OMGAH! Vintage Fair 2012 opens tomorrow!

OMGAH! Can you see how excited I am?!

There are so many wonderful items on offer at Vintage Fair this year, and I’ve only managed to show a few bits and pieces, it’s really a must to go visit for anyone who loves a bit of retail therapy!

Don’t forget you can find your map and SLURLS on Chic’s website here but the layout is so well planned that you can just start at one end and walk all around the cobble lined streets popping in and out of stores. There are 3 full sims so there is plenty of chance for people to get entry, I know there’s always a problem with that the first couple of days on a one sim event, so this will be easier. If you can’t get in the first couple of times just persevere!

Sasy Scarborough has some great advice here on how to have as little lag as possible when attending events. It’s really worth while reading and the bit about not wearing prims? It really helps. I personally do a lot of my regular shopping in system layer clothes now, if it’s a serious session and I know I’m going to be demo-ing a lot of mesh, it just makes sense!

In my excitable picture I’m wearing the Jubilee necklace which is available from Ingenue at the fair. It’s mesh and super cute! Also this mesh ruffled top which I <33 is a new release from Tutti Frutti that you can find there.

My hair is one of Truth’s newest releases, I love the fun quirky style and it comes with a HUD so that you can change the bow colour to match your outfits, perfect!

Hope you all enjoy the fair, and don’t forget to drop your pics into the Flickr group!




Hair – Liberty – Truth (Mesh!) NEW

Top – Donna Mesh Ruffled Top – Tutti Frutti @ Vintage Fair (Mesh!) NEW

Necklace – Jubilee – Ingenue @ Vintage Fair (Mesh!) NEW


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