Punked – More From Chic2

As I was editing this picture I couldn’t stop lol-ing to myself, coz I think it’s pretty obvious from any of my previous posts that I’m no kind of rock chick. But it’s Thursday night, I had nothing better to do and you know what they say about idle hands…plus I was feeling particularly uh, mumsy(?) after my last post, so I think I kind of rebelled against myself!

I got this dress from Vanguard at Chic2, it’s not the kind of thing I’d normally wear but I felt like a change and I do like it. It came in a few different colours which were cool, but I have one question. Where were the demo’s? Please anyone correct me if I’m wrong, but I couldn’t find them. Yes I bought this dress without a demo this time, but not having them for mesh clothing is a real turn off to me and does put me off buying things, although as I’ve mentioned before there are a couple of well known stores where I might buy without trying coz I’m 99% certain I’m gonna love it anyway.

I also adore this hair that was released from Truth a few days ago, and figured I’d go crazy and wear pink! I love how I consider wearing pink hair to be “going crazy!” hahaha.

Cool new Dance Off poses from Gliteratti available at Chic2 as well, they were kind of the inspiration for my outfit.

I think this post entertained me more than anyone else, but I hope you liked it!




Hair – Tashia – Truth (Mesh!)

Dress – Obsession Dress – Vanguard @ Chic2 (Mesh!) NEW

Leggings – Leggings/Pink – Lelutka

Lipstick – Kokeshi Lipstick – Fishy Strawberry (previous TDR release)

Tattoo – Butterfly Medley – Para Designs

Pose – Glitterati Dance Off @ Chic2


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