Valentine Town

Valentine Town I’m back after a week away from SL! I missed quite a bit with the opening of C88 and some other releases so I sat and browsed Flickr for a couple of hours last night and when I came across this fantastic picture by Laverdag I knew I wanted to take a picture there so I went right away to visit. Valentine Town is packed with little stores and the scene is great for taking pictures. It’s just so full of cuteness and candy colours that you’d have to be careful if you’re diabetic. I don’t usually go for so much sweetness and the first time I went and snapped pics with my normal avatar it just didn’t look right at all. I debated what to do and even sent a Flickr mail to Laverdag asking if maybe I could use one of her pictures as a background for a pile up, which she graciously said was ok BUT then I remembered that I had the Dolls Head from Fasionably Dead at the last Arcade event sitting in my inventory and thought I’d give it a go. I found an old Essences skin I had that matched the light tone so perfectly I knew then it was meant to be! So after picking up this new dress from Nylon Outfitters at C88 I dashed back over to Valentine Town and got a shot I was happy with. This outfit isn’t mesh, there are glitch pants, a system skirt as well as a prim attachment and to be honest I’m not sure I’d wear it again as it’s not my typical style, but it’s the kind of quirky outfit that is great if you’re going for a particular look and I didn’t mind getting it just for one picture coz it’s only 88Ls! The hair is an adorable new release from Truth, it comes with and without a bow attachment that has a colour change HUD but because I was being awkward I wore the non bow version and added one from Auxiliary (more gacha) instead. Yet another Arcade item that I hadn’t used was this giant lollipop from Miasnow. This is the kind of picture that makes me glad that I buy things “just in case” lol, it completely validates my shopping habit when I can pull random things out of my inventory that match so well! Coral x _________________________________________________ Hair – Tenille – Truth NEW Dress – Ivy Drape Dress – Nylon Outfitters @ C88 NEW Head – Doll Head Neutral Shiny – Fashionably Dead (former Arcade item, now available as gacha at the main store) Bow – Slouchy Leather Bow – Auxiliary (gacha item) Big Lolly – Miasnow (gacha item) Hands – SLink Pose – Adorkable (Ruffles Pack) Location – Valentine Town


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