Time is Ticking

Disclaimer: This blog title has absolutely nothing to do with the picture and everything to do with the fact that I am sooooo short on time today, but damn so much to write about!

First of all I’ll start by saying that when my friend Harper saw me wearing the outfit I blogged yesterday, she called me a….actually I can’t say what she called me because I wanna get this post on to iheartsl.com which is now SFW! If you didn’t know now you do, anyone who was listed to feed must reapply and you can find some info on the SFW guidelines and what to do if your blog has mixed content here on Cajsa’s blog.

So after that incident I decided to go a little cuter today. This mesh hair from Truth was perfect for the look along with the new Granny’s Pearl necklace from LaGyo which you can get from TDR along with matching earrings and both are scripted to texture change.

I’m also wearing another recent release from Emery which is this mesh blazer that comes in a range of different colours. Obviously I went for the natural, nude looking colour because I’m boring like that. The jeans I’m wearing were recent from The Secret Store and they’re pretty amazing. I had a high waist system pair from Imbue that I used to wear a LOT, so I was really happy to be able to get a pair in mesh.

The picture was taken at Neva Dunes, which is the home of Neva Crystall and has been opened to the public for a few days. I believe it’s open until the 4th so make sure you pop over and visit and get your photo ops while you can! I’m a huge fan of Neva’s and it’s great to be able to look around and see her work, I find it really inspirational too. Like now I need to go buy a new house! Here’s the SLURL if you want to go visit.

Oh last thing, I’ve also started to link all my pictures directly to my Flickr, so if you want to see the picture in better quality just click on the pic and open the link, I have to make them smaller so that I don’t mess up any feeds and so the quality is not always what they should be. I’m sure there’s a way to fix this, but I don’t know how – I am really blonde in RL.

That’s all from me this week, I hope everyone enjoys the weekend!




Hair – Rebel – Truth (Mesh!)

Skin – Roza Basics – Glam Affair

Blazer – Mesh Blazer – Emery (Mesh! – obv)

Pants – Rise Skinny Jeans – The Secret Store (Mesh!)

Top – Lacey Little Top – Kyoot

Necklace – Granny’s Pearl Necklace – LaGyo for TDR (Mesh!)

Hairband – Bow3 Funk – TokiDoki

Pose – Marukin

Location – Neva Dunes


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