Spring It On

Spring It On

See what I did there? With the title?! Bring it on, spring it on! Haha, yea laughing at my own little jokes today, I’m that lame. ANYWAY, I guess I’m pretty early because it is still February but I really cannot wait for spring, I’m so ready!

I got together with my bff4life Harper from Pixel Pantomime coz we’ve been meaning to do another picture together for a while and even though we attempted one last week, I hated everyyyyy picture I took. Some times you just get days like that.

We were inspired by these new hairs from Truth and LeLutka to do kind of hippy style looks, I did get told off for not being Woodstock enough but I liked this new tank from Drift (grabbed it for Lazy Sunday, not sure if it’s in the main store still but one would assume so!) so it was staying, end of story. We hopped on over to Noweeta Grasslands which is a great sim for spring/summery pics and had a fun little shoot.

I’ll add a link to Harper’s post when she’s posted her’s so that you can find her credits there, but here’s mine for now!


Edited to add: The link for the lovely Miss Harper’s credits!

Hair – Haven – Truth NEW

Tank – Morning Tank Lazy Sunday Special – Drift NEW

Shorts – Loose Denim Shorts – Gizza

Undershirt – Basic Long Sleeve Shirt – Tutti Frutti

Necklace – Garbo Graduated Pumpkin Beads – Maxi Gossamer

Sunglasses – Karina Glasses – Yummy

Feet and Hands – SLink

Pose – Le Poppycock

Location – Noweeta Grasslands


I Knew

I Knew

I’ve been wearing this new dress from Emery at My Attic for 3 days straight now. I should probably get changed but I am so in love with it. It’s only 95Ls and comes in a variety of colours, so for that price you can easily get an assortment! I’ve been wearing a lot of black lately though so for this picture I just stuck with that.

Also adore this new Nydia hair that Truth released yesterday. I love the contrast of a really light blonde or white with all the black I’m wearing so that’s what I did!

Finally, a couple of posts ago I wrote about old group gifts that you might have and hadn’t taken advantage of yet and it reminded me of this Petal edition of Glam Affair’s Amberly that I hadn’t worn, so I added that too!

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend,


EDITED TO ADD: I received an IM today to ask whether the butterflies were included on the hair, but nooo that was photoshop work! Sorry for any confusion ūüôā

Hair – Nydia – Truth NEW

Dress – Mesh Dress Embellished Ehrmantraut – Emery @ My Attic NEW

Skin – Amberly Petal Edition – Glam Affair (old group gift)

Necklace – Rock Jewellery Set – HandVerk

Pose – Del May

Would Like To Meet

Would Like To Meet

Sometimes I want to do a blog post coz I’m in the mood to edit a picture, but I’m feeling too lazy to set anything up. I felt like that today and since I just spruced up my living room with some new Loft pieces I figured I’d take a snap of that, then spend some time editing. However, the picture really didn’t need that much and aside from brightening and cropping it, this is pretty much a raw shot. Hope you like!


Oh PS! Love this hair from Exile that is available at My Attic, it’s only 95Ls and really cute, definitely worth a look see!


On Me:

Hair – Loveshack – Exile @ My Attic NEW

Sweater – Olga Sweatshirt Dress – Teefy @ FaMESHed

Tights – Zigzag from Patterned Tights II – Izzie’s

Boots – Long Studded Boots – J’s


Skybox – Seattle Loft – Scarlet Creative

Couch, Pouffe, Bookshelf & Accessories, Table & Accessories – All part of Dunham Range – The Loft NEW

Fireplace – What Next

Stool – Couer Painted Stool – Floorplan

Radio – Teefy (Gacha)

Picture – Never Give Up Wall Art – Thistle

Vase – Dining Deco Vase – Bazar

Rug – Roya Fluffy Carpet – Bazar

The Group Gift

ColdLogic Anniversary Photo Contest - Coral Lacey

I decided to kill a few birds with one post today. So please try to bear with me while I ramble on!

First of all ColdLogic are holding a photo competition to celebrate their anniversary. You don’t have to be a blogger to enter this, just take a pretty picture! You can find more information here¬†for the chance to win all their new releases for a year! ColdLogic also updated their subscribo group gift and this is where I decided to combine all the things in this post.

As a blogger and lover of SL fashion almost all my groups in world are taken up by store groups, and I hit subscribos whenever I see one. This means I often get group gifts and while I’m always grateful and think it’s a fab way for stores to reward regular customers, sometimes the item might not be something that I’d wear ordinarily because it doesn’t fit my personal style. Then it becomes a bit of a challenge to style it up into something that I would wear and that’s exactly what I did with this little dress from ColdLogic. I really enjoyed going through my inventory and trying on all my accessories to get a look that I was happy with. If you have some spare time on your hands and want a challenge I really recommend digging out an old group gift you might never have worn and creating something you would wear with it. It’s really very satisfying!

Also I wanted to show you this new release hair from Truth that just oozes sass! The braid detailing on the side is a gorgeous addition and gives the whole style a little something extra.

Anyway that’s my midweek post, take care!




Hair – Zendaya – Truth NEW

Dress – Anniversary Gift – ColdLogic (Free on the subscribo!)

Cardigan – Cascade Cardigan – Belgravia

Tights – Sheer dotted tights – Vive 9

Necklace and Earrings – Arial Lost Angel – Maxi Gossamer @ FaMESHed

Belt – Wide Belt II – fri. (previous FLF item)

Bag – Resort Satchel – Leverocci

Pose – Le Poppycock

Location – Psy City



Just a quick post today since I’m short on time, you can tell by how creative I’ve been with my title here!

ANYWAY, I mostly wanted to just show you this pretty new top from The Secret Store! The roses are not just textured but also part of the mesh which gives it a really realistic 3D effect. There’s a few different colours available but today I decided to be pretty in pink and added this cute, relaxed ponytail that Truth released last weekend.

I’m wearing a recent release from Maxi Gossamer as well which is this Forget Me Not Heart necklace. Just in case you didn’t know you can now order Maxi’s jewellery in real life as well! There is more information about it on her blog here and she’s just posted some pictures of the real jewellery after it’s been oxidised and I have to say the results are stunning. I wish all the best to Maxi with this venture and if you love her designs don’t forget to check it out so you can wear them for real!



Hair – Hollana – Truth

Skin – Amberly – Glam Affair

Top – 3D Rose Sweater – The Secret Store NEW

Short Necklace – Forget-Me-Not Flower Heart – Maxi Gossamer

Long Necklace – Floral Keepsake Necklace – Yummy

Ring – Mothers Big Pearl Ring – LaGyo

Mesh Hands – SLink

Pose – Marukin

Valentine Town

Valentine Town I’m back after a week away from SL! I missed quite a bit with the opening of C88 and some other releases so I sat and browsed Flickr for a couple of hours last night and when I came across this fantastic picture by Laverdag I knew I wanted to take a picture there so I went right away to visit. Valentine Town¬†is packed with little stores and the scene is great for taking pictures. It’s just so full of cuteness and candy colours that you’d have to be careful if you’re diabetic. I don’t usually go for so much sweetness and the first time I went and snapped pics with my normal avatar it just didn’t look right at all. I debated what to do and even sent a Flickr mail to Laverdag asking if maybe I could use one of her pictures as a background for a pile up, which she graciously said was ok BUT then I remembered that I had the Dolls Head from Fasionably Dead at the last Arcade event sitting in my inventory and thought I’d give it a go. I found an old Essences skin I had that matched the light tone so perfectly I knew then it was meant to be! So after picking up this new dress from Nylon Outfitters at C88 I dashed back over to Valentine Town and got a shot I was happy with. This outfit isn’t mesh, there are glitch pants, a system skirt as well as a prim attachment and to be honest I’m not sure I’d wear it again as it’s not my typical style, but it’s the kind of quirky outfit that is great if you’re going for a particular look and I didn’t mind getting it just for one picture coz it’s only 88Ls! The hair is an adorable new release from Truth, it comes with and without a bow attachment that has a colour change HUD but because I was being awkward I wore the non bow version and added one from¬†Auxiliary¬†(more gacha) instead. Yet another Arcade item that I hadn’t used was this giant lollipop from Miasnow. This is the kind of picture that makes me glad that I buy things “just in case” lol, it completely validates my shopping habit when I can pull random things out of my inventory that match so well! Coral x _________________________________________________ Hair – Tenille – Truth NEW Dress – Ivy Drape Dress – Nylon Outfitters @ C88¬†NEW Head – Doll Head Neutral Shiny – Fashionably Dead (former Arcade item, now available as gacha at the main store) Bow – Slouchy Leather Bow – Auxiliary (gacha item) Big Lolly – Miasnow (gacha item) Hands – SLink Pose – Adorkable (Ruffles Pack) Location – Valentine Town

Hard To Find

Hard to Find

It’s been a while since I did a lingerie post, but I was looking at my “to blog” folder and figured I’d take a quick snap as I had this lush new hair from Truth to show off as well as the fancy, strappy sandals from LaRoo and there’s no better way to show of hair and shoes by wearing little else. It also gave me a chance to use a new pose from Le Poppycock’s latest release!

Lingerie is one of those items that I still prefer to wear in texture layers than mesh. There hasn’t been much mesh underwear about yet, but I’m not really convinced with the ones I have seen. This vintage style set is available at Deetalez, the bodice and panties are seperate items and you can buy the tango appliers seperately as well if you sport the mesh tatas.

I probably should invest in lingerie more but since it hardly ever gets seen it’s the emptiest folder in my inventory. Especially with mesh and alpha layers, most of the time I forget to put it on even, which isn’t great when the alpha isn’t as long as you’d think it’ll be. Ever had that awkward moment where someone IMs you and immediately starts talking about how naughty you are? Yea…I used to think it was a joke about guys looking up our skirts in SL, turns out it’s not and they do it more than we realise ladies! So my tip of the day, always have a look up your own skirt before you leave the house!



Hair – London – Truth NEW

Bodice and Panties (available seperately) – Lingerie Negligee – Deetalez NEW

Shoes – Lizzy T Strap – LaRoo @ FaMESHed NEW

Ring – BonBon Ring – LaGyo

Bed – Arizona Bed – Bazar

Pose – Le Poppycock NEW