Does She Speak Eloquently

Does She Speak Eloquently

Happy hump day guys! Just here to show you the new Aria skin from Glam Affair, that will be out on the 1st at The Arcade!

Aida has done a beautiful job as usual with this skin, and with her new seperate options there are so many possibilities. You can see the full gacha key here on her Flickr, but basically there are 12 combination skins available as commons, all with different make up options and then the rares are a clean skin base and lots of extras. If you manage to collect the full set including the rares, there are SO many ways to wear this skin. In this picture I’m wearing one of the combination commons, but added some eyebrows, a nose and under eye shadows from the rares. It’s really a lot of fun to play around with and try out different looks.

Also adore the new hairs from Tram, and while they don’t actually sell a purple hair, I just used a light shade (the dark salmon colour) and tinted it in world.



Hair – D207 – Tram RECENT

Skin – Aria Combination 8, (common) Eyebrows 07H, Nose 01, Eye Circles 02 (all rares) – Glam Affair COMING SOON @ THE ARCADE GACHA

Ears – Steking Ears – Mandala

Lip Piercing – The Minimalist (edited) – Hebanon Vial

Dimples and piercings – Sugar Heart

Eyes – Promise (Nymph) – Ikon

Lashes – Falsies – Mon Cheri

Ring – Gigi Shimmer Bow – Maxi Gossamer



Let’s pretend it’s full on spring already for this picture, k? K. I love this beautiful headpiece from Glam Affair that’s out at Collaborate, it just called for pink and prettiness to me, which is how I ended up with this pic.

I’m wearing the new Sylvia skin from Glam Affair too and I have to say, it’s my absolute new favourite. It’s out now at Collabor88 in the America tone and there’s a new way of buying it. Instead of just purchasing a skin in whatever make up you want, you purchase the base skin and then there are a whole range of optional packs to buy too. The different options like eyebrows, cheeks, lips, noses and eye shadows are all available separately and come on tattoo layers. This gives you a great variety that you can mix and match from, and can create a much more unique look to suit you. The only downside is that we’re of course limited on tattoo layers, thanks to the lab, so you might have to be choosy. For this picture I’m just wearing some of the optional eyebrows and cheeks, since I always wear a freckles and dimples layer and then needed a hair base too.

Also from C88, this gorgeous Alma hair from D!va. Both of the ponytails over my shoulders are optional extras so you can wear one, both or none! It’s a gorgeous hair for close ups, with all the wisps already attached, so no need to fuss in photoshop!

Another recent item is this vintage style necklace from Maxi Gossamer that you can pick up just in time for Valentines Day at this months round of FaMESHed, along with matching earrings.



Hair – Alma – D!va @ C88 NEW

Skin – Sylvia America, Eyebrows 02 and Cheeks 03 – Glam Affair @ C88 NEW

Necklace – Karina Court Necklace – Maxi Gossamer @ FaMESHed RECENT

Eyes – Promise Eyes Clarity – Ikon

Lashes – Falsies – Mon Cheri

Hair Piece – Bohemian Romance – Glam Affair @ C88 NEW

Promises, Promises.

Promises, promises.

I loooove this Ria skin from Belleza! You can pick it up for a bargain price at C88 and I have to say, it’s my new favourite of theirs. I like that I look slightly older and don’t have a complete baby face, since that’s not really my style. I don’t usually switch up my day to day skin often, I’m really tempted with this one.

The eyebrows, nose and lips are perfect in my opinion, I could be biased of course, coz I just love the way they sit on my shape. Though, I’d like to see more under eye shading (which I would like to see in most skins – not just this one), that’s always something I can add on tattoo layers.

I’m also wearing a recent release from Truth, which I just adore the bangs on. I have a couple of styles that have similar, centre swept bangs and I really like the way they frame the face.

Finally, new mesh eyes from Ikon! Ok, I’m a little late in the day to announce them on here maybe, since I’ve been slack with my actual posts. But you can pick them up at FaMESHed, which opened last week. All the colours are now available but as usual I decided to stick with one of my favourite blues for this pic.

That’s me for the week, hope everyone enjoys their weekend! I should be back to my regular blogging schedule next week, now that we’re officially over the holidays, so till then!



Hair – Paravati – Truth RECENT

Skin – Ria Medium 04 – Belleza @ C88 NEW

Eyes – Promise Eyes Clarity – Ikon @ FaMESHed RECENT

Lip Piercing – The Minimalist – Hebenon Vial (edited)

Cheek Piercings and Dimples – Sugar Heart

Lashes – Lelutka

As A Button

As A Button

I hadn’t planned to blog today but when I saw the new Kaelyn skin from Glam Affair I had to take a quick shot to show you guys!

It was just released today so you can head on over to Glam Affair and snatch up your favourite make ups, although you might be tempted to fatpack since all of them were pretty amazing.

And yes I know I’m pulling out all the old Lelutka hairs, but I go through phases of which brand I wear most of and lately it’s their turn!

Happy Friday and hope you all have a good weekend.



Hair – Dulcina – Lelutka

Skin – Kaelyn America 02 – Glam Affair NEW

Eyes – Spectral Eyes – Ikon @ FaMESHed RECENT

If I Lay Here

If I lay Here

I felt like trying to do something a bit fancy to show you guys the new Mokatana skin from Glam Affair, so I did! I was wearing it in my post yesterday but the glasses hid most of it, but anyway, I love it. I’m always happy when Glam Affair makes their event skins in the America tone since this is the one I wear regularly and since this one is so gorgeous, I know I’m not gonna take it off for a while.

Also, if you’re a blogger or photographer, have you checked out this hair from Argrace? I’ve seen a few pics on Flickr with it, and while I did edit a little coz well, I just couldn’t help myself, you can still get amazing shots with hair flowing around you and not need to Photoshop them at all. A definite must try for anyone who likes to be artsy.



Hair – Akane – Argrace

Skin – Mokatana America 05 – Glam Affair @ C88 NEW

Eyes – Spectral – Ikon @ FaMESHed RECENT

Pose – oOo Studio

Like Cotton Candy

Like Cotton Candy

Hello! Just a short post today coz I wanted to show you the new Tara skin from Belleza that you can find at The Arcade, along with the Tami hair from Baiastice also available in a gacha.

One of my favourite things about The Arcade is that it gives you a chance to try out something different than you’d normally wear, like my pink hair. I’m pretty frugal in SL and I tend not to buy things unless I love them or know I’ll wear it more than once, so pink hair is not something I’ll pick up very often. But yanno, for 50Ls, why the heck not!


Hair – Tami – Baiastice @ The Arcade NEW

Skin – Tara 08 – Belleza @ The Arcade NEW

Eyes – Spectral Eyes Quicksilver – Ikon @ FaMESHed NEW

One Winters Day

One Winters Day

I took a few days off last week, but now I’m back with so much new stuff to show you omgosh!

I’m sure everyone and their mother knows that The Arcade started a new round yesterday, I’m wearing one of the rare Gemma skins and the hair by D!va in this pic. Both of them are very feminine and soft so it was an easy pairing.

I was beyond excited when I went over to FaMESHed yesterday and saw Ikon there, coz it means we can finally get mesh Ikon eyes! I always thought that Ikon eyes had some of the most realistic textures that you could find on the grid and they’ve been my go to brand for a long time. The only issue with regular system eyes is that you have to use a smaller texture on them, which can result in lowering the quality as less pixels etc, and even though this was the case with Ikon’s system eyes, the original quality of them was -that- good, I still thought they were among the best. But with mesh eyes, you can use a texture twice as large so you’re basically getting them in HD with a lot more detail. Anyway, these are the new Ikon Spec eyes that you can find at FaMESHed, they do come with the system layer option as well if you’re not into mesh. I can’t wait to see lots more new sparkly eyes from Ikon in the future.

Finally I’m wearing a beautiful new necklace from Bliensen and Maitai which will be available in a couple of days at the next round of We <3 RP, opens on the 4th Dec!



Hair – Daisy Type B Rare – D!va @ The Arcade NEW

Skin – Gemma Europa 08 Rare – Glam Affair @ The Arcade NEW

Eyes – Spectral Eyes (Clarity) – Ikon @ FaMESHed NEW

Necklace – Dewdrop Necklace – Bliensen and Maitai @ We <3 RP COMING SOON 4th Dec

Faux Fur Stole – Fishy Strawberry RECENT

Perfect Princess

Perfect Princess

Just a cute, quick edit to share with you today!

I’m wearing the new Elvi skin from Glam Affair, which is going to be the first in a line of “young” skins for them. Their new tiara that you can find at FaMESHed was a perfect addition to this look, and sits just right on one of Lelutka’s latest releases!




Hair – Helen – Lelutka

Skin – Elvi Europa 04 – Glam Affair NEW

Tiara – Glam Affair @ FaMESHed NEW

Eyes – Ascension Spectre – Ikon



A friend who follows my blog (hi V! :P) commented to me the other day that she’d come to the conclusion all Glam Affair skins look the same on me. We laughed about it but it’s not really true. Every time I change my skin, I change my shape and in truth, I haven’t really been happy with my shape for a good 8 months or so now. Not since Amberly was released and I wore that steadfastly with no change for several months, but then I got bored and the tweaking began. I fuss with it almost every day, changing my eyes, my lips and nose, it’s a real pain because it means I have to remember to refit my eyelashes and everything.

When I put the new Vera skin from Glam Affair on, of course I looked completely different to how I have the past month or so, when I was wearing Candy regularly. I actually thought I resembled a puffy cheeked hamster, a cute one, but nonetheless I needed to play with my shape again. This time I changed more, including my face and chin shape and you know what…I think I’m finally happy.

There’s so much I love about this skin, the eyebrows for one. They’re much thicker than Glam Affair’s usual style, I’m wearing the H tone here and I love the detail on them and that they don’t look so perfect, it just makes them that little bit more exotic. The nose and lips are exactly the style I adore, and don’t even get me started on the make ups! I think this is my personal favourite simply because of the under eye shading. I usually always wear a tattoo layer of something to that effect, but I’ve never found one that’s quite as well done as this. It’s another brilliant touch of realism from Aida and means I now have a free tattoo layer! (Yes, I’m one of those people who never has enough!)

Anyway, Vera will be out soon and I definitely recommend it! This is gonna be my every day skin for a long time, I can tell. Well, until Glam Affair makes another new release at least.




Hair – Stefani – Baiastice

Skin – Vera 05 America H – Glam Affair OUT SOON!

Freckles and Moles – Angie Freckles and Moles – The Skinnery

Eyes – Ascension Spectre – Ikon

Headpiece – The Ears of Ibiza – Swallow @ TDR Fusion NEW

Lucy In The Sky

Lucy In The Sky

Hi guys! I have -very- little time this week to post, basically today and tomorrow and that’s all! So I’ll probably be keeping my pics super quick and simple, just so I can show a few things at least.

Last post I mentioned how many events had just started and this week there’s even more! Plus the much anticipated re opening of Glam Affair with their new releases. So here’s a couple of new pieces.

First, the Lucy skin from Glam Affair. Amazing quality as always with Aida’s skins, a choice of 12 make ups but now there are extra options. Each skin comes with the clean version, 3 nose options and several lip options for you to mix and match with. I love the idea of the different noses and everything, I wish more skin brands would do this, because it lets you customise things a little more. The only downside is that 5 tattoo layers are definitely not enough, we need more Linden Lab!

The shirt is new from Baiastice at The Boutique, with a whole host of colours available, black and white being my favourite because I’m boring like that. The eyes are a new item you can find there too, by Ikon. I thought these ones were super realistic and I love the glass shade I’m wearing now.

Last bit of new is this hair from Truth, he released several new designs over the past couple of weeks, so make sure you check them out!



Hair – Rocky – Truth NEW

Skin – Lucy Clean America – Glam Affair NEW

Shirt – Luis Sleeveless Shirt – Baiastice @ The Boutique NEW

Necklace – Pearls – Maxi Gossamer

Earrings – Zebra Studs – Korundi

Tattoo – Believe – Ink’d Up

Eyes – Perspective (Glass) – Ikon @ The Boutique NEW

Eyeliner – Couture Eyeliner No 3 – Glam Affair

Lashes – Long Lashes – Lelutka