Postcards from The Grid Part One – The Great Grid Hop Challenge

I had some free time on my hands this afternoon and was feeling pretty shopped out after the last few days so I decided to do something different.

A few days ago Harlow Heslop came up with a new challenge. The GREAT Grid Hop Challenge! You can read more about it on her blog here, but the basic premise is that you start at your home point, open the map and start teleporting to sims! When you find something that’s interesting you can upload pictures to the Flickr group and/or write about it on your blog. Well I found a few places that I thought were pretty nifty, so my first contribution is a few places rather than just one!

So here I am, doing the challenge, I readied myself at home, popped the map open and off I went!

One of the first sims I saw nearby to my home sim was called The Moulin Rouge, so obviously that was where I headed to right away. I’m not actually sure what else was around there because honestly I was suddenly too excited to explore and after snapping a couple of pics I was off again.

After tactfully avoiding a couple of sims with questionable names, I found one called Port Seraphine and thought that sounded better, so I tp’d right over and was happy to discover that it was actually the sim that housed the main stores for Bilo and Geometry! I don’t think I’ve ever actually been to their main stores, rather just bought bits from the marketplace and events but the Bilo store was really pretty from the outside and you could capture a few good snaps there.

Now this challenge is not as easy as it sounds. As well as negating those sims with questionable titles, you also have to steer clear of residential sims. A lot of the time it’s easy to tell which are residential because when you look at the map they are all cut into different sections of land, although there are a few which aren’t and I did find myself landing in people’s backgardens a few times. So my tip is to never actually teleport to a point on the sim where there is one or two green dots, unless you’re positive it’s not residential, because it could turn out that you get an eyeful of more than you bargained for!

Well the next place of interest that I landed at was called Bremusa Islands. From what I can gather it’s a role play sim for Amazon, tribal type RP. I can’t be exact because the info on the “about land” was really just a bunch of key words. It was a really pretty sim though, full of rustic treehouses and rivers. I would have liked to have spent more time there taking pics and playing with windlight, but unfortunately a man dressed like tarzan started coming across the sim quite quickly in my direction and I got scared and TP’d out. For real!

So after I spent a little bit more time landing in people’s homes and random info spots that seemed to have been abandoned by companies I saw a sim called…Lake Wank.

Now I don’t mind admitting that I snickered like a school kid when I saw that title and that every time I repeat it in my head I’m going “Lake Wank hahahahaha”. Maybe I’m totally ignorant and it actually IS a real lake (well I just googled it and google told me NO!) or maybe wank means something completely different in another language…I don’t know, but despite the fact that I was trying to avoid certain types of sims, I had to TP over to this one.

So you can imagine my disappointment to discover that it was just an actual lake.

It is a really pretty lake though! And you can rezz things there which is great for photo taking. I decided to rezz my scooter and have a little drive around, but that didn’t end well.

All in all I had a great time exploring and I’d definitely recommend everyone give this challenge a go. At times I felt a little bit of that noob excitement creeping back in, you remember being a noob right? When everything was ohhh and ahhhh. Well perhaps I don’t get out enough but I enjoyed this so much that I’ll definitely be repeating it with Lake Wank as my starting point instead this time.

If you take part don’t forget to post your pictures in the Flickr group coz I can’t wait to see them!





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