Genius – Single Frame Story

I had some time on my hands today and felt like doing something different. So I decided to take up the Single Frame Story challenge. I was a fan of Whiskey Monday’s blog and her tweets as pictures anyway, so when she got together with Botgirl Questi to create Single Frame Stories I knew at some point I’d give it a go. There’s more information about what it is and how to participate here, but basically each week a prompt is issued and people are asked to create something inspired by that. Pictures are dropped in to the Single Frame Stories Flickr Group and later published on the blog.

I followed the blog for a while and I’m really quite amazed at the funny, witty and moving pictures that people put out there. It’s the kind of thing I read and think wow, I need to go to school where these folk did! So anyway, this weeks prompt was Genius so I thought I’d give it a go! If you ever feel like doing something different but lack inspiration, check out the Single Frame Story blog and see if you can pick up any there!




Hair – Milly – Truth (Mesh!)

Eyes – Liquid Light Mesh Eyes Light Grey – Mayfly (Mesh!)

Lashes – Touch – Glow Studio

Lightbulb – Gentlemen Bulbs – Lisp


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