Old World at the Beach

I’ve interrupted my little flow of Culture Shock and C88 releases to bring you something new.

I’m willing to bet that the majority of people reading this have never heard of Old World by Katrina Kristen, mainly because it’s a role play / medieval store. I stopped regularly role playing a few months ago now, but I kept in the loop with what products were being released and I was pleased to see some more mesh finding it’s way there over the last few weeks.

I always liked Old World for my role play clothes, they’re well made without being too fussy and having a million prim attachments, then I saw this release and I knew I had to have it, not because I wanted it especially for role play but because it’s perfect for mainstream too. As soon as I saw the ad for this outfit I thought, ok, I need that for the beach!

The outfit comes with the mesh top and skirt, both of which are separates so can easily be mixed and matched. They’re in standard sizing and fit very nicely. You also get the bangles I’m wearing here and the skirt comes in not just one lovely print, but two. That’s right, TWO different skirt patterns. I’m wearing it in beige since I’m a neutrals lover, but it’s available in pink and bluey-green-turquoise sets as well.

So lets just have a review of what you get here. A gorgeous mesh top and skirt, with 2 different skirt types and a set of pretty stacked bangles. How much do you think you’d pay for that? In mainstream I know you’d probably pay 150 – 200Ls for the top alone. Well this entire set is for sale at….190Ls. I happen to think that is incredible value for money and that this outfit is a must buy for anyone who plans to spend time at the beach this summer!

I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for anything else that comes from a role play store that could be used in mainstream from now on!




Hair – Alessandra – Truth

Earrings – Senjyu Earrings Africa – Mandala

Top – Pretty Girl  Set- Old World (Mesh!)

Skirt – Pretty Girl Set – Old World (Mesh!)

Bangles – Pretty Girl Set – Old World

Sunglasses – Karina Glasses – Yummy – Previous C88 release (Mesh!)

Feet- Natural Barefeet – SLink (Mesh!)

Pose – From Millfeuille Set – Marukin


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