June C88 & Glam Affair

Finally the 8th has arrived! It feels like Christmas every month when C88 opens and I feel like a kid all over again.

This month’s theme was “Shindig” with lots of bright, bold colours, geometric patterns etc. Glam Affair was the guest for this round and I’ve picked a couple of their items to blog. Firstly because I adore this Zoe dress they released and secondly because of their skins.

For a while now I wanted to buy a Glam Affair skin, I know there has been lots of talk about them looking grey or ashen to some people, or the body texture not matching the face and unfortunately (for me) that was how they appeared whenever I tried them on. But I kept seeing wonderful pictures on Flickr and on blogs where the skin looked great and I absolutely adored the faces on the latest releases. I kept getting demos and trying them on and messing with windlight, because I was so irked that they looked ashen to me and yet amazing in these other pictures and I seriously couldn’t believe that was all Photoshop work.

So today I picked up their Mia skin that was released for C88, with 3 different make up types, determined not to be a complete noob and to finally find whichever windlight it was that made the tones and textures look awesome, as I’d seen in other pictures. Well wouldn’t you know I found it! I used the StrawberrySingh.com Orignal windlight, which you can download from her site here and voila! Picture perfect Glam Affair skins! I’ve been doing a little happy dance for the last couple of hours because now I get to enjoy them on myself and not just from afar!

Also loving this funky turban from Yummy at C88, perfect if you’re having a bad hair day. Not that that ever happens to us in SL of course!

So if you haven’t already visited, get yourself over to C88 and peruse the goodness on offer!




Skin – Mia Disco C – Glam Affair @ C88

Turban – Fabby Turban – Yummy @ C88

Dress – Zoe Dress – Glam Affair @ C88

Earrings – Emerald Chain Earrings – Paper Couture

Ring – Diamond Bee Ring – Paper Couture

Cigarette Holder – Parisian Cigarette Holder – The Sea Hole (previous C88 release)

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