Yep, this blog post has nothing to do with fashion, or any new releases and check me out….I’m even wearing a flexi skirt.

If you’ve ever read the Stuff About Me page on my blog, you’ll know that I roleplayed in SL for a long time until about February this year when I went “mainstream” and the genre I played in was Gor.

Gor has a pretty bad rep in SL I know and I’m pretty sure there’ll be some judging going on right now but whatever. I liked it and for the most part I had fun. This is my character Sunna in the state she was when I left several months ago and since things have been changing for me in SL for a while now, I was thinking of maybe resurrecting her. Maybe.

I was pretty attached to Sunna and I’d love to take her story further and see where she ended up but something’s stopping me and I can’t quite put my finger it. I think partly I’m nervous that I’ll be rusty and being around new people is not always easy for me.

I heard about a new sim that opened recently called Ragnars Rest and I went to check it out today. It’s a lovely build full of lots of rustic goodness, I didn’t take any pics of that though since I still don’t have shadows back yet and I couldn’t really do the place justice, but they have got a Flickr group with some nice pictures in here.

So anyway, rambling over. Maybe Sunna will make an appearance some day soon. Maybe.




Hair – Adeline – Truth (Non rigged mesh)

Dress – Evelyn – KnickKnack

Jacket – Fur Vest – SMS

Scarf and hood – Soedara

Arm Warmers – Drift (Mesh)

Pose – Marukin

Location – Ragnars Rest


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