Mon Tissu Blogger Search Contest

So last week Mon Tissu announced that they were going to hold a competition to find a new blogger. I’m not gonna lie, it kind of felt like I died a little bit when I saw their announcement and my reaction was OMG! Or more accurately, OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!

I don’t really enter competitions in general, not just in SL but in my real life too. I’m sure this everything to do with lack of belief in my abilities, and fear of failure etc etc, I don’t need to see a shrink to figure that out. But this opportunity was more than just a competition, it was a challenge as well. Putting a look together that I loved with Mon Tissu pieces and making a good picture was a challenge and I decided that as long as I was proud of whatever I came up with in the end, that was what mattered. Which is why I’m sharing it here as well!

If you’ve not heard about the Mon Tissu contest you can find information on it here and all my credits in this picture can be found on my entry on Flick here.

Hope you like it and good luck to all who enter!




3 thoughts on “Mon Tissu Blogger Search Contest

  1. Great look! It’s so refreshing to see original styling! So many days the feeds are full of bloggers who show the same new item over and over. By the time I’ve seen it 20 times, I’ve lost all desire to buy it myself.

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