Role-Play Princess

Role-play Princess

Ok so I’ve never offically RP’d as a princess before, although you wouldn’t have guessed if you ever met my character Sunna, she was so damn uppity! But this Iram dress released by Bilo a few days ago is just perfect for it! While it’s not something that you’d typically see me sporting around the grid, it’s a great dress for role-playing or taking themed pictures like this. I’ve added the new Bilo Bali earrings as well, and that awesome henna tattoo necklace? Yep, that’s Bilo.

Top it off with the recent Magdalena hair from Truth and I think it’s just right for anyone who wants to be a princess for the day!


Hair – Magdalena – Truth

Dress – Iram – Bilo NEW

Earrings – Bali – Bilo NEW

Henna Tattoo Necklace – Swirl Necklace – Bilo

Pose – dfo!

Location – Kingdom of Sand


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