Deck The Halls

Deck The Halls

I debated about posting this picture for a little while, since it was never taken for the purpose of blogging. But I decided since it’s the holidays that I’d share something with you guys that was a little bit more personal.

This photo isn’t about new releases, the styling, or even the decor. It’s just myself and 3 people who mean the world to me in SL, making a little family that I couldn’t be without.


On me:

Hair – Seiko – Lelutka

Top – Grandma Cosy Cardigan – Milk Motion @ C88 RECENT

Pants – Boyfriend Jeans – Ryvolter

Scarf – Oversized Infinity Scarf – Ison @ C88 RECENT


Chairs – Quinn Chair – Cheeky Pea

Tree – Apple Fall @ The Arcade

Fireplace – Digs

Wreath – MM (Mimmi McMahon)

Snowflake Lamps – No.11

Red stars – Trompe Loeil

Ram – Ison @ The Arcade

Flowers and vase – Apple Fall (previous Arcade Gacha item)

Angel Candle – Marmelade

Candle with bow – Marmelade

Xmas Banner – SariSari

Poinsetta – World of Wood

Metal Tree – MudHoney

Gift boxes – Apple Fall

Puzzle – Marmelade

Tray with plate – Vespertine

Cookie Jar – Marmelade

Frog Prince – Marmelade

Bear – Ispachi FREE GIFT

Side Table – Domineaux Effect

Wine Bottle – Domineaux Effect

Wine Glass – Adorkable Poses (no longer available I think)



Happy Monday! I’m full of beans and excited today for a couple of reasons.

First, Seven Emporium released individual marquee letters yesterday for The Garden event, similar to ones that they’d used in signs before, but now with the individual ones you can spell out whatever you want! I’m sure there’ll be lots of creative uses for these on Flickr and blogs over the next few days and I’m excited to see them.

Also, Deadwool have decided to branch out into more female clothes. I’ve blogged a couple of their items before, some mens jeans and unisex boots, and always thought the quality was amazing. So to see them now including more womens items like this amazing Corto coat, really makes me look forward to every new release. The coat is available in a few different colour options and you also get the choice of wearing it with or without the top underneath too. The texturing and mesh work is fantastic quality, with the style being something you can easily dress up into a sexy outfit, or dress down for a more casual look. Either way it’s a great addition for the cooler seasons.



Hair – Scarlet – Lelutka

Skin – Mokatana America – Glam Affair @ C88

Coat – Corto Coat – Deadwool NEW

Shorts – Oblivion Latex Shorts – Drift

Boots – Boheme Boots – Just Design

Letters – Marquee Letters – Seven Emporium @ The Garden NEW

Hat – Fatigue Cap – Deco

Pose – Ma Vie

As A Button

As A Button

I hadn’t planned to blog today but when I saw the new Kaelyn skin from Glam Affair I had to take a quick shot to show you guys!

It was just released today so you can head on over to Glam Affair and snatch up your favourite make ups, although you might be tempted to fatpack since all of them were pretty amazing.

And yes I know I’m pulling out all the old Lelutka hairs, but I go through phases of which brand I wear most of and lately it’s their turn!

Happy Friday and hope you all have a good weekend.



Hair – Dulcina – Lelutka

Skin – Kaelyn America 02 – Glam Affair NEW

Eyes – Spectral Eyes – Ikon @ FaMESHed RECENT

Stole his pants, but not his heart.

Stole his pants, but not his heart.

I love these loungey pants from Apple Fall at Collabor88, and the fact that they’re made for men wasn’t gonna deter me from getting them! I know I always say it, but I’m gonna say it again. If you’re buying clothes made for the opposite sex of your avatar please make sure you demo first so that you don’t end up disappointed. Guys pants don’t always work well on girls as the hip shape is different and I usually have to do a little cleaning up in Photoshop to hide that. However, if you’re wearing a top long enough to cover them it doesn’t usually matter.

Some other new stuff from C88 is the sweater I’m wearing by UFO – a cute staple for winter, this gorgeous chunky scarf by Yummy and the pose by Imeka who are making a guest appearance.

Had to wear an oldish Lelutka hair for this style too, since nothing else in my inventory says bed hair like it!


Also, P.S. This title cracks me up.


Hair – Seiko – Lelutka

Skin – Mokatana – Glam Affair @ C88 NEW

Sweater – Incision Short Knit – U.F.O @ C88 NEW

Pants – Cotton Pants – Apple Fall @ C88 NEW

Scarf – Chunky Scarf – Yummy @ C88 NEW

Bag – My Oversized Leather Tote – Auxiliary (previous group gift, not sure if still available)

Pose – Imeka @ C88 NEW

Location – Neva Sky Villi

A Little Bit Of Fantasy

A Little Bit Of Fantasy

The Fantasy Collective opens it’s doors today, and brings you lots of great designers with their new woodland themed releases. I’m wearing this beautiful leaf jewellery set from Zibska that will add a delicate and elegant touch to any outfit or costume. It includes a necklace, forearm and upper arm piece, as well as a matching circlet that I couldn’t wear coz, well, big hair.

Of course I’m wearing the Glam Affair Ballerina Vanity feet that you can find at Shoetopia, as soon as I saw them I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist finding a big music box and hopping on top like a dancer.

Anyway, I hope you liked the little bit of fantasy I brought today, and have fun finding some yourself at The Fantasy Collective.



Hair – Salome – Lelutka

Corset – Clara – Celoe

Skirt – Gauze skirt – Mon Tissu

Feet- Ballerina Vanity Feet – Glam Affair @ Shoetopia NEW

Jewellery – Edera Set – Zibska @ The Fantasy Collective NEW

Music Box – The Orange Works

Pose – Del May

Perfect Princess

Perfect Princess

Just a cute, quick edit to share with you today!

I’m wearing the new Elvi skin from Glam Affair, which is going to be the first in a line of “young” skins for them. Their new tiara that you can find at FaMESHed was a perfect addition to this look, and sits just right on one of Lelutka’s latest releases!




Hair – Helen – Lelutka

Skin – Elvi Europa 04 – Glam Affair NEW

Tiara – Glam Affair @ FaMESHed NEW

Eyes – Ascension Spectre – Ikon

Autumn Haze

Autumn Haze

I always find it a struggle to blog towards the end of the month. It seems like there’s a lull in releases, almost like the calm before the storm, because in the next 8 days 4 of the major events (FaMESHed, We<3RP, The Mens Dept and C88) will have started new rounds. I'm sure this has everything to do with the fact that most people have more money at the start of the month since they've just been paid etc, but I think having at least one big event in the last week of the month would be worthwhile.

And yes, I know it's Halloween today and I probably should be posting a picture of me all dressed up for it, but honestly I've done more dark pictures this month than I probably have the past year and I'm over it! lol

So anyway, I grabbed a few old pieces from my jumble of an inventory and put this picture together mainly to show you the new Ava Rockabilly skin from Belleza that will be available at the Rockabilly event which opens on Saturday. I always love Belleza's eyeliners on their make ups and the red lips will give you a great retro look.



Hair – Faye – Truth RECENT

Skin – Ava Rockabilly – Belleza COMING SOON @ The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (opens Sat 3rd Nov)

Jacket – Denim Jacket – Emery

Scarf – Editorial Scarf (edited) – Lelutka

Glasses – Metropolis – Swallow

Location – Neva Sky Villi

Shake My Way

Shake My Way

I know I don’t usually take two pictures for my posts, but I had to this time because originally I was just going to blog the hair and skin better and then I just loved the whole outfit and wanted to show that too!

So first the skin is the new Candy from Glam Affair that you can find at The Arcade. I had to tweak my shape a little to fit it but I didn’t mind because I love, love it so much! I’m wearing the 03 version here which is my fave but you can bet I stocked up on all the other make ups too, since they’re only 100Ls each!

The hair is the new Seiko style from Lelutka, I love how they manage to add the wisps and flyaway strands without the big alpha halo around the hair, it makes taking pictures editing them so easy because basically you don’t need to do anything!

Shake My Way

The boots I’m wearing are another new item from Deadwool which you can find at The Mens Dept that opened yesterday! The come in both rigged and non rigged versions, obviously I’m wearing the non rigged so that I could resize to fit better, with a few colour options available and only 270Ls! I think that is such a bargain price for something that you can get a lot of wear from over the coming autumn months.

The last bit of new are the poses, you’ve probably heard of Nati Williams who is a fellow blogger and has the cutest, unique style, well, Nati’s pose store Imeka has reopened now that she’s returned to SL and I couldn’t be happier about it! There are 4 new pose packs available as well as a gift pack, so make sure you check out her new, in world location and pick up some pretty new poses.



Hair – Seiko – Lelutka NEW

Skin – Candy 03 America – Glam Affair @ The Arcade NEW

Eyes – Vanity Eyes – Ikon

Tank – Last Thread Tank – Kyoot

Cardigan – Big Cardigan – Pumpkin

Shorts – High Waist Cutoffs – Fashionably Dead

Boots – Trauermarsch Boots – Deadwool @ The Mens Dept NEW

Necklace – Luz Necklace – LaGyo

Bag – Mesh Leather Satchel – Maitreya

Poses – Imeka NEW

Location (both pics) – L2 Studios Whispering Wind



Heyyyy all, hope you’re doing good. I’m just here with a few new things to show you, mostly from C88 and I’m pretty sure you’re probably tired of seeing them by now, but I started work on this pic 2 days ago and then Paper Couture released their new line yesterday, so I had to retake it and start again!

So the C88 stuff, is the hair from Lamb, the skin is the new Katya in Europa by Glam Affair and the peacock feathers were actually the fans from Volstead, which are at Collab on the Hucci stand. I didn’t intend to edit this pic so much, because I was showing a new skin, but I got carried away and did a lot to the nose and of course I’ve added the teeth and some shading on the lips, so make sure you demo first. I dramatically changed my shape for this picture too, just coz I felt like it!

The necklace is one of the new releases from Paper Couture that I mentioned. There are some absolutely beautiful new jewels out, all mesh, that you must go and see. I loved their pearl collar too but it would’ve been hidden with this hair so that’s for another day. Lots of new gowns and outfits and even new hair and lots of other accessories for you to squeeeee over, definitely worth a trip to their store at Tableau!



Hair – Zelda – Lamb @ C88 NEW

Skin – Katya Europa 02 – Glam Affair @ C88 NEW

Peacock Fans – Volstead @ C88 NEW

Necklace – Victorian Cameo and Pearl – Paper Couture NEW

Eyes – Vanity Eyes Sand – Ikon

Lashes – Curl – Lelutka

Lip Piercing – The Minimalist (edited) – Hebenon Vial

Cheek Piercings and Dimples – Sugar Heart

Give ‘em the old Razzle Dazzle

Razzle Dazzle

Collabor88′s 2nd anniversary is now open! I can’t tell you how excited I’ve been for this the last few days, seriously on the edge of my  seat with anticipation and I really wasn’t disappointed. There are so many amazing designers and fabulous releases in this round. I’m pretty sure we’re gonna be seeing flapper girls for days all over Flickr and the feeds, but I don’t mind that because it’s all so sparkly, shiny and new!

It’s been a while since Harper and I posted together, but I think our mutual excitement over this round really warranted it, so we threw on a few new pieces and snapped away. And yes, those are old Lelutka hairs we’re wearing, but IN OUR DEFENCE, we took these pics last night before C88 opened so we didn’t have the new hairs, and let me tell you, there are several gorgeous ones out there including a couple form Lamb who I was super excited to see included in this months Collab.

I’m wearing the new dress from Baiastice that’s out today, it’s a gorgeous 20′s inspired piece and the sheer overlay on the front makes it a little different from a lot of things already around and adds that extra bit of something special. The necklace is also a Baiastice release and I love it a lot a lot a lot!

The pose I’m using is from a set of several Burlesque poses that come with a cane prop from Kirin, you can definitely have a lot of fun with these and I expect to see tons of amazing pics produced with them.

Harper is wearing The Secret Stores razzle dazzle offering which is just as cute and amazing, I’ll put a link to the rest of her credits later when she’s caught up! UPDATE: You can find her credits here on her blog Pixel Pantomime.

Hope everyone enjoys shopping today as much as I have, I think I need to go back now for round 2!


Hair – Josephine – Lelutka

Dress – Claudette Dress – Baiastice @ C88 NEW

Necklace – Petal Collar Necklace – Baiastice @ C88 NEW

Headband – The Sea Hole (no longer available *cry*)

Ring – Ludovica Double Ring – LaGyo

Pose – Kirin @ C88 NEW