It Felt Good On My Lips

It Felt Good On My Lips

I’ve been away in RL for a few weeks, and today is the first real chance I’ve had to log in to SL and spend some time there – how lucky am I that it fell on Arcade day?!

This gorgeous Suki skin from Belleza is one of the items you can pick up today at The Arcade and I can’t tell you how much I love it. There’s a mixture of tones available, of course more of the paler variety for this style, as well as a ton of beautiful make ups. But my absolute favourite part of this skin, is the lips. I didn’t adjust my shape one tiny bit for this picture, the lips are naturally pouty and kissable looking! Don’t forget these skins are just 100L a pop, and tradeable! I love being able to grab skins and trade them around my alts, huge bonus.

If you can’t get into Arcade, don’t forget that FaMESHed opened today too, and you can pick up this intricately crafted head piece from Glam Affair there. There’s lots of different colours as well as a couple of styles available.

Hope everyone enjoys shopping today, and I’m looking forward to getting into a blogging routine again now that I’m back.


Hair – Judy – D!va

Skin – Suki Rare 01 – Belleza @ The Arcade NEW

Head piece – Akali Headdress Geisha 1 – Glam Affair @ FaMESHed NEW

Eyes – Spectral Eyes Clarity – Ikon

Lashes – Falsies – Candy Mountain

Lip Piercing – The Minimalist (edited) – Hebenon Vial

Cheek piercings and dimples – Sugar Heart

A Flower Fell In Love With The Sun

A Flower Fell In Love With The Sun...

I’m feeling perky today and I have some more new, pretty things from The Seasons Story that I wanted to share with you.

The new Brandi skin from Glam Affair that was out for Cutie Moon now has some great variations out at The Season’s Story. There are two different tones available, Europa and Frost, and each comes with several different make up options, including some with a delicate floral pattern painted on. I decided to go with one of the classic versions for this pic though, because I wanted to add the dramatic petal lashes, also by Glam Affair, that you can find at this months round of C88.

Other new things from the Seasons Story are this Elsa hair from D!va and this gorgeous headpiece from Aisling, which just fitted the hair and this look perfectly. And these super shiny eyes from Buzzeri.

I hope everyone has had a good start to their week :)



Hair – Elsa – D!va @ The Seasons Story NEW

Skin – Brandi Europa 05 – Glam Affair @ The Seasons Story NEW

Lashes – Spring Queen Lashes – Glam Affair @ C88 NEW

Head piece – Pimflette Elegance Headdress – Aisling @ The Seasons Story NEW

Eyes – Faerie Eyes – Buzzeri @ The Seasons Story NEW

Never Meant To Start A War

Never Meant To Start A War

I don’t take personal pictures very often, really, really rarely actually. I usually just point my camera, snap something and edit however I think looks pretty. But today this picture actually does have a bit of a personal meaning behind it and I enjoyed doing it a lot. Maybe I should do more.

Anyway the item I really wanted to show off is this amazing formal dress from Peqe. It’s out at the We <3 RP event at a discounted price in two colours, the gold and black as well as a pale blue and white. There are other colours available at the Peqe main store at full price. I've really loved Peqe's last 2 releases and I'm excited to see more from them.



Hair – Air – D!va

Skin – Sylvia America – Glam Affair

Dress – Highgarden Gown – Peqe @ We <3 RP NEW

Eye patch – Patch Mechanics 2 Black RARE – Shi. @ The Arcade NEW

Necklace – Royal Khadijah Estate Necklace – Maxi Gossamer

Umbrella – Rain No Rain Umbrella – BOOM @ The Arcade NEW

Stools – Ada Stool – Digs

Flying Papers – Kalopsia COMING SOON

Pose – Le Poppycock



Let’s pretend it’s full on spring already for this picture, k? K. I love this beautiful headpiece from Glam Affair that’s out at Collaborate, it just called for pink and prettiness to me, which is how I ended up with this pic.

I’m wearing the new Sylvia skin from Glam Affair too and I have to say, it’s my absolute new favourite. It’s out now at Collabor88 in the America tone and there’s a new way of buying it. Instead of just purchasing a skin in whatever make up you want, you purchase the base skin and then there are a whole range of optional packs to buy too. The different options like eyebrows, cheeks, lips, noses and eye shadows are all available separately and come on tattoo layers. This gives you a great variety that you can mix and match from, and can create a much more unique look to suit you. The only downside is that we’re of course limited on tattoo layers, thanks to the lab, so you might have to be choosy. For this picture I’m just wearing some of the optional eyebrows and cheeks, since I always wear a freckles and dimples layer and then needed a hair base too.

Also from C88, this gorgeous Alma hair from D!va. Both of the ponytails over my shoulders are optional extras so you can wear one, both or none! It’s a gorgeous hair for close ups, with all the wisps already attached, so no need to fuss in photoshop!

Another recent item is this vintage style necklace from Maxi Gossamer that you can pick up just in time for Valentines Day at this months round of FaMESHed, along with matching earrings.



Hair – Alma – D!va @ C88 NEW

Skin – Sylvia America, Eyebrows 02 and Cheeks 03 – Glam Affair @ C88 NEW

Necklace – Karina Court Necklace – Maxi Gossamer @ FaMESHed RECENT

Eyes – Promise Eyes Clarity – Ikon

Lashes – Falsies – Mon Cheri

Hair Piece – Bohemian Romance – Glam Affair @ C88 NEW

I’ll Take The Good Times

I'll Take The Good Times

I’ve been getting so fancy lately, what with all the festive, party season releases, and Collabor88′s Nostalgia theme that started yesterday has only helped to feed that trend. I picked up, 6 or 7 new dresses and a toooon of hair, so you might have to bear with me getting my glam on again for a lil bit.

This dress from House of Fox was one of my favourites, as soon as I saw the ad for it on Flickr, I knew it was gonna be love. I wasn’t wrong. I added a flower, which is actually a hair piece, on my hip where the fabric would rouch, to help co-ordinate my black accessories.

The hair is also a new item from D!va who made up for their absence at last months round by producing 4 different hairstyles and as usual they’re super sweet and wispy. Still one of my favourite hair brands for using in pics.

Other new items from C88, the skin from Glam Affair, also the more modern chain necklace from them as well and finally the clutch from Baiastice.

Oh and yes, I know I’m wearing sunglasses in the snow, thank you for noticing daaaarling!


Hair – Astralia – D!va @ C88 NEW

Dress – Victoria Dress – House of Fox @ C88 NEW

Skin – Mokatana Jamaica – Glam Affair @ C88 NEW

Clutch – Yara – Baiastice @ C88 NEW

Fur Stole – Fishy Strawberry

Chain Necklace – Glam Affair @ C88 NEW

Glasses – Karina – Yummy

Flower – Bizarre Flower Hair Piece – LaGyo

Pose – Imeka

Location – Neva Sky Villi

One Winters Day

One Winters Day

I took a few days off last week, but now I’m back with so much new stuff to show you omgosh!

I’m sure everyone and their mother knows that The Arcade started a new round yesterday, I’m wearing one of the rare Gemma skins and the hair by D!va in this pic. Both of them are very feminine and soft so it was an easy pairing.

I was beyond excited when I went over to FaMESHed yesterday and saw Ikon there, coz it means we can finally get mesh Ikon eyes! I always thought that Ikon eyes had some of the most realistic textures that you could find on the grid and they’ve been my go to brand for a long time. The only issue with regular system eyes is that you have to use a smaller texture on them, which can result in lowering the quality as less pixels etc, and even though this was the case with Ikon’s system eyes, the original quality of them was -that- good, I still thought they were among the best. But with mesh eyes, you can use a texture twice as large so you’re basically getting them in HD with a lot more detail. Anyway, these are the new Ikon Spec eyes that you can find at FaMESHed, they do come with the system layer option as well if you’re not into mesh. I can’t wait to see lots more new sparkly eyes from Ikon in the future.

Finally I’m wearing a beautiful new necklace from Bliensen and Maitai which will be available in a couple of days at the next round of We <3 RP, opens on the 4th Dec!



Hair – Daisy Type B Rare – D!va @ The Arcade NEW

Skin – Gemma Europa 08 Rare – Glam Affair @ The Arcade NEW

Eyes – Spectral Eyes (Clarity) – Ikon @ FaMESHed NEW

Necklace – Dewdrop Necklace – Bliensen and Maitai @ We <3 RP COMING SOON 4th Dec

Faux Fur Stole – Fishy Strawberry RECENT

Just A Whisper On The Wind

Just A Whisper On The Wind

Helloooo! Hope everyone has had a great start to their week, did you spend all your Ls at Shoetopia over the weekend? I know I splurged!

So let me start with my shoes in this outfit. They’re a new pair in a line from Tulip which you can find at Shoetopia and are made to fit the SLink medium feet. I was so excited when Tulip branched out into hair a few months ago and I think I’m even more excited that now they’re creating shoes too. I love that the SLink add ons have given so many other creators a chance to make shoes, the variety out there now is just fantastic. These bootie wedges from Tulip, and the flat roman sandals that she made are two of my fave add ons that you can find at Shoetopia.

I’m wearing another Tulip release that is this halterneck top, there was a version out for Fifty Linden Friday last week, but don’t worry if you didn’t grab it, there’s a whole line of colours available at their main store. The cardigan is from Drift at TDR Fusion and you have a few more days to pick that up before the round changes this coming Friday. It comes in both a plain and striped version which both have 3 different colour textures to choose from via a HUD. The hair is an adorable recent release from D!va that you can pick up at C88.



Hair – Jessie (B) – Diva @ C88 RECENT

Skin – Vera America – Glam Affair

Top – Halterneck Top – Tulip NEW

Cardigan – Draped Cardigan – Drift @ TDR Fusion RECENT

Shoes – Bootie Wedges – Tulip @ Shoetopia NEW (Slink add ons)

Jeans – Highwaist Denim – Frankie (formerly Imbue)

Necklace – Valentina Jeweled Cross – Maxi Gossamer

Pose – Le Poppycock

Location – Black Basalt Beach

Remember When The Sun Shone

Remember When The Sun Shone

I don’t want it to be winter! I don’t, I don’t. It can stay autumn until spring as far as I’m concerned! I love making pictures with warm tones so those seasons are perfect, which I’m gonna make the most of it over the next 2 or 3 weeks, since it just feels too early to me to crack out the snowy pictures.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you guys the new Nina skin from Belleza. She’s a beauty! I absolutely love the nose shape on this skin, it’s perfect for me coz you might’ve noticed I tend to put the slider more to the bulbous side of things than the pointed and the shading on this really flatters that shape. The lips and eyebrows are amazing too, plus lots of great make ups to try out.

Also new are these stunning eyes from Dead Apples. They have slightly more realism to them than a lot of her lines and you can pick them up at The Mens Dept, which opened yesterday.

Gonna go now and daydream about sunshine. K. Bye!


Hair – Kalli 2 – D!va

Skin – Nina Medium 8 – Belleza NEW

Eyes – Broken Glass Eyes – Dead Apples @ The Mens Dept NEW

Freckles and Moles – From Angie Skin – The Skinnery

Lashes – Long – Lelutka

Dimples & Piercings – Sugar Heart

Lip Piercing – The Minimalist (edited) – Hebenon Vial



I know I said I was done with dark pics before Halloween even happened buuuut, this dress and mask just called for it. Plus I don’t think I over did the darkness too much, there’s definitely other colours in there!

I called this post Pandemonium after the location that I took the pic at, which I found while I was checking out The Blogging Elf’s Flickr, since I wanted some kind of outdoorsy fantasy setting. I took a leaf out of her book and decided to be a redhead today too!

Anyway, the dress is a fabulous new release you can find at FaMESHed by Baiastice. It comes in several block colours as well as a couple of prints, it’s a great formal dress and would be perfect for some fantasy RP too.

The branch mask is a new release from Chimeric Fashions at the We Love RP event that just opened yesterday. You can’t really see how awesome the mask is in this pic, I know, but I’ve done a lot of close ups lately and plus I wanted to show the complete dress, so you’ll just have to go check it out! I really love how I managed to find a place with a ton of bare trees in the background that match the mask perfectly.

Hope everyone is enjoying their week!



Hair – Giz B (rare) – D!va (previous Arcade gacha item)

Dress – Shannon Dress – Baiastice @ FaMESHed NEW

Mask – Branch Mask – Chimeric Fashions @ We <3 RP NEW

Pose – Le Poppycock

Location – Pandemonium Main Store

Give Me Your Loss And Your Sorrow (and Berry’s Halloween Meme)

Give Me Your Loss And Your Sorrow

Happy Monday! We’re almost at Halloween and it shows on the grid with lots of great, dark releases. So I decided to show you one of the new Vera skins from Glam Affair that you can find at Horrorfest. I added the D!va Anna hair that you can still pick up at C88 for a couple more days, as well as this amazing headpiece from Swallow that’s new out at TDR Fusion. I even donned a pair of elf ears (ok technically they’re fairy ears I guess, since that’s the name) and realised that this was the first time I’ve ever worn some in my entire 7 years in SL!

I knew the perfect place I wanted to take this picture too, and went back to Hunter Valley, an RP sim I took a few pictures at last week. It’s currently open to the public although you still need to wear an observer tag. It has this awesome creepy little village area, complete with fog and mist, it’s really great for your Halloween pics! You might think I did a lot of editing to this pic, making it black and white and then saturating the red, but I didn’t. The skin is in GA’s petal tone which is a really pale grey/white shade, so I just used a dark grey windlight with it and voila!

Anyway, since this is kind of a dark picture I decided I’d add Berry’s Halloween Meme as well.

1. Did you go trick or treating as a kid?
Yep I did, although not to random strangers houses. Just a couple of neighbours and then my parents would drive my sister and I round to some family members houses.

2. What was the best Halloween costume you ever saw or wore yourself?
You know, I was really trying to think about when I ever dressed up or went to a Halloween party beyond the age of about 12…and I honestly can’t remember a time at all. So probably the best outfit I ever had was one year as a kid when my mum decided I was gonna be “Mouldilocks” – a Halloween version of Goldilocks. So off I went in lots of black and red, green streaks in my curly blonde hair and complete with a bowl of green porridge.

3. What is your most vivid memory of Halloween?
It was a party my parents had for me and my little sister, I must’ve been about 6 and all the neighbourhood kids were invited. We had indoor fireworks and one little boy completely freaked out because he thought the house would burn down. Then later my aunt and her friends showed up dressed as Zippy, Bungle and George from Rainbow – I was convinced they were the real thing and went to school the next day telling everyone they’d been at my house.

4. What is the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?
I’ve only seen a handful of scary films as an adult because they’re just not really my thing. There were 3 films that traumatized me as a kid though, and this is probably why I don’t like scary movies. ET (the bit where he’s running through the forest screaming, scared the daylights out of me!!), Jaws and Jurassic Park (seriously sat crying in the cinema begging my dad to take me home and we’d watch the rest when it came out on video, he made me stay!)

5. Do you ever get nightmares after watching scary movies?
Yes, but I haven’t seen many like I said.

6. Are you superstitious? If so name at least one superstition of yours.
I don’t really think I am, but I’m a little bit paranoid about the numbers 13 and 666. I won’t even use brushes those sizes, or change anything to 13% in PS lol.

7. What will you be doing for Halloween if anything in SL or RL?
No plans in RL since it’s not really celebrated where I live now. In SL I don’t have anything planned either but I might dress up and do some club hopping.

So that’s me done for this Monday, hope you all enjoy your week!


Hair – Ana – D!va @ C88 (October round)

Skin – Vera Horror Edition 11 – Glam Affair @ Horror Fest NEW

Headpiece – Flower Power – Swallow @ TDR Fusion NEW

Ears – Fairy Ears – Illusions

Eyes – Shattered – Dead Apples

Pose – Slouch

Location – Hunter Valley