Flee – Vintage Fair Preview 6

Well since it is now 1am on the 4th of August for me, this is going to be my last Vintage Fair preview before it officially opens! I have so many more amazing items to show you, but it’s hard to find the time, although I’m sure they will come up in the next few days.

I’m wearing a lot of items from the fair here, so let’s start at the top! This cowboy hat is by Monso and is available with a few different textures and colours (four I think it was) but I went for the beige since my hair is usually dark I figured it would contrast better.

Next up is this mesh dress from DDL. I’ve shown a couple of their pieces here and this was a new to me store, so I was delighted to have found them because the styles are just the kind of thing I love. I did have a bit of an issue with the fitting of the dress, on the M that I usually wear the straps were way too high on my shoulders, so I went down to the S which fitted fine, I just needed to make my legs a tad skinnier. If only I could do that in the real world! Also I love this colour, coral, can you tell?

I’m wearing jewellery from Glow Studio that you can find at the fair…my earrings actually have ducks on them. Yes ducks. I posted this link a few weeks ago and now I think I officially am the woman with the turkey earrings, except kind of triumphant because I DID manage to make a cute little ensemble with those duck earrings!

Now on to the boots. These are also by Monso and I got to tell you they are well worth purchasing. They cost 495Ls and come with a texture change HUD. But this is not just any old texture change HUD. On the HUD the boots are broken down in to 4 sections, and each of those sections can be customised with one of 4 colours. So you can make them look completely different every time you wear them! I think this is a great price for so many options and well worth the investment.

I’m also wearing another new mesh release from Truth. As we know I love braids, so there is nothing for me not to like or rave about with this style.

Just a few more hours until those doors (sims) are open, I hope you have your Ls ready and happy shopping this weekend!




Hair – Froukje – Truth (Mesh!) NEW

Dress – For Reasons Unknown – DDL @ Vintage Fair (Mesh!) NEW

Hat – My Western Hat – Monso @ Vintage Fair NEW

Boots – My Western Boots – Monso @ Vintage Fair NEW

Earrings – Birdy Sets – Glow Studio @ Vintage Fair NEW

Necklace – Scarf Necklace – Glow Studio @ Vintage Fair NEW

Pose – PDA

Location – Tableau


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