Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones

Obviously I have no idea what I’m doing with this outfit, it’s just a bunch of cool stuff that I thought was COOL so I wore it and now I LOOK COOL TOO.

The hair you can pick up from the Tableau Vivant at the pirate themed round of The Fantasy Collective, the nose chain and corset are new things from Zaara and Aisling at We <3 RP and finally the tattoo is from Reckless out at The Mens Dept!



Hair – Drake – Tableau Vivant @ The Fantasy Collective

Skin – Romy America – Glam Affair

Corset – Elsa Corset – Aisling @ We <3 RP NEW

Nose Chain – Ayanna Nose Ring – Zaara @ We <3 RP NEW

Tattoo – Sticks and Stones – Reckless @ The Mens Dept NEW

Eye make up – Prezioso 07 – Glam Affair

Bra – From Lycia Tank Top – Mon Tissu

Pose – Le Poppycock



So much exciting new goodness at C88 this round. I was even up early enough to go as soon as it opened which is the first time in a long time for me, of course the sim crashed after 20 minutes before I could even rezz properly or buy anything, but that’s all part of the fun eh?

Anyway after a couple of more successful trips, I managed to grab a few things. First of all this vest from Ison, I’m so in love with it. I think now I should’ve fatpacked it because I know I’m gonna end up buying at least 2 or 3 more different colours. It’s just a perfect casual add on to any outfit, and is not too hard to fit over other mesh.

I can’t get enough of this Dreadlow hair from Tableau Vivant either. It’s so different to what I’m used to and even though I’ve seen some great pictures of people really rocking other dreads in SL, they never seemed to suit me. I think the hat makes the difference with this one though, which of course comes with a HUD to texture change. If dreads aren’t your thing then there’s a regular hair version too.

One of the main reasons I was so excited about this round was that Maitreya was participating. Like any good SL fashion lover, I’m a huge fan of theirs so to seem them being a part of something like Collab just about made my day. The leggings I’m wearing were one of their releases, as well as an over sized coat which I’m sure will find it’s way onto my blog some time this week.

Finally, my background is just multiple copies of the new Philby TV from Seven Emporium who were making a guest appearance at C88 too. It’s a great vintage decor piece, comes with several different texture screens to choose from, as well as varying levels of noise and if that wasn’t enough there’s a ton of matching items available too. Perfect for creating your cosy, winter, indoor setting.



Hair – Dreadlow – Tableau Vivant @ C88 NEW

Skin – Mokatana America – Glam Affair @ C88 NEW

Top – Mignon Top – Maitreya

Vest – Raw Hide Vest – Ison @ C88 NEW

Pants – Panel Leggings – Maitreya @ C88 NEW

Scarf – Skinny Scarf – Mon Tissu

Glasses – Aviators – Redgrave

TV – Philby TV – Seven Emporium @ C88 NEW

Pose – Le Poppycock

A Little Bit Of Fantasy

A Little Bit Of Fantasy

The Fantasy Collective opens it’s doors today, and brings you lots of great designers with their new woodland themed releases. I’m wearing this beautiful leaf jewellery set from Zibska that will add a delicate and elegant touch to any outfit or costume. It includes a necklace, forearm and upper arm piece, as well as a matching circlet that I couldn’t wear coz, well, big hair.

Of course I’m wearing the Glam Affair Ballerina Vanity feet that you can find at Shoetopia, as soon as I saw them I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist finding a big music box and hopping on top like a dancer.

Anyway, I hope you liked the little bit of fantasy I brought today, and have fun finding some yourself at The Fantasy Collective.



Hair – Salome – Lelutka

Corset – Clara – Celoe

Skirt – Gauze skirt – Mon Tissu

Feet- Ballerina Vanity Feet – Glam Affair @ Shoetopia NEW

Jewellery – Edera Set – Zibska @ The Fantasy Collective NEW

Music Box – The Orange Works

Pose – Del May

A Million Different People

A Million Different People

Hiiii! Hope everyone is having a good start to their week. I’m back today with a bunch of new things that were released over the past few days.

First some newness from Collaborate, the hair from Lamb as well as the cropped pants and oxford style shoes with socks which are both by Baiastice. I love Lamb hair and I always get excited when I see her participating in events, there are 2 styles out at C88 for you to treat yourself with!

Also new are the sunglasses by Sorgo and the scarf from Pixel Mode which are both unisex items you can find at The Mens Dept. Sorgo always releases unique style glasses and gives you the option of having them as regular ones or shades, lately they’ve been giving a “display” model too, which has the arms folded up so you can hold them in your hand. This scarf is great too, I’ve been looking for new ones over the past couple of weeks and I love how the mesh is shaped so that it partially covers your mouth. It’s not rigged so easy to resize if you need.

Finally I’m wearing Emery’s latest item for FaMESHed, which is the cardigan with T-shirt, a great item for the colder weather and really stylish too. I’m using a recent pose that was out at Imeka’s store a little while ago as well.

Oh and let me just add…I know I’ve taken several pictures at Neva Sky Villi since it opened but it’s just my absolute favourite sim for taking shots at right now. There are so many different areas to explore that you could take 100 pics there and never have the same background twice. It can be pretty laggy at times but I think the results are worth it.



Hair – Stay Don’t Go – Lamb @ C88 NEW

Top – Los Angeles Cardigan – Emery @ FaMESHed RECENT

Pants – Metro Cropped Pants – Baiastice @ C88 NEW

Shoes – Oxford Shoes with Socks – Baiastice @ C88 NEW

Scarf – Dual Tone Scarf – Pixel Mode @ The Mens Dept NEW

Glasses – IDGAF – Sorgo @ The Mens Dept NEW

Bag – Sophmore Satchel – Mon Tissu

Pose – Imeka RECENT

Location – Neva Sky Villi

A Little Birdy Told Me….

A Little Birdy Told Me

There are so many fantastic events going on right now, with autumn fashions making a big splash on the grid, so I’m put this simple little look together with a few new pieces.

Birdy is one of those skin brands, like The Skinnery, that I always see pictures of people looking fantastic in on Flickr, but a lot of the time when I demo them and see them on myself my reaction is…oh. Something about my shape just doesn’t really suit them but I went out to demo this Ingrid skin from Birdy that you can find at The Chapter Four (for only 99Ls!!) and I just loved it. It won’t replace my every day Glam Affair skins, but I’ll definitely be pulling it out when I need a change. I used Annan Adored’s Tan Skin windlight setting for the close up because it gives some nice added saturation to the skin that I can play around with in PS if I want to. I visited the Birdy main store to pick up the appliers for SLink hands and feet and decided that the sim was so pretty that I’d take my pictures there too!

A Little Birdy Told Me

Some more new things from Collabor88, this fantastic long line cardigan from House of Fox, I love the slightly square shape to the shoulders on the mesh, which makes it a little bit different. Also new are these boots from Ison @ C88 which, I’m not gonna lie, are just to die for. They’re obviously mesh and at only 188Ls a pair you can easily afford to stock up for autumn and winter!

I’m wearing this new hairstyle from Tulip as well, which is available at The Seasons Story event. This is absolutely my favourite one Mina has made so far, I didn’t even want to edit it with wisps and strands like I normally try to do, because I just loved it the way it was.

Finally both the poses are from a new autumn set that Kirin released for The Seasons Story too!



Skin – Ingrid – Birdy @ The Chapter Four NEW

Hair – Karlie – Tulip @ The Seasons Story NEW

Cardigan – Wool Cardi – House of Fox @ C88 NEW

Jeans – LouLou – Mon Tissu

Boots – Cult Riding Boots – ISON @ C88 NEW

Hairband – Shimmer Hairband – The Sea Hole (no longer available)

Scarf – Wrap Scarf Braided – Tres blah (previous Arcade gacha item)

Bag – Folded Leather Clutch – ISON @ C88 NEW

Eyes – Vanity Eyes – Ikon

Poses – Kirin @ The Seasons Story NEW

Location – Birdy Main Store

Nothing Sweet About Me

Nothing Sweet About Me

I really don’t do the cute look very often, because frankly there are a ton of bloggers who do it way better than I can and it’s not something I’m usually comfortable in, but now and then there’s a release that just makes me wanna be cute and this adorable curly hair style from D!va is one of those.

So in a bid to be a bit cuter, I decided that of course I needed some pink. This new turtle neck from Teefy that you can find at Collabor88 was perfect for that and so was this pose with owl prop from Imeka. You can find the prop at The Seasons Story event which just opened.

I ended up cropping this picture a little weird, I normally would’ve cropped it smaller cutting off my legs more but I really wanted to show you guys these skyline tights! I admit I squeed a little when I saw the London skyline version and couldn’t wait to put them on, there’s also a New York and Paris version too. These are from Cannibelle which is just on the marketplace for the moment, along with some fab polka dotted tights as well. Perfect for this season and best of all they’re compatible with the SLink mesh feet!

Anyway, my regular style will resume tomorrow coz I’m really not this sweet at all.



Hair – Tina – D!va @ C88 NEW

Skin – Candy 03 America - Glam Affair @ The Arcade

Sweater – Turtle Neck Basic Sweater – Teefy @ C88 NEW

Skirt – High Waisted Denim Mini – Tulip (previous Arcade gacha item)

Tights – London Skyline Tights (compatible with SLink mesh feet) – Canibelle NEW

Belt – Wide Belt II –

Scarf – Infinity Scarf – Mon Tissu

Pose and prop – My Cute Owl – Imeka @ The Seasons Story NEW

Location – Zigana

Take It Easy

Take It Easy

I’m back today with some more great new things available at Summerfest! It opened yesterday and if you haven’t been yet then you have 2 weeks to do so!

First of all let me start with this new skin from The Skinnery. I’ve seen lots of pictures on Flickr and blogs of Skinnery skins and I always loved the natural and realistic look of them, but whenever I demoed they never seemed to be quite right on me coz of my shape or whatever, that was until today! Angie is The Skinnery’s “beach babe” skin and I have to say I’m really liking it, a lot.

The way the lips are shaded to give them extra shape, the textures and shading around the eyes to give them a very realistic and natural effect is perfect to me. I’m forever wearing dark eye circles on tattoo layers and whatnot, but none of them look as good as these ones do. There are a ton of options for the skin too, with freckles, sunburn and the under eye circles all being on tattoo layers so you can mix it up to your tastes. There are 3 different eyebrow shape hair bases and you a tintable eyebrow tattoo layer too, since the skin comes just with the blonde brows. Anyway, if you’re looking for something a bit different, I definitely recommend this skin!

Also new from Summerfest are these cute tops and shorts from Tulip. The loose tee has a cut out back which gives it a certain sassiness and makes it a little bit different from most others, and the cutoff jean shorts are a classic staple item, which I particularly love in this white wash colour. You can pick up these cool shades by Tabloid there too! Lots of colours available but of course I picked a neutral shade, since that’s usually my thing.

Finally I’m wearing a new hair from Truth, a very relaxed casual braid that’s perfect for a stroll on the beach on Sunday!



Hair – Siobhan – Truth NEW

Skin – Angie Champagne (with freckles and moles, beach blush, undereye dark circles tattoo layers – included) – The Skinnery @ Summerfest NEW

Top – Leopard Cut Out Tee – Tulip @ Summerfest NEW

Shorts – Vintage Cut Offs – Tulip @ Summerfest NEW

Glasses – Baia Sunglasses – Tabloid @ Summerfest NEW

Necklace – Sea Trinkets Charm Necklace – Yummy

Watch – Polyex Sports Watch – Yummy (previous Arcade gacha item)

Bag – Straw Tote Bag – Mon Tissu

Eyes – Destiny Eyes Hazel – Ikon

Pose – From Lily Pose Set – Kirin

Take Three (and the SL Pet Peeves Meme)

Take Three and a Meme

It took me three shoots to get a picture I was happy with for this post, I’ve been feeling a bit off for a couple of days, I’m pretty sure it was having time off for Easter, kinda lost the roll I was on. I hope it’s back now anyway.

I’m wearing a few new things in this picture. First this loose ponytail that Truth released over the weekend, I love it’s relaxed, natural style. Perfect for the beach! Also the cute, cute new bandeau top from Drift. There are a couple of different styles available, I’m wearing the plain jersey print version, and both come with a colour change HUD so you can switch them up, even the knot is colour change too! I love that Drift is giving this option lately with their releases, it’s really good value for money that you’re getting so many different colours and/or prints with a single purchase. Now I just need some matching bottoms for this top and I’ve got a perfect little bikini! *wink wink, nudge nudge* :D

Mon Tissu also released their first collection for 2013 this week and these shorts were my favourite. I love the belt detail and the little slits on the front, it really gives them something extra and makes them just that bit different. There are tons of prints and colours to choose from as well.

Finally, the necklace I’m wearing is from Maxi Gossamer at this months round of FaMESHed. I love her boho pieces and this one is no different, beautiful detailing as always, the stone is texture change and the chain comes in both gold and silver.

So Berry started a new meme the other day, it’s basically some of your SL Pet Peeves. Since I enjoyed her others I thought I’d take part again. Do I need to put a disclaimer that these are only peeves of mine, and not to be taken personally? Well I’m gonna, and that was it.

1. Out of date welcome/orientation areas. Last year I spent a fair bit of time hanging out at this kind of place that’s aimed at new residents, trying to help them and offer advice etc. I think a lot of it fell on deaf ears so I pretty much gave up after a few futile months, but mostly what got me was how bad these places looked and the quality of freebies offered. I wondered if I joined SL today and landed in one of them would I stick around? Back in 2006 it was acceptable, but why are they still stuck in 2006 when the rest of SL has made such vast improvements? I always tell my friends that if I ever could afford my own sim I’d make a really nice welcome area for noobs and I’d beg beg beg some good designers to donate a freebie or two. Seriously though, if anyone reading this has the funds to do it and would like to, let me know because I would loooooooove to help!

2. Weird characters/fonts and numbers in names. Ok this is gonna make me sound judgey and I’m sorry but if you have your dob or your age or something after your username, or your display name is full of strange characters/in a weird font, I just can’t take you seriously. I’m not going to be rude or ignore you or anything, but I’m not gonna make a first move in talking to you, and to be brutally honest I’m gonna struggle to make conversation more than a few sentences because all I’ll see are the numbers or some name I can’t make sense of. I do have a couple of friends on my list that use the fonts (just to prove I’m not totally a bitch lol) but I do tease them about it and I think they’re pretty aware that it’s a peeve of mine.

3. Limited groups/tattoo layers/alpha layers. I think this speaks for itself, and yes I know we’re lucky that they’ve already been increased but I’m a woman dammit and I’m never satisfied, I need more!

4. Bad store layouts. If I go to a store and can’t find the item I just saw on Flickr/plurk/a blog within a minute or two then I’m probably going to give up and not buy it at all. I like new releases to be slapped in my face the moment I walk in, I like the store to be sectioned, jewellery over here, bags and shoes here etc etc. I feel exactly the same in RL.

5. TP fails Ever tried to make a dramatic exit and your tp fails? Ohhhh that’s so awkward!! Say you’re in the middle of an argument and you wanna do the SL equivalent of storming out and slamming the door but instead your screen goes black for a second and then you’re back there, just hovering and they’re looking at you, probably laughing at you and you’re like kdjasxmmkdfasnc SL gimme a break!! Even if I’m at some crowded place and I just said bye to everyone and then can’t leave, ugh, I’ve said before that I’m extremely self concious and sometimes when this has happened I want the virtual ground to open up and swallow me whole.

I’ve really enjoyed reading other people’s peeves and agreed with a lot of them, I could really have gone on a rant about things people do that annoy me but I wanted to make it more about SL rather than people so that it didn’t just descend into a bitch fest, coz that’s what my best friends ear is for ;)

I hope all this wasn’t too much rambling for you!


Hair – Elisha – Truth NEW

Skin – Zara America Clean – Glam Affair @ Skin Fair

Top – Bandeau Top – Drift NEW

Shorts – Tulip Shorts – Mon Tissu NEW

Necklace – Crystal Glass Teardrop – Maxi Gossamer @ FaMESHed NEW

Glasses – Karina Glasses – Yummy

Bangles – Athena – Maxi Gossamer

Pose – Beth 11 – Diesel Works @ Pose Fair NEW

Location – The Grove

SL DisneyBound – Week 2 – Ariel “Kiss The Girl”

SL DisneyBound - Week 2 - Ariel "Kiss The Girl"

O.m.g. you guys, I am having sooooo much fun with this challenge! I mean seriously I’m at the point where I’m starting to wonder if it’s healthy for a grown woman to be getting so excited about dressing up as Disney characters…and it’s only week 2! But who cares, it’s fun and I’m enjoying it, that’s the name of the game right??

Anyway this weeks character was Ariel in the “kiss the girl” scene. You can read the original challenge info at Style Minions and this weeks information on their post here, where Natalee clarified the rules a little. Basically that it’s not just anyone from the Disney movie, it’s the actual character that is picked that you’re meant to portray and this week it’s even narrowed down further to her outfit in a specific scene. So no need to don your mermaid tails!

Last week I did the challenge entirely with items already in my inventory but this week I did buy a couple of pieces. The belt and skirt I picked up both from Erratic in their 50% off sale, I love sales! Make sure you get over and take advantage of this one, it’s well worth it and I spent entirely too much money there last night buying all the things. I loved this giant mesh bow that I got from Ingenue for FLF a couple of weeks ago but had nothing to wear it with till now and this Brianna hair in cranberry from Truth that I already had was a perfect fit.

Have you taken up the DisneyBound challenge yet? Make sure you join the Flickr group and add your pics and also check out the other fab entries, this is one group that I regularly look through, it’s so great to see what people can come up with.



Oh PS. I took this pic at Neva River again, less stalker like today coz I wasn’t right outside Neva’s window lol make sure you visit!


Hair – Brianna – Truth

Blouse – Longline Blouse – Mon Tissu

Skirt – Carly hoodie – skirt – Erratic IN THE SALE!!!

Belt – Dual Buckle Leather Belt – Erratic IN THE SALE!!!

Bow – Miette Bow Scarf – Ingenue

Cuffs – Erratic

Skin – Zara America Clean – Glam Affair @ Skin Fair

Pose – Le Poppycock

Location – Neva River

Life’s A Beach (and the procrastination meme)

Life's A Beach

There are so many events going on right now, it feels to me almost like there are new ones starting every week. I can’t blog on weekends so when I finally get here early in the week, everything that I bought on a Friday at an event has already been seen 100 billion times. Sometimes I’ll still blog them if I’m inspired to create a different look with them, but sometimes inspiration seems light years away.

I felt like that this week so instead I thought I’d put together a look with dress that I picked up in Leverocci’s sale last week. I’d umm’d and ahh’d over it for a while so when Jin Elfan announced her sale for Leverocci and Belgravia I dashed over. You can find details in that link but basically some stuff will be retired and right now there’s up to 75% off (marketplace excluded). So if like me you’d been admiring something there but hadn’t picked it up yet, now’s your chance!

I added the new over shoulder cardigan from Tram which is adorable, she actually did a version of this for Fifty Linden Friday which I thought I had bought but when I looked in my messy inventory, alas no, I’d only got the demo. Anyway I didn’t mind going back to grab one, there are 3 types available and each comes with a colour change HUD so you can mix and match them with different outfits. I think it’s going to be a great spring/summer accessory so bear with me if it makes more than just this appearance!

I got my little dog in the bag here a while ago, but hadn’t blogged it yet. Best thing about this dog is that it’s FREE! Who doesn’t love free stuff?? It’s animated and comes with a colour change HUD for the bag. I love it and think I’m carry him around for a while. Anyway you can find it here on the marketplace from Tutys.

Since I took part in Berry’s meme last week, I decided to give her new Procrastination meme a go too, so here it is!

What is the rez date for your current SL Avatar that you use most often?

Coral Lacey – 15th October 2006

Where was the first place you made friends as a newb and got to know people in Second Life?
A place called Club Heck coz that was the first place I got a job at. I think it wasn’t open very long and I was only there around 3 weeks but I made my first proper friend there.

Where do you spend most of your SL time now?
In my skybox.

Who is your closest friend in Second Life? (only pick one)
I have a few long time friends that know a lot about me but I don’t talk to them regularly so I’d have to say Harper (Shawneese Offcourse) ofc, she knows all my dirty secrets! ♥

What is the most favorite thing in your inventory? (only pick one)
Why this so hard! I’m trying to be deep and think of something meaningful that I own, but I don’t think I have anything! So at the moment either my Gos Sophia Peeptoes in black, coz I wear them all the time, or my SLink mesh feet, always a winner!

The last thing you purchased in Second Life?
The cardigan from Tram that I’m wearing in this pic.

What color clothing does your avatar wear most often?
Umm lately lots of black but I think that’s a phase, usually it’s shades of beige/creams/tans and other neutrals, coz I’m really boring like that. Sometimes I think I need more colour in my inventory so I’ll buy the next release in something like hot pink and then regret it the moment I put it on because I know I’m probably never gonna wear it.

Do you prefer to walk, run or fly?
I walk mostly because I forget a lot that I can fly, but yanno, flying’s pretty cool.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in SL?
Getting SL married and adopting a kid, it’s not silly crazy I know but it’s something I never thought I’d do and at the time I did wonder if I was going cray, but it was definitely good fun while it lasted.

Who would you like to play YOU, in the movie of your SLife?
This is really tough so I’m gonna have to say the love child of Zooey Deschanel and Sarah Jessica Parker!



Hat – Straw Fedora – Argrace

Hair – Kasia – Truth

Dress – Silk Embroidered Dress – Leverocci (in the sale!)

Cardigan – J.I. Cardigan – Tram

Belt – Rope Belt – LaGyo

Necklace – Vintage Bow Charm Necklace – Yummy @ C88

Glasses – Harlow Sunglasses – Mon Tissu

Bag and Dog – Tuty’s

Pose – Purple Poses

Location – Baja Norte