More From Maitreya

Well I didn’t intend to make another post quite so quickly, but in true addict style I figured, “hey, I’ve got nothing better to do than sleep, right?” So here I am!

This is the new mesh top and flared jeans that were released earlier on by Maitreya, I’m actually too tired now to write more than…see how good they are?? Oh and! I love my butt in these jeans, I don’t know if they changed the shape for them but Maitreya always did a really good butt shape on the mesh dresses and skirts I thought, but when the skinny jeans and leggings came out I thought it looked a bit flat, however I personally think it’s a lot better in these ones, nice and curvy! Yes, I’m wearing the hat and hair combo again!

Also, 3rd blog post in a row for these SLink Ilena sandals…and I’ve had so many IMs in world asking where I got them from, if you don’t have them yet, why not?? They go with eeeeeeverryyyyything! Yah seriously, I might not take them off till October.




Hair – Siobhan – Maitreya (Mesh!) NEW

Top – Cupio Colour Top – Maitreya (Mesh!) NEW

Jeans – Mesh Flare Jeans – Maitreya (Mesh!) NEW

Feet – Womens Natural Barefeet – SLink (Mesh!)

Sandals – Ilena Sandals – SLink (Mesh!)

Bangles – Patra Gold Wire Bracelets – Zaara

Chewy mouth corn thing – Epi De Ble – #187# (yes that is the store name, marketplace link here <<<)

Pose – Glitterati

Location – Dutchie Mainstore


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