Tea For Two

Ok so technically it’s hot chocolate not tea, but hot chocolate for two doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. I was just sitting here in world like this, in my new apartment with my new furniture so I thought I’d snap a quick picture. Although now the more I look at it the more it kind of depresses me and Mr Bear doesn’t seem too impressed either.




Hair – Jade – Truth (Mesh) NEW

Top – Mesh Top No 2 – Emery

Jeans – High Rise Jeans – The Secret Store (Mesh)

Friendship Bear – Damien Fate (Mesh)

Couch – Arizona Couch – Bazar (Mesh)

Chocolatier Drinks Tray – What Next (Mesh)



Yep, this blog post has nothing to do with fashion, or any new releases and check me out….I’m even wearing a flexi skirt.

If you’ve ever read the Stuff About Me page on my blog, you’ll know that I roleplayed in SL for a long time until about February this year when I went “mainstream” and the genre I played in was Gor.

Gor has a pretty bad rep in SL I know and I’m pretty sure there’ll be some judging going on right now but whatever. I liked it and for the most part I had fun. This is my character Sunna in the state she was when I left several months ago and since things have been changing for me in SL for a while now, I was thinking of maybe resurrecting her. Maybe.

I was pretty attached to Sunna and I’d love to take her story further and see where she ended up but something’s stopping me and I can’t quite put my finger it. I think partly I’m nervous that I’ll be rusty and being around new people is not always easy for me.

I heard about a new sim that opened recently called Ragnars Rest and I went to check it out today. It’s a lovely build full of lots of rustic goodness, I didn’t take any pics of that though since I still don’t have shadows back yet and I couldn’t really do the place justice, but they have got a Flickr group with some nice pictures in here.

So anyway, rambling over. Maybe Sunna will make an appearance some day soon. Maybe.




Hair – Adeline – Truth (Non rigged mesh)

Dress – Evelyn – KnickKnack

Jacket – Fur Vest – SMS

Scarf and hood – Soedara

Arm Warmers – Drift (Mesh)

Pose – Marukin

Location – Ragnars Rest


Just a quickie post and picture today, mostly coz I’m feeling lazy but I really wanted to show you this new Nyx mesh hair that was released by Truth a couple of days ago. So here it is!

I don’t usually wear tattoos so when I decided I wanted one for this pic I had no idea where to go to get a good one, but I did know just the blog to look at. I always see Oakley Foxtrot on Flickr with some amazing tattoos, so after scoping out her blog Thought Classic, I knew exactly where to go.

This is one of the reasons I enjoy blogging, there are so many unique and different styles out there in SL and if I feel like a different look one day but don’t know which stores to go to it doesn’t take me long to find it through someone else’s blog and so I like to think I might be helping people in the same way too.




Hair – Nyx – Truth NEW

Skin – Roza Basics – Glam Affair

Bra – Sasha – Whippet & Buck

Tattoo – Believe – Ink’d Up

Earrings – Late Night Hoops – Maxi Gossamer (previous Limited Bazaar release)

Eyes – Eternal Eyes – Ikon

Lip Piercing – The Minimalist – Hebanon Vial (edited)

Cheek Piercings and Dimples – Sugar Heart

Eyeliner – Mesh Eyeliner – Glam Affair

Pose – Glitterati

Silent Questions

I really suck at picking names for my posts and I can’t take the credit for this one, coz it was the name of the pose that I used. It’s from Le Poppycock and I can’t get enough of their poses recently. It’s a small store but well worth checking out, the poses have a lot of character in them.

Fridays are always manic for me and so this is just a quick LOTD with some items I picked up in the Black Friday sales as well as at other events or sales recently.

The bag and boots are both at L’accessoires Black Friday sale by Handverk and Lassitude & Ennui respectively. I’m in love this bag already and think I need to go back and get it in a couple more colours since it’s only 100Ls!

The hat and hair combo came from LaViere for this weeks FLF, make sure you grab it before the day is out!




Hat & Hair – Darya – LaViere for FLF (Mesh!) NEW

Coat – Overcoat – Ricielli

Boots – Suede Mesh Boots – lassitude & Ennui @ L’accessoires Black Friday sale NEW

Scarf – Maya Scarf – Decoy

Bag – Stud Clutch – HandVerk @ L’accessoires Black Friday sale NEW

Necklace – Marrakech Heart – Maxi Gossamer

Skin – Roza Brr & Etci 03 – Glam Affair @ C88

Pose – Le Poppycock

Location – Small Town of Green

Bad Girl

I didn’t really intend to blog this outfit, I was wearing it last night while I TP’d around to a few clubs listening to music and the more I looked at myself (which was a lot) the more I felt like a long legged Bond girl or something. So I came to the logical conclusion that I should strap an Uzi to my leg and take a picture.




Hair – Ella – Lelutka (Mesh!) NEW

Top (yes I wore it as a micro mini) – Geometric Tunic – ISON (Mesh!)

Necklace – Black Eye Necklace – Glow Studio

Cuff  – Plated Cuff – Gotzsche

Bangles – Boho Bangles – Maxi Gossamer (edited)

Ring – Roho Ring – Maxi Gossamer

Skin – Roza Basics – Glam Affair

Thigh Holster and Gun – Thigh Holster – Carnage Weapons

Pose – Del May

Location – Tableau Vivant

Layers I Love

With more and more great mesh releases hitting the grid I have to admit that I am turning in to a little bit of a mesh snob. I don’t really like to spend money on certain clothes or furniture if it’s not mesh, because I just don’t think it’s a worth while investment and if I did, it would have to be for something exceptional.

Having said that, there are still some texture layer clothing items that I will buy on a regular basis. Lingerie and tops to layer under mesh clothing, and leggings. I love leggings. They are probably the only item that I fatpack regularly in SL.

Leggings really are a staple item for me. There are plenty of great mesh leggings around, but if you want to layer them under a mesh dress or top, then kicking it old school with some clothing layer leggings is the way to go. A pair of leggings can completely change an entire outfit.

Some of my favourite places for leggings include League, Teefy, Kyoot and G Field and now Tutti Frutti have released a great mix of them too! I’ve only shown 4 in the picture above but there were a total of 15 different prints released so make sure you check them out!




All leggings – Tutti Frutti

All poses – Glitterati


Last week I said I couldn’t take winter seriously yet, since where I live it’s still pretty bright and cheerful most days but when I logged in to SL today for some reason I had an urge to take a winter pic.

This dress from Baiastice at Fair has been blogged a lot already, but as soon as I saw the previews for it on Flickr last week I already knew that I wanted to style it this way, it is amazing though and I’m not tired of looking at it yet, so I hope you’re not either. I guess it’s more of a negligee type dress but the thought of having it paired with a thick, chunky cardigan and some boots appealed to me. I can almost feel the cold silk against my skin and the warmth of the cardigan with it making a delicious contrast.

The cardigan I’m wearing is from a store called Soup by Suppe Koba. I’d never been here or heard of it until Friday. Like a lot of people I don’t get out of my skybox much in world, but when I was doing my rounds for FLF I saw a very cute avie wearing it and she kindly gave me the landmark. I’m gonna include the SLURL this time just because it’s a new to me store and maybe new to you too. It’s mesh and comes in a few different colours, but only 3 sizes. XS, S and M. I’m usually a M in standard sizing and this one fits just perfectly.

I got the scarf I’m wearing at Decoys 50% off sale, I’m not sure of the end date on this but there is 50% off everything in store, so make sure you check it out! It’s not mesh but lately I’ve found that no matter how great rigged mesh scarves are, they don’t always go well with mesh clothing, especially if you’re wearing a mesh top that’s kind of over sized. So I was specifically looking for a non mesh scarf today and this one fitted perfectly.

The final new item I’m wearing is this hair from Truth. Non rigged mesh for easy editing and super pretty, I love it. The braid gives it that little something extra and makes for a style that is easy to dress up or down.

I really wanted a pair of nice mesh ugg style boots to go with this outfit, but I struggled to find any that were a more original design. In RL I love my ugg boots, I live in them from about November to March and I would probably do the same in SL if I could get my hands on them. So if any creators are reading this please, pleeeeeease someone help a girl out! OR how about some glam wellies kinda like the Jimmy Choo / Hunter collab? I need some of these in my SLife!

Till that happens, I’ll keep dreaming.




Hair – Adeline – Truth (Non rigged mesh) NEW

Dress – Aida Dress – Baiastice @ Fair (Mesh!) NEW

Cardigan – Knit Cardi – Soup (Mesh!)

Scarf – Lynn Scarf – Decoy (50% off sale!)

Socks – Lacy Knee Socks – Kyoot

Skin – Roza, Brr & Etci 03 – Glam Affair @ C88

Pose – Le Poppycock

Location – Tatty Soup