcome/orientation areas. Last year I spent a fair bit of time hanging out at this kind of place that’s aimed at new residents, trying to help them and offer advice etc. I think a lot of it fell on deaf ears so I pretty much gave up after a few futile months, but mostly what got me was how bad these places looked and the quality of freebies offered. I wondered if I joined SL today and landed in one of them would I stick around? Back in 2006 it was acceptable, but why are they still stuck in 2006 when the rest of SL has made such vast improvements? I always tell my friends that if I ever could afford my own sim I’d make a really nice welcome area for noobs and I’d beg beg beg some good designers to donate a freebie or two. Seriously though, if anyone reading this has the funds to do it and would like to, let me know because I would loooooooove to help!

2. Weird characters/fonts and numbers in names. Ok this is gonna make me sound judgey and I’m sorry but if you have your dob or your age or something after your username, or your display name is full of strange characters/in a weird font, I just can’t take you seriously. I’m not going to be rude or ignore you or anything, but I’m not gonna make a first move in talking to you, and to be brutally honest I’m gonna struggle to make conversation more than a few sentences because all I’ll see are the numbers or some name I can’t make sense of. I do have a couple of friends on my list that use the fonts (just to prove I’m not totally a bitch lol) but I do tease them about it and I think they’re pretty aware that it’s a peeve of mine.

3. Limited groups/tattoo layers/alpha layers. I think this speaks for itself, and yes I know we’re lucky that they’ve already been increased but I’m a woman dammit and I’m never satisfied, I need more!

4. Bad store layouts. If I go to a store and can’t find the item I just saw on Flickr/plurk/a blog within a minute or two then I’m probably going to give up and not buy it at all. I like new releases to be slapped in my face the moment I walk in, I like the store to be sectioned, jewellery over here, bags and shoes here etc etc. I feel exactly the same in RL.

5. TP fails Ever tried to make a dramatic exit and your tp fails? Ohhhh that’s so awkward!! Say you’re in the middle of an argument and you wanna do the SL equivalent of storming out and slamming the door but instead your screen goes black for a second and then you’re back there, just hovering and they’re looking at you, probably laughing at you and you’re like kdjasxmmkdfasnc SL gimme a break!! Even if I’m at some crowded place and I just said bye to everyone and then can’t leave, ugh, I’ve said before that I’m extremely self concious and sometimes when this has happened I want the virtual ground to open up and swallow me whole.

I’ve really enjoyed reading other people’s peeves and agreed with a lot of them, I could really have gone on a rant about things people do that annoy me but I wanted to make it more about SL rather than people so that it didn’t just descend into a bitch fest, coz that’s what my best friends ear is for 😉

I hope all this wasn’t too much rambling for you!


Hair – Elisha – Truth NEW

Skin – Zara America Clean – Glam Affair @ Skin Fair

Top – Bandeau Top – Drift NEW

Shorts – Tulip Shorts – Mon Tissu NEW

Necklace – Crystal Glass Teardrop – Maxi Gossamer @ FaMESHed NEW

Glasses – Karina Glasses – Yummy

Bangles – Athena – Maxi Gossamer

Pose – Beth 11 – Diesel Works @ Pose Fair NEW

Location – The Grove


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