Toki Doki 2nd Anniversary – LOTD

Toki Doki is celebrating their 2nd anniversary with a bang! First of all Maya redesigned her store, so now it has a fab new mesh build with lots of extra space. She has also planned another 3 parts to her celebrations and here they are taken from her notecard that was sent out in the group.

1. Every day there will be brand new exclusive group gifts, these gifts will not be given out past the event, please try to pick them up before Monday July 30th, at 11:59 PM SLT. A group notice will be sent when a new gift has been rezzed at the store, please wear your group tag.

2. Every day, 5 different items (all colours included) will be marked 75% off. You will have to find them though 🙂 no special marks, no hints, can be any items in the store look carefully! ^^ (Mayallivanders items are excluded).

3. There is a particular section in the store where everything is sold for 2 or 0 lindens! Please look around and try to find it, it is really easy 🙂

Uh, wow! It’s only the 2nd day of the anniversary specials and I have already picked up so much awesome stuff.  This mesh dress that I’m wearing is the 2nd day group gift and comes in 2 exclusive, previously unreleased colours. The scarf I got for 2Ls in the super cheapy section and the bag and boots have 75% off today!

The one thing I will mention is that the group is now currently closed for a few days so only existing members will be able to claim the group gifts. But everyone else should still get down there daily and check out the specials, and make sure you join the group as soon as you can so that you don’t miss out in future! In my opinion Maya is one of the most generous designers to her group members and this will be the 3rd time I say it, but joining the group is well worth the small investment.

Couple of other things I wanted to mention. First this hair from Truth. I know a lot of people were disappointed not to see Truth at Hair Fair, but it doesn’t mean the new releases aren’t coming regularly. This one was out last week and you can imagine how much I am <3-ing the casual, cute look. The colour change hair clips give it that extra bit of style.

Also, I’ve talked about Marukin poses before but I think they are worth mentioning again. They’re still currently one of my favourite types of poses and are perfect for LOTD pics that are understated and natural.

I may or may not be back later, since I picked up so much nice stuff at FLF today! Also well worth checking out!




Hair – Milly – Truth (Mesh!)

Dress – Geanna Dress Anniversary Colours – Toki Doki Group Anniversary Gift (Mesh!)

Scarf – Scarf Knots Flower – Toki Doki (Anniversary Sale)

Boots – Winter Boot – Toki Doki (Anniversary Sale)

Bag – Federica Bag – Toki Doki (Anniversary Sale)

Glasses – Harlow Sunglasses – Mon Tissu (Mesh!)

Bracelets – Boho Bangles – Maxi Gossamer

Pose – Marukin

Location – Where It Begins


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