Hair Fair 2012

With all the excitement that’s been buzzing around about the One Voice event, I wanted to take a moment to remind you of another event with a worthy cause that opens in just a few days.

The annual Hair Fair will open on the 14th of July and run for 2 weeks until the 29th. Hair creators from all over the grid will come together to showcase their new releases and help to raise money for Wigs for Kids. You can find more information at the Hair Fair blog here, including a letter from Wigs for Kids regarding last years donations.

There are a couple of other parts to Hair Fair. First of all the annual photo contest which was won this year by Sinjin Cooperstone’s fabulous picture illustrating freedom, I still can’t look at this photo without at least cracking a grin.

There is also Bandana Day on the 29th of July, which you can find information on here. Although this part of the event is now closed for new bandana designs, make sure you pick a couple up at the Hair Fair before the 29th!






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