I don’t often get inspired to dress up like this for a picture, if you read my blog often you’ll probably know that I tend to do more LOTD pics for outfits that I’d wear every day. But as soon as I saw this new jacket from Mimikri at TDR Fusion, I knew I had to do some kind of modern Cruella inspired look. It’s not actually meant to be dalmation print, it’s snow leopard print but hey, it’s white with black spots so I couldn’t resist.

Unfortunately Lelutka’s Salome hair doesn’t come half black and half white, I debated PSing it but then realised that I would probably mess it up some how so I just went with the full white instead. Anyway, this is only inspired by Cruella, not ACTUAL Cruella.

The dress that I’m wearing underneath is another item that I dug up in my inventory (been doing that a lot lately) it was released by CIA Designs a few months ago and I didn’t get round to blogging it, but it was perfect for this look and would be fab for a Christmas party with all it’s red sparklies, very festive!

Before I finish this post I just wanted to let you guys know that this will be my last for a few days now, a week at least but possibly not till after Christmas as I am flying back home soon to be with my family for the holidays. I’m gonna try and get on and maybe blog something in a week though, but if I don’t then don’t think it’s because I dropped off the face of the planet!

Anyway, I hope you like this little look and all have great holidays if I’m not back before to say that again!


Hair – Salome – Lelutka (Mesh!)
Skin – Amberly Europa Frostbite 03 – Glam Affair @ C88 NEW
Necklace – Rea Necklace – Glam Affair
Coat – Luxe Fur Jacket – Mimikri @ TDR Fusion (Mesh!) NEW
Dress – Sequin Dress – CIA Designs (Mesh!)
Eyes – Eternal Eyes – Ikon
Eyeliner – Couture Eyeliner 03 – Glam Affair (Mesh!)
Cheek Piercings and Dimples – Sugar Heart (Mesh!)
Lip Piercing – The Minimalist – Hebanon Vial (edited)


New from LaRoo!

New from LaRoo!

Last week I blogged about the new mesh footwear store LaRoo that would be opening soon. They were due to open on the 7th but some setbacks saw that date delayed, but now, they’re finally open! You can find LaRoo on the Fresco sim, located opposite FaMESHed. I went over and checked it out and it’s a lovely mesh build, great for taking pictures.

LaRoo have 2 new items out for their opening and my favourites are these Clyde boots. They come in lots of different colours and the studs give them that extra something. They’re non rigged mesh so you can resize as needed. The only thing I’d have liked is if they came with both gold and silver studs, since I pretty much always pick gold over silver, but I can’t have it all so I just wore them in gold instead!

I’m also wearing this new mesh top from The Secret Store at C88. It’s so pretty and well made and the gold accents easily make it a new favourite for me. At only 88Ls I’m definitely gonna be going back for 2nds, and 3rds and ok, maybe I’ll just get all the colours!




Hair – Swift – Truth (Mesh!)

Top – Damask Sweater – The Secret Store @ C88 (Mesh!) NEW

Pants – Leather Leggings – Tres Blah (Mesh!)

Clutch – Continental Black Wallet – House of Fox (Mesh!)

Boots – Clyde – LaRoo (Non rigged mesh!) NEW

Necklace – Black Eye Necklace – Glow Studio

Bangles – Boho Bangles – Maxi Gossamer

Skin – Amberly – Glam Affair

Pose – Le Poppycock

Location – LaRoo Mainstore


I was hoping to get a lot of blogging done this week, as it’ll be my last chance to get a lot out there before the holidays, but my computer decided on Sunday night that it wanted to go and get itself corrupted and then not work, so I lost basically everything and had to start again, which was very annoying and also means I won’t get as much done as I wanted this week, so sorry about that 😦

Anyyyyway, I got some new stuff to show ya that was released over the last few days! First of all this hair from Truth. A yummy, messy up do that’s just perfect for pictures coz you get to add some wispy bits (creative license, a lot of it was already there but I did add a few just for the hell of it) and it’s also a great fit for the Auxillary hair bow that you can get from The Arcade!

C88 opened their new round on the weekend and I’m so in love with this lace top from Nylon Outfitters. The texturing is really well done and it’s nice to have something new to layer under mesh. It does come with a bra too if you don’t feel like being risque! Also from C88 is the necklace I’m wearing by Maxi Gossamer. The detail and mesh is the usual high standard you’d expect from MG and it comes in both long and short versions as well as in both gold and silver. I love that MG nearly always gives these options coz I have a penchant for long necklaces and it makes me sad face if a necklace I love only comes short.

TDR also kicked off their new TDR Fusion this weekend and there is SO much good stuff available! This belt is from LaGyo and comes in a couple of colours, it’s non rigged mesh so easy to adjust. SLink also put out a fab item – their new Vanity mesh boots. I was wearing them in this pic (which is the reason I’m not wearing mesh jeans, coz I wanted the tucked in look) but I’ll be honest, the picture just looked better cropped so they got cut off. I wanted to mention them though because I’m sure they’ll make appearances here and at only 70L while they’re at TDR Fusion you simply must go and check them out before they’re at full price in the store!

The location I took this picture at was the MadPea Carneval. I’ve never been there before but a friend TP’d me and it was pretty cool so I knew I had to snap something there. I’m sure there’ll be more at some point as well so it’s definitely worth checking out if you wanna play on some rides or take some cool photos.

So that’s me for this hump day, I’m gonna be trying to get a couple more posts done this week but with holidays and all it’s starting to get a bit manic!



P.S. Don’t forget to click the pic to see it in higher res!


Hair – Chynna – Truth (Non rigged mesh) NEW

Skin – Amberly – Glam Affair

Hair Bow – Auxillary @ The Arcade Gacha Event (Mesh!)

Top – Openback Lace Tee – Nylon Outfitters @ C88 NEW

Jacket – Short Vest – Toki Doki (Mesh!)

Pants – Highwaist Denim – Imbue

Necklace – Patience Heart Watch Necklace – Maxi Gossamer @ C88 (Mesh!) NEW

Belt – Cross Belt – LaGyo @ TDR Fusion (Non rigged mesh) NEW

Bracelets – Boho Bangles – Maxi Gossamer (edited)

Tattoo – Believe – Ink’d Up

Pose – Le Poppycock

Location – MadPea Carneval

Wrapped Up

Wrapped Up

Just a quick lotd post with some items I found as I was searching through my never ending pit of an inventory and trying to make it into something that resembles order (it’s neater now but everything is just in one folder called -To Blog- instead of actually where they’re meant to be).

So I found this jacket that’s from Purple Moon, they released it a few months back and I have no idea why I didn’t get around to blogging it but it’s pretty damn fab and perfect for this season, so here it is now! The skirt I picked up 2 weeks ago maybe? It’s by Baiastice and I got it at TDR, and although I haven’t gone to check most places do put their event items in their main stores after so you can likely get this there.

I’ve got a couple of new gacha pieces on as well, the hair from BCC and the stole from Pesca. I love both of these and definitely need more hair with hats please anyone who reads this!

Oh and Ugg boots yaaaaaaay! I was looking for some of these a couple of weeks ago when I did this post, then today I was surfing some blogs and found these ones from Redgrave over on Sugar Planner’s blog so I had to buy them, stat!

Sorry this is a bit of a quick post but it’s Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidaaaaaaaaaay! I’m excited, can you tell?



P.s. WordPress changed something for when you upload pictures and now my sizing is broken or something, so from now on I’ll have to make them way smaller to upload them on here so that they don’t look broken on some of the feeds. If you wanna see them in better quality just click the picture and it’ll take you straight to Flickr. Simple 🙂


Hat and Hair – Juliet Hair – BCC @ The Arcade (Mesh!) NEW

Jacket – Taylor Leather Jacket – Purple Moon (Mesh!)

Skirt – Selma Mesh Mini Skirt – Baiastice

Tights – Sisley Classic Black – Kyoot

Scarf Thing – Belted Stole – Pesca @ The Arcade (Mesh!) NEW

Boots – Mesh Snow Boots – Redgrave

Rings – Boho Ring Set – Yummy

Bag – My Oversized Leather Tote – Auxillary (previous group gift, not sure if it’s still available)

Skin – Amberly – Glam Affair

Pose – Le Poppycock

Location – Fate Island


LaRoo 2

First of all a little disclaimer. If you’re looking at this picture and going “Coral, wth is that?” then don’t worry, you’re not alone, I’m asking myself the same thing. I clearly had too much time on my hands today and after a lot of messing around in Photoshop it just kind of happened. I can’t decide if I like it at all, it’s different at the very least.

ANYWAY. There’s a new shoe brand in town called LaRoo! It’s a collaboration between Cracked Mirror and CrashOV Uladstron who will be bringing us lots of new mesh footwear! The boots I’m wearing now are the Anca boots that you can find at FaMESHed and I think they have quite a Gaga-esqueness about them. LaRoo have also released a cute pair of shearling boots for The Arcade event.

The official opening of LaRoo’s  mainstore is on the 7th of December and will be located on the Fresco sim opposite the FaMESHed location. They have a group in world that you can join and also a site where you can receive updates and keep track of what goodies they’ll be bringing us. I’m excited to see what other original designs they can come up with!




Boots – Anca – LaRoo @ FaMESHed (rigged mesh) NEW

Pose – Marukin

What A Weekend

What a Weekend

The last few days have been eventful with new releases, events and hunts. It’s hard to know where to start, so I decided today that I’d pick one of my favourites from each and put together a look.

First of all I’m wearing the new Amberly skin from Glam Affair. There had been some teasers over the last few weeks for this skin but I’ve got to say it was well worth the wait. It’s one of those skins that not only do I love, but I feel like myself in. This is definitely a new favourite for me and easily has become my new every day skin. I particularly love that Glam Affair always includes a clean version now, since I do like a more fresh faced look most of the time and this gives me exactly that.

The hair I’m wearing is new from Tableau Vivant at The Arcade Gacha event that kicked off on Saturday, you can find all the SLURLS and items available on their Tumblr here. I must admit I didn’t expect to like this hair as much as I do and I certainly didn’t expect that it’d make me wanna go blonde. But I do and it did. It’s rigged mesh and comes in both male and female versions as well as a ton of colours which you can try and collect for just 50Ls a play!

FaMESHed also started a new round on Saturday and this daring dress from Fanatik was one of my favourite items. The mesh is shaped to give perfect curves and the spikes add some sass and come with a HUD so you can change them to either gold or silver.

Finally The With Love hunt brought to us by Chic Management started on Friday. You can find all the hints and SLURLS on Chic’s page here. There are tons of awesome items that you can pick up all for 10Ls and this tattoo I’m wearing is the item that’s available at Aitui.

Right now I need to get back to trying to organise my inventory, since this gacha event has caused me one helluva mess! Hope you all have a good week.




Hair – Ewing – Tableau Vivant @ The Arcade Gacha NEW

Dress – Dress with spikes – Fanatik @ FaMESHed NEW

Skin – Amberly Clean America – Glam Affair NEW

Tattoo – Goodmorning! – Aitui for the With Love Hunt NEW

Necklace – 2 Heavy Spikes Necklace – Glow Studio

Cuff – Leather Chained Bracelet – Erratic

Ring – Roho Ring – Maxi Gossamer

Hands – Splayed Mesh Hands – SLink

Pose – Le Poppycock