The Inventory Issue

I shop a lot in Second Life. I’d go so far as to say 6 or 7 days a week. I might only spend 50Ls, but pretty much guaranteed that every time I log on, I’m going to buy something. I don’t have the biggest inventory around, I try to keep it below 30k items and I’m usually pretty good with that, it fluctuates between 25-30k, but still, that’s quite a lot.

So how come I can have days like yesterday, where I really struggled to put together an outfit? I literally clicked the little suitcase icon, then sat and stared at my inventory for a long time and all I could think was, “I have nothing to wear.”

I do have things to wear, I must have. I shop every day. Those Celoe pants I ended up wearing have been out for a while and I love them, yet I’d never blogged them and in fact I had never even worn them until yesterday. The sad thing is, they’re not the only item in my inventory that I’ve bought, loved and never worn or only worn once. It seems like once I put an item in the folder that I’ve “organised”, I just forget about it.

The other day the man and I sat and went through our pictures from the last few months and there were clothes and hair I was wearing that I’d totally forgotten about, even though I’d only bought them two months ago.

I can’t say that my inventory is exactly orderly. I kind of know where everything is, but I definitely don’t remember it all. Plus there is a whole bunch of stuff in there that I really don’t need (like the Gala demo skins from ’07…WHY have I still got them??) but some of it I’ve held on to for so long now I don’t feel like I can delete it.

I know I should organise better and probably delete a bunch of junk, I’m sure it would make it easier for me to put together outfits and I wouldn’t forget half the stuff I own but honestly, the thought of trying to organise that lot just makes me depressed.

I’ve tried, several times, to box things up and delete old stuff but every time I do it’s like I don’t even make a dent in it. So instead I waste far too much time opening my inventory and staring at it and wondering why I have nothing to wear.

Today I think I’ll just stay in my pyjamas.




Hair – Vivienne Type A – D!va

PJs – Cupcake – Apple May

Bed – Hodgepodge Bed 2 – LISP

Picture – Trees Print – LISP

Birdcage – Schadenfreude

Hat boxes -LISP




3 thoughts on “The Inventory Issue

  1. I can definitely relate to this post. My inventory is really organized but once I put things in the proper folder, there is not a chance I come back and look for them. I don´t know if keeping notecards is part of the problem for you, some people just delete them, I use to keep them quite often… I would pack them up in a prim but as we know that´s not very helpful when you have to find a specific one. Then, a few days ago, I bought a beautiful deco prop at %Percent Furniture. It´s a magazine holder containing a script that keeps all your notes organized, showing a menu where you can choose just the note you want yo have. Most important, they are *outside* your inventory, and if you need to keep the prop in your inventory, well, it´s still just one item. Hopefully they will come up with something similar for all my hairs / skins / shoes / etceteras 🙂

    • That sounds like a handy device! Notecards are not a major issue for me though, I went through them a while back and made notecards for categories and dropped them on there. I do need to get one of those texture organisers for sure though and wow, clothes and hair organisers would be amazing! I can dream about that I guess.

  2. I have an item in my inventory called “[ABODE] – OPERATION ORGANIZATION – BASICS”, and appears to be made by “Aya L. Beck (aya.liotta)”. I’m pretty sure it’s used for organizing clothing/hair/accessories/etc. I picked mine up a while back when it was new and on sale, but I’ve yet to try and untangle my 65K+ inventory. It would be worth looking into! Every little bit helps! 🙂

    And Connie, I’m glad you liked the Magazine Holders 🙂

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